Sutherland, Stephen David

With our hearts heavy, our family announces that on Sunday, October 18, 2020, Stephen Sutherland moved on to his next “gig” across the veil. Stephen David Sutherland was born to Hector Sutherland and Betty ‘Raven’ Jackson in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Stephen was known and lovingly remembered by so many as ‘Pops’, led the the life of a rockstar. Or so one would think with how many groupies, fan clubs, and loyal followers he had when he left us. He was a humble man who loved his rock n’ roll. He played guitar, was a writer, an artist, and when he had the game of a lifetime, one hell of a PlayStation golfer! Pops never turned anyone away, no matter what. If they were in need of anything; be it a roof, a meal, a rest, a place to cry, or simply just some advice that only Pops could give; you would find his door open. Not one person who knew him in his last years could recall him ever sleeping in his own bed. He had gone as far as to have given even that up to someone who needed it. He did so because according to him, “He preferred his chair anyways!” Not one person that Pops encountered could say that he didn’t make a difference in their life, forever changing them for the better. His presence will be forever missed and our loss of this great individual noticed. Stephen is still loved today by his two Daughters; Erica Smith-Sutherland and Kyla Greyson, his four Grandchildren; Ashleigh Smith, Robert Souster Jr, Chase Souster, and Kali Greyson, and his one Great Granddaughter Beccam Smith. Stephen is also survived by his Mother; Betty “Raven “ Jackson, Brother Kenneth, and Sisters Joyce and Yvonne along with their families. And finally, he will be missed by his long time ‘partner in crime ‘ and best friend Kelly Greyson and far too many others to mention as Stephen has left to mourn many sons, daughters, grandchildren, brothers and sisters that he adopted along the way as his own.

There will be a celebration to honour the life of this amazing man at a future date that is yet to be determined. The celebration will be held virtually so a link will be sent out at such a time.

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Joey Gunnz

There’s not a day that goes by that my heart doesn’t hurt missing my dad Pops, when I met you I was just learning about my family. I didn’t know how to react to certain situations, so I asked for advice from you. Your wisdom, and knowledge helped me to accept who I was and what I believed in you said was right. I thought being Redd was being ruthless, and cold hearted. You showed me that no it’s not all about that, Being solid, as well to have compassion for sisters and brothers. The first time we met I was so honored, as well as appreciated receiving a diamond back bike frame. I spent a lot of time being there for my brothers, and sisters adjusting to the family. I know now that that’s the right thing that we all need to do together as one family, and I used my heart spoke with my heart each time and you were there for me and accepted me into the family and its my highest honor to have known you and been respected as well as loved by you. You helped me realize without even having to explain what needed to be done, I need to unite our family as one. You were able to do that, and made all my brothers, and sisters, moms, and, dads, aunties, and uncles feel 100% as well as if there were no worries in the world. You helped me to become the man I am today, as well to not get overly worked up or stressed out. You are a legend, as well as an OG and the father of us all. Thank you, as well as I’m sorry for not being there. I Love You, and I Miss You. I could use some advice right now, but then again I know what you would say. I now know what to do, please watch over me and give me the strength to do what it is that my life purpose is. Its been an amazing path, as well as fast paced 0-100. Being Redd to me is the highest honor I could receive, and I will be who it is I need to be. Your legacy lives on, now help me to do this. Its in the heart that my brothers do what we do, and keep continuing to do. I know your watching over us, being here right now beside you and to feel your pressence is releiving. Honor, loyalty, and respect. Much love, loyalty, honor, and respect. Reddlove, and Reddrespect to you. Now is the time that I help you, like you helped me. I’ll be there for you, same as you were there for me. Thank you for believing in me, and helping me to see my purpose. I will see you again, and you shall see your son Joey Gunnz fulfill both our life’s passions. Once again Thank You 100% for everything you’ve done for me, and thank you to our family for showing me that ok now Ive found my birth family.

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