SMITH, Carlyle Robert


Carlyle Robert Smith passed away on April 15, 2021 at Devonshire Care Centre after a lengthy illness. He will be lovingly remembered by his wife, Betty, of 66 years, his daughters Debbie (Bob) Bidwell and Coreen (Gabe) Arosemena, and son, Wayne (Ingrid) Smith, 6 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren, sisters Marylyn (Howard) Drake and Justine (Larry) Linder.

Family tributes:

Dad was known for his faithfulness, never missing church, or a day of work. He always talked about the importance of being a person of substance, character, and stick-to-itiveness. Along with his strong faith in the Lord and love and support for his family, he also expressed a great love for people, striking up conversations with anyone, anywhere and at any time. He didn’t need the social media of today because he lived it! I would say his love for sports was what he was widely known for, including, but not limited to, baseball, hockey, and tennis, as well as any board or card game. You name it and he was ready to play! Known also for his rich, deep bass voice that went lower than the lowest note on a piano, he used this gift to be a faithful bass in choir for many years, the annual singing Christmas Tree, and even a Barbershop quartet! With mixed emotion of sadness at not being able to hug and kiss you just one more time this side of heaven, there is also total joy that you are having the time of your life in the Lord’s presence, playing every sport you love, and singing for the Lord face to face!  Love you Dad!

Coreen, Daughter


From the moment I met Dad, I knew this guy had character. As time  passed, I learned he was also intensely competitive. When he found out I loved sports as much as he did, and was just as competitive, we bonded instantly. This led to many tennis matches that would last sometimes up to 2-3 hours, even in the blazing heat of the day. It didn’t matter, he just loved to compete. He also loved to laugh and had a great sense of humor. His endearing personality made conversations always easy and natural. Dad, I miss you and know that when I see you again, we will have no time limits to our matches and fellowship in Jesus!

Gabe, Son-in-Law


April 15,  2021 my Dad, Carlyle Robert Smith at the age of 87, went home to be with our Saviour.   Over the last few days my heart has been flooded with so many great memories.

I spent many hours watching Dad play ball, hockey and tennis.  As an adult I watched him play hockey and tennis with my husband, Bob. I’m thankful Dad drove us as teens to youth group.  He waited around endless hours so he could drive us home.  When I turned 16, he happily turned the keys to the car over to me for youth group.

Dad was a great father and an amazing Grandad to our children Tammy and Nathan.

Dad, Nathan and Bob played hockey with plastic sticks in my kitchen in Imperial, Saskatchewan

for hours.  He went to as many of Nathan’s hockey games as he could get to. He was always proud of all his grandchildren.

Two of his favourite sayings were, “Can’t means won’t” and “Some of your best friends will be people you haven’t met yet”.  Both of which are very true.

Dad would talk to anyone anywhere.  I believe he passed that trait on to my sister and me.

I’m so thankful Bob and I were able to visit with Dad a few weeks ago.  We prayed with him, quoted scripture and played some of the old hymns he loved so much.  At times we were sure he was trying to hum, his eyes would tear up and his eyebrows raised when we played How Great Thou Art.

I miss my Dad, but I would not for one second wish him back. He is with Jesus❤️.

Until we meet again❤️❤️

Debbie, daughter


I was blessed to have had a relationship with my father-in-law for over 46 years.

The five words that I think describes Dad’s character are loyal, friendly, tenacious, competitive and positive.  He was never a glass half empty kind of person.

So many memories so many stories.

Thank you Dad for walking your teenage daughter down the aisle at Central Tabernacle and giving her to me to be my wife.

Thank you for supporting our family with your love and kindness. I’ve always marvelled at the thousands of kilometres you drove to  visit. For instance, the two years when we were living in California, you and mom visited four times!

I enjoyed all the hours of tennis we played at the Millwoods tennis courts. The church league hockey we played against each other and then together on the same team. You were indeed competitive, and tenacious. You never gave up . Like the time we were down 5-1 in a doubles tennis match . We came all the way back to force a tie-breaker.

I will always remember the countless hours we spent watching sports together.

I will never forget going to the Edmonton Eskimos vs Calgary Stampeders Western  final in 1978.  It was -20 F.  We took a thermos of coffee and bundled up.  When we got there Dad said ”I don’t think we’ll drink the coffee because the line-ups for the restrooms are too long.”  We managed to stay warm and the Eskimos won!!

Now you are present with the Lord, your redeemer.    You are no longer singing in the choir.  You are standing in the presence of Jesus, the reason for it all.

Thanks for the memories Dad.   Until we meet again…

Bob, Son-in-Law


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Angela S.

Betty and Family:

Thinking of you all during this time of tremendous loss. Give your voice to God and know that He is always with you. Rest in peace Carlye.

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