Murial Tanasiuk


Our precious mother Murial Lorraine Tanasiuk, confidant, business woman, residential/commercial realtor, hotelier and our rock, passed away with the grace of the Lord Oct 27, 2013 at the age of 84. She was dad’s faithful loving wife, an understanding mother that instilled high standards and values in us, a nurturing grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend.
Murial is survived by her brother Gerald Block, Sister In-law Ivy Block, her children Steve Tanasiuk, Rejean Sim, Lezlie Tanasiuk, Sabine Tanasiuk, Chris Tanasiuk, 4 grandchildren, Ashley Tanasiuk, Colton and Keegan Andersen, Julia DesRosiers and numerous nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her father Dan Block, mother Julia Case, husband Reginald Tanasiuk, two brothers, Delmar and George Block, sister Marie Rachque, her niece Sharon Zetak, and Cousin Kathy Gof (Darryl Gof).
A Traditional Service will be held Saturday at 2:00 pm at Lighthouse Pentecostal Church, 49 Boulder Blvd, Stony Plain, AB with Pastors Max Solbrekken and Ken Solbrekken officiating.
Directions: Highway 16A West from Edmonton, past Spruce Grove, turn right in Stony Plain off highway 16A at North Park Drive, 1/2 block North and then Left on Boulder Blvd, Arrive at 49 Boulder Blvd.
Donations may be made to the Terry Fox Research Institute. Let us come together to celebrate her life.

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I would like to take the time to introduce myself; My name is Ashley Tanasiuk, I am Chris Tanasiuks daughter, and I am 1 of 4 grandchildren.

It’s been 6 days since you’ve passed, and every hour that goes by it gets harder and harder to accept. I love you so much grandma; they say that no person can be perfect, but in my eyes you truly were ! You were the most classy, pure and genuine woman. It’s hard to think that I’m never going to get to see you again. It’s hard to think that I’m never going to get to hug you again and rest my head on your lap. You taught me so much in this life, and I am so blessed to have been able to call you my grandmother. I will never forget how you taught me to ride a bike. I will never forget every second weekend I got to spend with you growing up, and I will never forget those times where I would cry on your shoulder and you would tell me that everything is gunna be okay. I love you so much grandma and it kills me to have to say goodbye. I inherited so many traits from you that I am so blessed to have gotten. It’s sad to think that you will never be able to see me get married or have children someday. I saw you at thanksgiving and you seemed fine. It’s crazy to think how fast things can just go down hill. You will always be my hero ! I wish that one day I can grow up to be such a wonderful and selfless person like yourself. You were a legend and as long as I live I will always look up too you. Rest in peace; grandma you will forever be in my heart, I love you <3

Julia DesRosiers

I have always thought of grandma as a strong and classy lady and was always proud to say she was my grandmother.joe and I was happy that she was able to attend our wedding this past year and he grew close to her right away .
I reamber the day when I came to see you from Broxton park school you were outside watering your flowers you plucked a Daisy from your flower Bed and put it in my hair and smiled you loved my hair . I reamber the day when you came to see me at my job with mom and step dad you would always have a boil of wotton soup with a Egg Role and you were loved by everyone at my job ther love to serve her. I reamber when grandma and me were driving back hoom from cherch and she asked me to read the sighs and I did now im a good reader thank you grandma .. I reamber when I went job hunting and grandma was so happy to hear that i got my job she congratulated me for geting a job . joe and I will miss you lots and we will always have you in are hearts. love you xo

CJ Stinson

Momma Tanasiuk would pile so many kids in her little car after a 4-H meeting, we’d all be laughing and scrunched in her little car. Momma T would deliver us all to our homes safely. She was always fun loving to all the kids that hung out on the Tanasiuk homestead!



Hear our cries
But don’t let them stop you
From your journey
To a place where pain does not exist
And external happiness is yours,

Our shedding of tears is our way
Of telling you we love you and that
We’ll always remember you.
You are dear to us
For you were always there
When we needed you.

There was much that was left unsaid.
Hear our Prayers
We realize it is your time to join
Your loved one
Our Father
Mom, may you rest in peace
Though it will be hard to let go
Whey they lower you down into mother earth.

We do not mean for you to stay where
Life was full of physical pain for you.
May the angels of heaven take you
By the hand
And walk you through the golden gates.

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