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Who is Serenity Funeral Service?

An interesting question to ask: Who is Serenity Funeral Service?
Not often do you hear business ask- who are we? This is usually because almost every business has a set of values, a mission statement and a vision statement to which they can refer to. At the very least, a business operates in a specific industry and in our industry a common and generic answer is- We are a Funeral Home.

Interestingly enough, Serenity is not a Funeral Home but instead a Funeral Service provider. You may find that some of our locations are standalone buildings, and some of them are not . Serenity doesn’t own any cemeteries, or urn companies, in fact even Serenity itself isn’t owned by any one individual or family.

So, who is Serenity? Well the short answer is Serenity is you- the public. Without sounding cliché we were created for the public, by the public. Serenity Family Service Society was founded in the fall of 1999 because of a vision of several Churches and Pastors led by Reverend Raymond Rueb, Reverend Rubin Herrmann, Reverend Fred Merke and a local Funeral Home employee- Mr. Peter Dimoff. Trailblazers of their time, this group aimed to create a low-stress, no pressure environment in which families can arrange and/or pre-arrange funeral service within their own belief system and comfort level while also being treated with respect, equality and dignity regardless of race, religion or ethnic background.

In the first year of operation, the initial expectation was to serve seventy-five (75) families in the first year. Serenity served one hundred sixty-two families (162) in year one, far surpassing the expectation. At that time and still today, considered as the outcast of the industry for taking a different approach on funeral service.

You may hear from the low cost providers in this industry- well they are not the “cheapest” and sure enough, depending on the service, that may or may not be a fact. What is a fact is that undercutting the lowest price out there, is not and has never been the focus of our organization. Instead, we focus on service, on informing families of all their options, on branching out in to communities where we can be involved and can offer this business model in contrast to the traditional model of a Funeral Home.

As we head into our twentieth year in business we hope to continue on the vision of our founders.