Peter Wayne Stevenson


Our family man, trombonist, engineer and log cabin-builder extraordinaire, Peter Stevenson, joined the big band gig in the sky on Christmas Eve. He was two months shy of his 75th birthday.

Peter had two children with his wife Pat: Carole (Brett) and Dan (Stephanie). He doted over his four grandchildren: Monique, Danielle, Isabella and Mia. Their hearts are heavy without his optimism, encouragement, music and jokes. He leaves behind countless happy memories for his sister, Marilyn Wohlberg, and for all his in-laws, nieces, nephews and friends.

We want to thank Stephanie Stevenson for sharing her nursing knowledge and for all her loving care of Grandpa in his final weeks.

We’ll be celebrating Peter’s life at the Cosmopolitan Music Society, 8426 Gateway Blvd NW, on Friday, January 9, 2015 at 1:30 p.m. In lieu of flowers, we’ll be collecting donations for Cosmo at the service.

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