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Custom Funeral Services

Planning a funeral service for yourself or a loved one

Not sure where to start with regards to planning a funeral service? Although some are certain they want burial or they want cremation, the majority of us have not yet put much thought into what we might want. Much has changed since the time of only having two options. We now have the resources to provide the traditional or alternative funeral service, celebration of life, ceremony or memorial that is tailored to your preferences and ideas on how you and your family have chosen to honour life.


Create Healing Experiences One of the most important ceremonies in life happens after we pass on. Different peoples, cultures, and religions around the globe use funerals as a way to honour and remember the departed—and the event represents an important step for the loved ones they left behind. While there are a few traditional ways to conduct a funeral, each service is an individual experience. Your recently departed loved one was unique, and so was your relationship with them. We believe their final farewell should reflect their one-of-a-kind personality and as well the special relationship you shared with them. At Serenity Funeral Service, our professionals strive to create custom funerals and cremation services that display that individuality. Personalized Funeral Services The staff at Serenity Funeral Service pride themselves on our service’s peaceful, no-pressure environment. With our support, you design the funeral rather than have someone tell you what you need. With our years of experience, we are there to offer advice and guidance, but you have the freedom to choose how the funeral will run. Whether you want to have your service at home, in a church, or by the lakeside, we are happy to accommodate for your family. Ways to Personalize

  • Have the children, grandchildren, family and friends draw pictures on the cremation container at the viewing- this allows people to write a final farewell a completely unique way to send off their loved one
  • Pick from a selection of corners and medallions to customize the casket. Some examples include; sheath of wheat, piano keys, fishing rod or golf clubs
  • Display memorabilia wherever the service is taking place, as a way to showcase the unique personality of your loved one. We have seen this done with guitars, motorcycles, sports memorabilia, needles and yarn, and records to name a few
  • Have a DVD tribute
  • Pick a charity close that was close to heart for your loved ones and request donations be made in lieu of flowers
  • Use a rental casket to have a viewing or to have your loved one present at the service before cremation- for those who wish to say a final farewell

Let’s just say this: there is no ‘hard and fast’ formula for honoring your loved one when burial has been selected. We’re here to listen to your concerns, share our experience, and help you to arrive at the perfect way to honor your loved one in your own unique way.

Would recommend Serenity Funeral Service to family and friends.

H. Cook