WOLFE, Maryanne

Maryanne unexpectedly passed away in her home on February 6,2021.  She was surrounded by her loving son Lee, her granddaughters Crystal and Mackenzie and her great grandchildren Sophie and Chad.  Maryanne was a sister, auntie, mother, kokum and chapan.

Maryanne will always be in our hearts and our memories.  She loved horseback riding, dancing and travelling across the world, she would often share stories of the past, how hard work needed to be done such as going to the bush for fresh wood or walking across the field for a pail of clean nipiy (water).  She loved her tea every morning, peanut butter cups in one hand and the phone in the other and loved being the big boss.. She will be dearly missed by all of us.

Maryanne will lovingly remembered by her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and great great grandchildren as follows: Lee (Maureen) and grandchildren; Shane, Lorelee, Vanessa,(Vincent) Christine, Joanne, Jayden and Ryan, Gordon (Tina) and grandchildren; Gerald (Angelina), Kently(Kim), Jordon (Terez) and Glory (Chris), Shirley and grandchildren; Cindy(Ross), Billie-jo(Ryan) and Big John, Rick (Rose) and grandchildrens; Rochelle(Jamie) , Stephen, Ashley, Derrick, Alexandria, Serene, Darkstormrunner, Bearsky Mountain, Misty Rivers, WhiteElk, Morningstar Walker, Proudfather, Tall Flower, White Cloud and Two Skys, Patricia and grandchildren Amanda, James(Cherise) Eli, and Thunder; Grandchildren, Crystal, Mackenzie, Katie(Dwayne) , Christie, Colt(Samantha) Kashtin, her lovingly siblings, Rita (Dana),  Sylvester(Barb), and Maurice her great grandchildren; Chad (Kylen) , Anna, Aaliyah, Sophie, Sebastian, Izaak, Kirsten, Justice, Nevah, Adam, Memphis, Al, Jake, Aysha, Jazz, Jace, William, Aythem, Saphra,Blake, Johnny , Livyah, Celeste, Jadyn, Skyler, Alexa, Kaleigha, Kestyn, Kade, Kalease, Kori, Kaecyn, Trini, Tristen, Diche, Tehya, Derick JR, Desire, D’Rose, Aiden, Sadie, Ava, Baby James, Quannah, Braedan, Ayries, Mercedez,  Sebastian, Darian, Dexter, Latrice, Terraine, Iaz, Jaliesha, Preyaze, Noah, Naomi, Ramone, Sacha, Mia, and Ella. Great Great Grandchildren; Kalindah, Skydancer, Zaylen, Eaglechild, Mikwanis, RunningBear, Virgil, Teagan and William.

Maryanne is predeceased by her parents; Pete and Sophie Wolfe.  Her grandparents; Dan Minde and Cecilia Saddleback. Her Siblings; Wilfred, Lawrence, Harvey, Percy, Cornillius, Velma, Loretta, Irene, Matilda, Theresa, Georgie; her daughters,Dorothea, Donna, and Patricia.  Her sons; James, Brian and William.  Her daughter in law Lorelei Minde, Her grandson Sylvester and her great granddaughter Jojo.  Her great grandson Jace Montour.

Traditional Funeral Wake

Beginning on Saturday, February 6, 2021

Maryanne Wolfe’s Residence

Maskwacis, Alberta

Traditional Ceremonies

Tuesday, February 9, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.

Maryanne Wolfe’s Residence

Maskwacis, Alberta




Chad Wolfe James Wolfe

White Elk Wolfe Kently Wolfe

Jordon Wolfe Darkstormrunner

Honorary Pallbearers

Loreen Wolfe, Susan Wolfe, Denise Montour, Monica Littlechild, Lorna Cutknife, Kyle and Cayla Wolfe, Jordana and Elliott, Karen Young, Crystal Surina, Rae Mairi Richardson, Linda Lee, Tim Wolfe,  Cindy Wolfe, Tammy Wolfe, Maggie Redcrow, Justin Wolfe and Lacey Soosay, Sheldon Smallboy, Maxine, Anita Abraham and her phone friends, Pejo Wolfe, Ruby and Craig Cutknife, Minde Families, Littlechild Families, Saddleback Family, Richard Lightning and his family, Donna and Josie, Louis Families, Small Families, and the rest of the Maskwacis community who know her


Ermineskin Cemetery

Maskwacis, Alberta

Serenity Funeral Service, Wetaskiwin. Ph: 780.352.5300



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