OTT, Arvid Ernst

Arvid has graduated from this life and is now with Jesus in eternity. He passed away peacefully, in his sleep at 9:27pm September 14 at the hospital. We are truly devastated but also grateful for all the love and care that has surrounded him all his years.

Arvid is survived by his spouse Linda, two daughters: Carmel Spelman (Declan) in Ireland and Janelle Given (Scott); grandson Mark Spelman; brother, Horst Ott (Gerda) in Ontario; and family members in Canada and Germany. His was predeceased by his parents Antonie (2008) and Erich (1945); brother Hans (2002), nephew Marcus (2021), and two infant brothers.

Service will be at 6315-199 St. Thursday, September 23rd 11:00 am. Outdoor reception right after and all are invited. Interment will be at St. Michael’s Cemetery. Due to Covid restrictions, please contact family to attend service or live stream.

Donations in his memory can be made to a charity of your choice and have a Tim Hortons old-fashioned donut and coffee (his favourite treat), do some bird watching (his favourite past time), or watch a German soccer game (if you know you know) and remember the good times, that’s how he would have wanted it.

Serenity Funeral Service
North Central Chapel

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