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Serenity’s Prepaid Funeral Plans- Are they secure?

If you’ve prepaid your end of life plan at Serenity Funeral Service, be assured – it’s safe and secure.

Planning allows you to bring the future into the present so that you can do something about it now

Imagine what planning today could do for your survivors. It’s safe to say that nobody really wants to leave their family or their executors faced with a mountain of hardships.
Knowing and understanding the facts are essential and simple; that’s why we are focused on educating people. We share the facts and explain the options and solutions to life’s final guarantee. From there it’s only a matter of taking what you’ve learned and completing your individual end of life plan.

Prepaid plans are 100% safe and secure.

A prepaid plan is an investment that is safe and secure. All prepaid plans at Serenity Funeral Service are administrated as follows:
Regulated by the provincial office of the Alberta Funeral Service Regulatory Board
A prepaid plan at Serenity Funeral Service has a locked cost guarantee; not all Canadian funeral providers offer a price guarantee
Your funds are deposited into an insured account that is solely in your name, not the funeral home’s name

Funds are securely held by a third party

A prepaid plan at Serenity Funeral Service can be securely transferable anywhere in North America, if you should ever move
Further, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has provided for special tax relief on prepaid funeral expenses so that the interest on your funeral fund accumulates tax-free; a prepaid plan through Serenity Funeral Service meets the requirement under the CRA.
We assist and coordinate transferring pre-existing plans from another funeral service provider to Serenity Funeral Service upon your request.