SHEWCHUK, Carmen Angela (nee Rother, later Venner)

Shewchuk, Carmen Angela (nee Rother, later Venner)

June 18, 1983 – October 21, 2021

Carmen was born in London, England, on June 18, 1983, to Diana (nee Swann) and Steve Rother. She passed away in Edmonton, Alberta, on October 21, 2021, leaving her daughter Rylee and son Keegan, and a host of family, friends, and acquaintances who were all blessed by Carmen’s compassion for others and her willingness to go the extra mile to help any human or animal in need.

In 2015, Carmen was instrumental in initiating the Edmonton Semicolon Tattoo Awareness Event, raising support and funds for mental health initiative in Edmonton. Carmen struggled with her own physical and mental health issues. She wasn’t successful all the time, but her determination kept her always trying. She had enormous compassion for others facing similar issues.

Carmen had a brilliant mind, sharp wit, was an amazing wordsmith, had the best smile, and a contagious laugh. She always gave of herself as much as she could.

Carmen’s greatest love was for her children; she loved them completely.

At Carmen’s request, there will be no memorial service or funeral.

To honour Carmen, please get to know your neighbors, watch out for those in need, and be the person who notices someone in trouble and is willing to get involved.

Memorial donations in memory of Carmen will be accepted for Carmen’s son, Keegan, at any ATB Branch in the “Fiona In Trust Swann” account or by etransfering directly into the account at [email protected] Messages attached to etransfers will be shared with Carmen’s family.

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Michelle schreiner

Carmen was such a darling baby , I babysat for you and your sister in Chelsea , you was such a little character and a gorgeous smile.
Such sad news sending your family lots of love and strength xx
Michelle xx

Eaton Jane

I mer Carmen when she was 15 years old. She and I worked together at McDonald’s. During that time she moved in with myself and my family for a while.
Carmen and I hung out everyday as .we purposely worked the exact same shifts everyday together for a long time we would drive there and back and talk.
Over the years we would not see each other for a short while and then reconnect. This would be the time that she met David . We were back full time in each other’s lives. I helped David with a job and saw them everyday .Rylee had just been born then.

Then our lives took us in different directions again for a short while . I ran into them again at millwoods amusement park and that’s when I met Keegan for the first time. He had just been born.
At that time ironically we found that we were all living 5 minutes from each other , and again we were full time back in each other’s lives.

It was Carmen who took me to the hospital when I went into Labour with my katelyn.
Carmen was with me the whole time. She never left my side for the whole 12 + hours until katelyn was born.. she must have been so tired herself lol
Many times after that we would get together with the kids. We would go to parks and go for walks, go to the zoo .. Carmen one time even got matching shorts for katelyn that matched Rylees dress I have a picture of Carmen holding katelyn and Rylee standing beside them both wearing their matching outfits. :)❤
Later down the Road Carmen came to work with me at Saddleback Dental center. It was at this time that she began having heart issues. We worked together and got to see each other every single day. I absolutely loved that. ! Although we both worked hard she and I always found time to laugh absolutely everyday.❤
As the kids got a bit older Carmen and I each year would meet up at Spooktacular which is an event at WEM amusement park. They would close the doors to the public and only dental people could attend. We would sit together every year on the benches and talk. Until the mall closed. I am really going to miss that.. if I go to any more it will never be the same without you Carmen!
This past summer Carmen and I met at Ellerslie Beach a couple time. The first time was tighter covid restrictions so she brought my katelyn and her friend in. I couldn’t get in so Carmen sat on one side of the chain link fence and I sat on the other side and we talked thru that fence for hours.
The next time we went there restrictions were a bit less so We brought the neighborhoods kids from my complex . Carmen convinced me to go on the paddle boats and she would take a few of the kids and I would have a few too. She later left and brought back slurpees for everyone.! Everybody was so grateful !
There are so many more stories in and around what I have already mentioned that I could tell. 23 years worth of them❤
There were both happy times and sad times for Carmen she always talked of her love for her children.keegan and Rylee . They were her world
I spoke to Carmen only 2 days before she passed away. . Im still in shock this has happened. I really though we had more time.
My only solice is that I know that Carmen is at peace now and can rest
I will never stop thinking of her and our time together I love her so much she will always be in my heart .
my dear dear friend I miss you so much ❤

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