Green Burials

“Green burials” or “natural burials” are a form of interment that has minimal impact on the environment and has been practiced since the dawn of civilization. There are no caskets containing metals, no cement vaults and no embalming fluids. 

A Green burial only allows decomposable materials such as natural wood, wicker, biodegradable urns and organic burial shrouds, thus minimizing the environmental damage while fostering a greater union with nature.

Green burials nurture the natural cycle of life by offering an eco-friendly process for our body to be returned to the earth and allows for environmentally conscious individuals to care for the environment in life and in death.

For those interested in conservation, parklands, ecology or the simple beauty of nature untouched while living, Green Burial is your perfect option in death.

Serenity Funeral Services uses the Rosehill Cemetery as it is the only cemetery in Edmonton, Alberta allowed to have green burials. To learn more about Green Burials and our other burial options and funeral planning services please contact us. We’re here for you.

The aftercare analyst was compassionate and made us feel comfortable. It was extremely helpful to learn about what needed to be done and having help cancelling accounts and such. It gave us some direction of where to start, and it alleviated the burden of trying to figure it out on our own. I would definitely recommend Serenity.

Grant K