SUITOR, Kenneth Allan Jr.

It is with great sadness that the family of Ken Suitor Jr. announces his passing on November 15, 2020 at the age of 57.

Ken was an interesting, challenging, innovative man who dared to march to the tune of his own drum. To others, including his mom who loved him so much, he was a mystery since one never knew what would happen next when Ken got a plan of action in his head. Ken was a bright, young man whose promise was impacted by challenges beyond his control, yet he paved a path of adventure and misadventure unparalleled by most mere mortals. He loved to drive, so a career in the taxi business gave him the opportunity to meet and serve people. He loved to wander, especially to BC, so keeping up with his current address was nearly impossible. Father of two children, Ken was proud of his kids. Ken had many friends in all walks of life. Many times, professionals tried to define him and assist when his life got so chaotic it was unmanageable, even for him. It was to no avail since Ken defied definition!! With his passing we say “farewell” and trust Ken finds Peace and Tranquility.

Mourning his passing are his devoted mother Clarisse; father Ken Sr.; son Jack; daughter Amanda; and two grandchildren. Besides immediate family, an army of friends, buddies and fellow wanderers will find solace in memories of time shared with this special man.

The family would like to request Memorial Donations be made to the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute

Or Alberta Mental Health


Serenity Funeral Service – South Edmonton, (780)450-0101


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