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Traditional Burial: What to Consider When Choosing a Casket

The idea of being returned to the earth is an appealing notion to many people when considering funeral arrangements in Edmonton. Ground burials are what’s also known as a traditional funeral. They typically consists of three segments; visitation, service/memorial, and the interment (burial).

One of the most challenging aspects of a traditional funeral is picking out the casket for your loved one. The purchase of a casket is unlike any other purchase you’ll ever make. It can be a very delicate, emotional-driven endeavour for families.

One way to feel more assured about your decision is to learn more about the products available before visiting a funeral home to look at the options.

Types of Caskets Available

  • Wooden caskets range from inexpensive basic embossed cloth covered plywood to expensive solid hardwoods. Wood laminates with beautiful polished finishes are also available. There are even environmentally friendly caskets made from biodegradable materials such as bamboo, paper or tree bark.
  • Metal (or protective) caskets resist air, water, and any other element found in the soil so that it cannot penetrate through the casket. They are built from solid steel, stainless steel, copper, and bronze. Metal caskets range in price from the least expensive steel models to expensive, elaborately designed bronze caskets.

Another important item to consider is the lining of the casket. Funeral caskets supplied in Edmonton are lined with luxurious materials, including velvet, satin or silk crepe. They come in a variety of colour options such as white, cream, light blue, pale pink, light beige, silver and gold. The interior of the casket should reflect the preferences shared by the family.

Other casket features can include:

  • A leak proof, puncture resistant interior lining.
  • A lift and tilt mechanism which helps achieve an ideal viewing height.
  • Interchangeable corners with various themes such as sports, hobbies or religion.
  • Memory drawer that can hold pictures, letters, and other memorabilia.
  • A small Plexiglas capsule which screws into the side of the casket for personal notes.
  • A living memorial program where the casket manufacturer plants a tree seedling in honour of your loved one.

Cremation and Rental Caskets

If your loved one requested cremation, families who wish to have a period of public viewing and visitation can choose from a variety of cremation and rental caskets. Cremation caskets are similar to traditional wood caskets in appearance but are not as ornate since they have very few metal components.