PRICE, Kaleb Geoffrey

Kaleb Geoffrey Price
2002 – 2021

Kaleb Geoffrey Price was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, on July 11, 2002 and quietly passed away on February 28, 2021 in Lethbridge. He was the first of three boys born to Troy & Tessa Price and the first grandchild of Geoff & Susan Rhodenizer.
When Kaleb was born on that hot day in July, the first words that came out of his father’s mouth was, “Holy cow! Look at those cheeks!” Indeed, Kaleb not only had the biggest and cutest cheeks this side of the Rockies but also had huge baby rolls from his arms to his toes that would make the Michelin Man look skinny. Aside from always wanting to eat and sleep, which interestingly enough didn’t change as a teenager or adult, Kaleb had a quiet demeanor and a beautiful smile that would light up any room and immediately endear everyone to him.
Kaleb was always a bright and curious boy but as a child, struggled to speak and communicate. Instead of saying the words, “I’m thirsty” he would do the actions of drinking a bottle and say, “ahh”. Or, if there was a basketball net he would say “Backka Backka Ballllll!” or yell and point to the school were his father worked and say, “Dad!!”
When it came to academics, Kaleb was always a diligent student who excelled in most subjects. He loved playing basketball, video games, memes, camping and fishing with his family and friends, working at the Superstore and driving his car.
What meant the most to Kaleb was his relationship with others, especially his relationship with his two younger brothers, Seth and Aron. Kaleb always had time for a quick board game, a lending ear, or older brotherly advice. He led by example – one of kindness, fairness, humility and love.
Kaleb will be dearly missed by his family, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, and all he knew him.
A celebration of life service will be held on Saturday, March 20, 2021 from 6-9pm at the Price household. His parents ask that in lieu of flowers, donations in Kaleb’s memory are made to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

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Troy Price

Today would have been your 19th birthday son. Not a day goes by that you don’t cross our minds and fill our hearts with incredible memories and joy!!

Yesterday, you said good morning to me by waking me up at 7:11am and when I went to bed last night after mid-night, I turned off all the lights and saw the clock on the stove (which doesn’t work properly) read 7:11pm. Thanks for saying goodnight to me son!

This morning, I made your favourite – pineapple smoothie, and sat outside on the patio and shared a glass and conversation with you. You didn’t say much (as usual, lol) and you forgot to put your dirty glass in the sink again. Not too worry though, I was more than happy to put it away for you:)

I then played you “21” at McKean Park where you missed the easy three footers but made the incredible three pointers from way downtown, just like old times!! However this time, you finally beat me and I couldn’t be more proud and happy that you finally beat Rad Dad. It was only fitting that you won on a buzzer beater, “nothing but net” to win the title and send the crowd into a frenzy chanting “MVP!” “MVP!” “MVP!”

You were always a champion , never quitting and never backing down from a challenge. You fought like hell your whole life and even right up to the end, you refused to give up! God needed another angel and called you home so that your bright light could shine and illuminate in the hearts of others, just like you did to so many down here, including mine.

Kaleb, you are special and you are terribly missed by all of us. I want you to know what a honour and privilege it was to be your father. I am and will always be very proud of you, who you became, and who you will yet become. You are a fine young man and I look forward to the day when I can wrap my arms you, give you a super Rad Dad hug. kiss your sweet cheeks, and have a re-match in basketball.

Love now and always,


tessa price

I cant believe its already been almost two months. I miss you. I look at your pictures every night. I know you are in good hands now and can feel your presence when I need it. I love you so much. My first born perfect boy.

Gail Price

My sweetest, handsome Grandson: Kaleb. As a young boy you always shared your wonderfully caring, loving, attributes, Christ like himself shared that in my life, as his Grandmother. I will always treasure those precious moments, in my heart. Now as a young man, you continue to carry and show those same beautiful loveing, wonderful qualities you share with family and friends and all people you come to know and impact their lives. I’m so proud of you Kaleb, and I will truly miss and remember you my sweet Grandson, loving you always. Grandma Gail (XOXO) ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Kaleb impacted the world in such a short amount of time, but in 18 short years he impacted & touched so many people’s lives that he came in contact with & brought all of us here, together in 1 place @ this time. We love & miss your bright smile & infectious laugh. Go in peace my nephew. *(Kick butt in your after life mission!)* LOVE: U Aunt Trassie! (XOXO)

Wes & Connie Vanwart

Geoff & Sue. Our love & prayers are with you & Family. Cherish all those Special Memories. RIP Dear Kaleb.

Josh Rhodenizer

The first memories I have of Kaleb are of this sumo/Michelin Tire baby. Rolls upon rolls on his arms and legs. He was such a cute baby. Being here in the US and settling in Michigan has kept us far away from the family but anytime seeing or hearing about or talking to Kaleb were joyful and fun. I agree with Zac, it was such a treat to see him smile truly. The blessing of the Gospel is that we get to see and grow and be with him in the eternities. I will be very excited to see him again, spend time with him and continue to grow and love him. He will always inspire me to look for good in someone and to reach out and uplift others. It is actually a pretty special gift he has given us. I know your pain is over and look forward to happiness and joy my sweet nephew.

Zac Rhodenizer

When I was around Kaleb’s age I was immature and frankly self-centred. And then he was born and I became an uncle which tapped into my need to be a part of something bigger than myself. His mere existence made me want to be better and to care for others. Throughout his life his humble smile kept motivating me to be better and more selfless.
In death he has and will continue to motivate me to focus on what is most important and to think of others more.
May everyone that knew him be a little bit nicer, gentler, and more thoughtful in his honour.

Lucia Ursaki

We were blessed to know Kaleb since he was a little 4 year old boy when our oldest daughter married his uncle Zac Rhodenizer. Due to Covid we were not able to see much of Kaleb when he moved back to Lethbridge to attend the College but we did get to see him 3 days before his passing when he popped over to interview Mike for a school project. I will never forget his beautiful smile when I opened the door to let him in. He was always sweet and friendly and kind. Rest In Peace sweet boy ❤️

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