STAHR, Esther

Born in Lohmen, Germany May 7, 1931, Esther died peacefully at home, surrounded by family, on July 9, 2022 at 91 years old. Her husband of 53 years, Gunter, pre-deceased her in 2011. Esther is survived by her three sons: Ron (Valerie), grandchildren: Ryan, Dylan, Garrett, Jordan, Mary and Lily, Jonas (Shannon), grandchildren: Cassidy and Derek; Ray (June), grandchildren: Aidan, Kaylie and Moses, along with her younger sister Rahel in Hamburg, Germany.

Married in 1958, she immigrated to Canada and settled in Edmonton near her sister Hanni (Hanna) who came to Canada with her husband a few years earlier. Esther and Gunter came to Canada in the hope of finding a better life than in a post war Germany. They struggled and worked hard their entire lives. Their children largely benefited from their sacrifices and prospered with large and happy families in Nashville, Vancouver & Edmonton.

Esther always lead with kindness and dedicated her life to service to others. With a strong lifetime faith in God and his plan, she dealt with what was in front of her without complaint. She loved gardening and had a large garden in her backyard in which she worked right up to the point she started having health problems, shortly before her passing. Esther was an example of strength and kindness. Her experience as a nurse made her an ideal patient as she started having health issues, always reacting with kindness and a genuine thank you with every interaction. She will be missed.

Serenity Funeral Service
North Central Chapel

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