Edward Taddy Yuzda


On September 4, 2018, Ed passed away at 91 years young.

He was a small town boy from Mundare, Alberta a Canadian of Ukrainian “extraction” he used to say. In 1960, he married Dolores, and spent 58 years being devoted to her and was forever “Driving Miss Dolly”. Together, they had two children, Pam and Ward. Initially, Ed wanted to be a dentist, pharmacist, or a doctor, but felt weak at the sight of blood. Instead, through lots of effort he became a CA, and when he was fed up with studying in the evenings, he would resort to helping Del with the dishes. The two of them went travelling the world together 57 countries, according to his calculations (and these were never wrong). When it came to travelling by car, some of his most impressive driving feats were: 13 annual Spring Breaks to beloved California; multiple trips from Edmonton to Saint John (where Ward and family live) a mere 5 days, if “rest-stops” were kept to a minimum; and a jaunt across North America to Florida, where the family convened to celebrate Ed and Del’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. In fact, Ed kept doing these long distance journeys until 87 years of age always speeding to stay just ahead of the next guy. Most of all, he loved a good pun even if others didn’t. His audience might consist of: family, friends, or unwitting strangers. He would say he liked to make people smile (groan?), and insist: “you’ve got to hear ’em all to hear the good ones”. In essence, Ed was a people person, who cared for others, and wanted to be cared for. That’s what Del has done for him in this last tough year as he battled cancer. Were he here, Ed would quip with his usual: “it’s good night to all from Rex-all”.

With much love, gratitude, and sweet memories from Del, Pam/Piotr, Ward/Melissa, Zach, Jude and Paige.

A Memorial Service will be held on Tuesday, September 18, 1:00 pm., St Augustine’s Church, 6110 Fulton Road NW, Edmonton, AB T6A 3T3.

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Memorial Service
St. Augustine's Anglican Church - Edmonton

6110 Fulton Road, Edmonton, AB, CA

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