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Green Burials

A Green burial only allows decomposable materials such as natural wood, wicker, biodegradable containers, and organic burial shrouds, thus minimizing the environmental damage while fostering a greater union with nature.

Green burials nurture the natural cycle of life by offering an eco-friendly process for our body to be returned to the earth and allows for environmentally conscious individuals to care for the environment in life and in death.

For those interested in conservation, parklands, ecology or the simple beauty of nature untouched while living, Green Burial is your perfect option in death.

Serenity Funeral Services uses the Rosehill Cemetery as it is the only cemetery in Edmonton, Alberta allowed to have green burials. To learn more about Green Burials and our other burial options and funeral planning services please contact us. We’re here for you.

FAQs About Green Burials

Can I be buried on my own land?

No, you cannot be buried on your own land. The Alberta Cemeteries Act states “No person shall bury a dead human body in any place other than a cemetery and . . . no new cemetery can be established except for a religious auxiliary, religious denomination or a municipality.” That means no corporate entity or private individual can start a cemetery in Alberta.

Is natural burial legal?

Yes, natural burials are legal. A Natural or Green burial is becoming increasingly popular and several cemeteries in Alberta offer this option.

Can a person be buried without a casket?

Yes, a person can be buried without a casket. If you are being buried in a Green or Natural Cemetery you can be buried with a shroud or biodegradable container.

Can you be buried in any cemetery?

No, some cemetery’s that are owned by religious auxiliary or religious denominations may have restrictions as to who can be buried in their cemetery.

How much does it cost for a green burial?

The cost of a Green Burial will be determined by the funeral home you choose. Most funeral homes have their pricing posted on their website.

Under what circumstances would a green burial not be allowed?

Green burials will not be allowed if the deceased has been embalmed, if the deceased is in a non biodegradable container, or if the deceased has been cremated.

Can you have your own monument or head stone?

No, individual markers or monuments are not permitted in Green burial cemeteries. Some green cemeteries have communal markers or boulders with multiple names.

Will animals disturb a green burial site?

No, the decedent will be buried deep enough that animals will not disturb them.

Is cremation an option with a green or natural burial?

Cremation is not an option with a green or natural burial as the process of cremation leaves a carbon footprint.

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