TURNER, Edward Wayne


We are saddened to announce that Wayne Turner passed away at the age of 73, after a courageous battle with declining heath due to diabetes related complications.

He is lovingly remembered by his wife, Elaine, of 44 years; his children Kirk and Chad (Amanda) Chubey; grandchildren: Jordan, Camden, Jaxon and Charlotte.

He spent 35 years in the education system where he worked passionately diagnosing and preparing programs for children’s needs as well as teaching. Wayne was also a stained-glass artist, kept an immaculate yard, loved his Siamese cats, could Mac Gyver anything to suit the situation with his storehouse of tools, was a huge supporter of Apple technology and loved to read mystery novels a large glass of Diet Coke.

Family and friends will remember his intellectual conversations, his witty sense of humour and his willingness to befriend and help neighbours.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Diabetes Foundation, 1300-522 University Ave., Toronto, ON M5G 2R5 as an act of kindness.



Serenity Funeral Service, Spruce Grove 780.962.2749

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Helen Werbicki

I was so saddened to hear Mr. Turner had passed away. He was my school counsellor in S.P.E. Every time we passed in the hallway, he would say, “Hello, Miss Turner” and I would reply, “Hello, Mr. Turner”. Most of the other kids in school thought he was my dad, and I had to keep explaining that we were not related. He was the first to identify that my brother and I would need challenges academically that the public school system could not provide for us at that point. He suggested my future high school to my parents, and arranged for me to take the entrance exams; I met many of my dearest, lifelong friends at that school, and it was foundational for my future learning path. He also liked to keep up with what I was doing and where I was. I will pass the bar this summer. None of that would have happened without him. I will miss him very much.

Richelle Power

I was saddened to learn the passing of Mr. Turner. I had hoped to make my way back up with the kids to the area to see family and friends to include both of you after graduation and during the summer but Covid took that opportunity away. So many memories in the McNabb crescent, to include the gazebo, hot tub, Zeke walking the fence line, and the garage beers on the rare occasion. The move to the Fieldstone house was disappointing as the neighbors were not the same. When you both moved to Spruce Grove, it wasn’t close enough but moving again closer to our family was certainly better! Visiting Kezi and Gizmo was exciting. We really didn’t see you both enough when you moved closer and that always weighed heavily on my mind. I was hoping to have both of my kiddos meet you both because you both were instrumental in my childhood memories, I wanted to be able to share that with my own children. We are all so very sorry for your loss Mrs. Turner.

Steven and Natasha Beil

I met Mr. Turner at SPE in 1990. I was 6 but he treated me like I was older. We said farewell from High Park School in 1999. Natasha got to know him in Jr. high, too. He was one of our favourite teachers. I remember building spaghetti bridges in science, learning to design websites in computer class, or watching him beat a colleague at a lunch hour game of “You don’t know Jack!”. Mr. Turner’s classes were always entertaining, I was always listening for the next hilarious thing he would say. He was always game for a laugh, making school inviting and enjoyable. He taught me that teachers could take their jobs seriously without taking themselves too seriously. We are praying His peace over you and yours, Elaine. Wayne made a real difference in our lives. We both became teachers. Respectfully, Steve and Natasha Beil

Ben & Alison Beil

Deepest sympathy to Elaine and family. We will remember Wayne for his excellent sense of humour and kindness.

Bernie and Jolyn Mascaluk

Distance has prevented close contact with Wayne and Elaine however we share many fond memories from our past. We regret we did not have the opportunity to know Wayne better. We do know he was highly respected in his field of work and had an inspiring wit. We are aware of Elaine’s dedication to Wayne’s care and wish to acknowledge her devotion and support of the love of her life.
Bernie and Jolyn Mascaluk. Brisbane, Australia

Susan Metcalf

I am very sorry to hear of Wayne’s passing. My condolences to you all. My biggest hugs .
So sad to say good bye. Take care.

Ivan Sundal

I will miss Wayne. He was important to me. I haven’t seen him for some time now, and that is part of my loss. We became friends at the U of A in about 1970 and spent a lot of time talking and laughing with various cohorts for years and years. Wayne was something of a renaissance man — a creative thinker, a good craftsman and problem solver, and a person who listened and understood. This is a sad time.

Karina Christianson

Wayne, or “Uncle Gomer” will be remembered as a very witty, intelligent and funny man. He will be greatly missed. Love Karina and Darren.

Ryan Michael Domm

My name is Ryan, son of Garth and Lena Domm, and we were Wayne’s neighbours that lived directly across the street. We were neighbours from as young as I can remember until I was 17 years old. As a kid, I started juggling tennis balls out on our front lawn, and Wayne would always be watching me from his bench at the top of his driveway. He never really said much to me. He would just watch, to which was fun for me because I then always had someone to show off my new juggling tricks to. One day, after a couple months of practice, he walked over across the street to me, and handed me a set of professional juggling balls. They were extremely nice quality and each ball moulded into my hands upon every catch. I still have them and use them to this day. About a year later, once I mastered juggling with balls, he then bought me a set of professional juggling pins! Again, I spent many hours every day on the front lawn, but now practicing the art of juggling pins, all while he was also there every day to watch my progress. After many months of hard practice and good progress, he then bought me a unicycle! I never asked for any of these things. He just showed up one day, with something new in his hand and handed it to me. As an odd kid, I loved all these kinds of things and it was something he just knew. I still unicycle to this day and every time I go for a ride, it’s definitely a nostalgic experience. I think of him, how kind he was to me, and how I probably wouldn’t have this great hobby if it weren’t for him.

Natasha Domm

I have fond memories of Wayne always being a neighbour I could laugh with growing up. Wayne would always chat with my father Garth when us kids would play with our bikes on the street in Woodside. One thing I always loved as a child was that Wayne’s toe nails would be painted and he would wear his crocs with style.

My deepest condolences.

Garth and Lena Domm

Wayne was an absolute original and the universal glue of our tight little neighborhood. He would just stroll across the street and offer his his view of anything and everything, or give you that little tip on what was wrong with that broken things you had. Even in the cold of winter, he’d visit in the garage and it was very special. Our kids were young and he was always there for them. Always a positive motivator to them. He wasn’t a neighbor to them, he was like a grandfather. To this day, 12 years later they still remember with great fondness. We have never lived in a tight knit mini community like that and I doubt ever will. Though we couldn’t visit since, he will never be forgot by the Domm family.

Brian and Gail Christianson

We will miss Wayne’s generosity, diverse store of knowledge, and his witty sense of humour. He was always willing and able to lend a helping hand, and was there for us for many projects over the years , always willing to offer his expertise and assistance. We enjoyed several trips to Hawaii, Arizona, and California with Wayne and Elaine, and we looked forward to their visits to Vancouver. .
Wayne will be greatly missed.
Love Brian and Gail

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