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Away From Home Protection

It’s stressful enough when someone you love dies. But when death occurs away from home, your survivors are faced with added stress and are likely incapable and without any idea what to do.

Each year we are contacted by families desperately seeking our expertise to administrate and coordinate the safe return of a family member who died unexpectedly while away from home.

More often than not, the person who died didn’t have coverage protection for the unthinkable

Although we do specialize in repatriation services and have the expertise for an efficient and safe return of a deceased person – there are a few things you need to be aware of:

  • The cost for services provided by a funeral home in another city or another country is out of our control
  • Consular service and fees are determined by each consulate
  • Transportation fees and costs of a deceased person varies among airlines and are out of the funeral home’s control
  • You must determine whether the deceased had insurance that will cover preparations and repatriation of the deceased back home to Canada. Otherwise, someone else will be responsible for the costs; unfortunately some families have been faced with settling for local burial or direct disposition where death occurred.

The Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan 

1.  No upfront or out of pocket expense to your survivors
2.  No health questions, no age restrictions
3.  No renewal fees; one time fee for lifetime membership coverage and protection
4.  Preparations that are legally required for transportation home to Canada
5.  Transportation back to your home community or closest community
6.  Preparation and provision of all required documentation
7.  Pays for a Travel Companion to accompany deceased home
8.  Pays for one next-of-kin to travel to place of death to accompany deceased home when traveling alone
9.  Brings pets home safely
10.  Provides bereavement support for surviving family members
11.  Full assistance and coordination of all required details
12.  Full coverage any time you are outside of a 100 km radius of home
13.  Pays all costs, including rising air costs

One affordable payment for total peace of mind.

Purchasing Serenity’s Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan is fast, easy and affordable. You pay a one-time fee of $485.10 for protection that begins immediately and lasts a lifetime. There are never any additional payments or renewals.


Travel often. Travel well. Travel without worry.