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Burial Services

Arranging a burial service for a loved one

Does the idea of being returned to this earth appeal to you? Would you take comfort in having a designated plot where your loved ones could visit? Funeral and burial services have been around for many years, it is tradition of human nature.


For those selecting a traditional burial for their loved one, the ceremony options can be arranged and designed to include three distinct phases: visitation or viewing of the deceased, the ceremony or service and the burial service. Although the three phases of the burial service have been most common for centuries, it’s not the only option available.

Our Funeral Directors work with families and individuals to clarify, inform and educate you on the various options available today. Understanding your needs allow our Funeral Directors to plan and design a ceremony service that meets your needs and preferences.

We offer a number of options for families or individuals to choose from for casket burial of the deceased.

The Funeral, Memorial or Celebration of Life ceremony can take place at Serenity Funeral Service, at a church, a community centre or even at your home. The ceremony, whether formal or informal, serves to acknowledge and recognize a life lived and allows people to come together in a setting of your choosing. Whether the ceremony is traditional or unique, the visitation or viewing and the funeral ceremony can be tailored and personalized to reflect the individuality of the person who has died. The ceremony concludes in the cemetery or mausoleum for burial or entombment.

Please read our page about Ceremonies.

Visitation, also commonly referred to as “viewing” or “wake”, allows family and friends to gather in a room at the funeral home with the departed loved one. The casket may be open or closed, and gives everyone the neutral opportunity to say goodbye to the deceased loved one on their own terms and according to their own individual needs. The immediate family may choose to be present to receive support and condolences from guests attending or may choose to have their own private visitation.

Immediate burial service is the most basic service that involves the burial or entombment of the loved one’s physical remains without visitation/viewing or any form of ceremony for family and friends.

Graveside, interment or committal services are also available; such services are held at the cemetery plot and allow for family and friends to attend as their loved one is brought to his or her final resting place.

The people were knowledgeable and caring. This was my first loss that I had arranged and everything was helpful.

Allan Robertson