TOPPIN, William Ritson

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that the family announces the passing of William (Bill) Ritson Toppin on Friday, December 11, 2020 at 83 years old. Bill will be sadly missed and lovingly remembered by his daughters Marnie (Arlindo), Cristie (Larry), Melanie (Garrett) and Korri (Dan); by his brother Raymond, sister Nancy (Les); his grandchildren: Connie (Travis), Courteney, Cassie, Michael (Carlee), Jesse (Nikki), Nicholas (Paige), Jonathan, Kayla, Lexie (Jordan), Garrisen, Sadie, Jace, Dontae (Rachel), Peyton (Scott), Dominic, Piper; his great-grandchildren: Cheyanna (Jacob), Tanisha, Deacan, Addy, Ava, Jonathan, Nicholas, Ryan; and a niece who held a special place in his heart Pamela Rae (Danny), Austin along with numerous beloved cousins, nieces and nephews.

He was predeceased by his parents Ethel and Robert, sisters Fran (Ben) and Jo, wife Connie, daughter Tammy and son Tracy.

Bill will be remembered for his love and commitment to family, his pride in carpentry, gardening, hours of playing canasta, and a good game of pool. Grandpa had infinite patience looking for frogs, doing puzzles, getting his hair curled and his nails painted.  He was always willing to share his experience of life’s lessons with his children and grandchildren.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to YESS: Youth Empowerment & Support Services,


Serenity Funeral Service – South Edmonton, (780)450-0101

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Pamela Toppin

Uncle Bill was not just an Uncle to us; he was like a second dad. I can remember, when we were younger, waking up in the night and hearing him and mom talking downstairs. You can bet there was also food being made for him, usually a steak. No matter what you needed built or fixed he would be there. He would not just build or fix it though; he would make sure you helped. Whether it be measuring or using one of his many tools he would show you first then make you try. From this we have all learnt a few extra skills and we all have something made by him that will remind us of him. As we got older he would still pop over, to Pam’s, usually once a week, either just to chat, needing more muffins, or he had a project he was working on. That usually meant that there were bird houses, butterfly houses or fence boards that needed painting. Weekly canasta games , with Aunt Nancy and Uncle Les, were a favorite thing of Pam’s to do. The breakfast and banter between them created a lot of great memories. I also loved to go steal peas and carrots from his garden. He would always tell me “you are never too old for a good spank” but he never followed through.

Bonda remembers watching him build the trailer in grandma’s back yard and then when it was completed a few of us cousins were allowed to sleep in it overnight. He drove me to Kingsway when I took my driver’s licence and of course had some advice to give on the on the way. I also remember being at grandma’s and he would come home from the bar, start cooking a steak and then would tell you so many stories from way back when. So many memories growing up. He was always there when you asked for help. Our hearts are broken at the loss but we know he is in a better place. I hope the arms of those that passed before (mom, grandma, Aunt Jo and Fran) were there to greet him.

Linda remembers the trailer in grandmas backyard and even hammering a couple nails, Wonderful times spent out at the lake in that trailer. Uncle Bill taught me how to play crib, I even saw him get a perfect hand one time, taught me how to play pool (never did beat him) he was always there to help when it came to building projects over the years, decks (so many stained boards) basement finishing, measure twice, cut once he always said… I have many tools because of him and can use everyone.

Our hearts are broken at the loss but we know he is in a better place. I hope the arms of those that passed before (mom, grandma, Tammy, Aunt Jo and Fran) were there to greet him.
Know that you were so loved, and will be missed by us all.

Pam, Bonda & Linda


It is with great sadness I hear of Pops passing, but a couple of stories ( out of many) will stick with me forever. I was fortunate enough to meet Pops around 2005 when Lac la Nonne and the cabin became his focus.
Story #1 – I’ll always remember that 6 am on a weekend was his time to work that damn bobcat..Every time he shut it off, it would backfire with a sonic kaboom that made the ground shake. To this day, not sure he was really moving dirt or just wanted to wake the neighborhood. Hell…I’m up and workin…how come you guys are still sleepin…..
Story #2 – lessons on how to be a lumberjack. He is teachin…..we hook up the come a long…..check….lean the tree away from buildings…..check….fire chainsaw…ready….then he proceeded to cut the tree next to the one we had hooked up…lesson #1… buildings be damned, run for your life.
The campfire on a Saturday night was always a big deal. A few ryes and tunes around the pit were the reward for a hard day on the bobcat. He was never too excited about the Eagles or Alabama – his request was always…when am I gonna hear – ‘There’s a bluebird on my windowsill’.
As we sit around the pit this summer – I will raise one in your honor.
Pops- RIP.

Russ and Val Jorgenson

We always liked and respected Bill! Russ worked with Bill at Cyrs Concrete in Fort Nelson ! I worked with him at School District 81 also in Fort Nelson!
He had an excellent work ethic and u knew u could trust him no matter what!!! He was a man of few words but always stood by u no matter what!!
(Your family will miss u but u stood the test of time , sleep well thy good and faithful servant). Our deepest sympathy to all of his family who were his most precious treasures !!

Lexie Toppin

He was more then just a grandfather. He was my best friend, and the light at the end of a hard day. The whisper in my ear when I feel like giving up. My grandfather was a friend to all and wouldn’t hesitate to help someone in need. When I was young I would spend time with him and no matter what we were doing, working on a project , working in his garden, or just sitting on his couch or porch. He would always have something wise or funny to tell me to brighten my day. He could say you need to go back to school and make the best life for yourself child. Sometimes he’d tell me a old story from his past. But every time I was with him, he made me forget to worry about what was going on at home or how bad of a day I had at school. He was always there to make me feel way stronger then I ever could without his encouragement. But one thing I will never be able to repay my papa is the unconditional love he showed each and every person he came across. It was like his unmentioned super power to be loved by all I think. He wasn’t exactly the most lovey dicey but he ALWAYS showed each and every person a piece of his love in his own little way. It wasn’t until he started to become sick that he would say I love you after every phone call and every hug. Before he would end a visit with a swift spank on the bum. Just to let you know that he cared. Or he’d leave you with some bittersweet advice that only he would have the balls to tell you. With my grandfather he never was into “I love yous “ but he was always there when you needed him the most and for me that was more than enough.

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