MAXWELL, Thomas Gordon


Thomas’ Celebration of Life will be held at Devon Alliance Church, 201 Miquelon Avenue, Devon, AB on Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 1:00 p.m.

We welcome all to come and help us remember and celebrate Tom .

In lieu of cards, there will be an opportunity to write down special messages, thoughts and wishes in a creative way that Thomas would have loved.

Also, in lieu of flowers, donations are greatly appreciated for and so other families who are struggling with mental illness have the support that these two organizations have given our family throughout Tom’s journey.

Our final request, if you’re comfortable, is that you dress in a way that expresses your most colorful side.  That is what Tomas would have wanted – a room full of color.



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Celebration of Life
Devon Alliance Church

201 Miquelon Avenue West
Devon, AB, CA, T9G 0L8

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I know this comment is late. Very late. But Thomas was so loving. He loved all people. Loved God. His music was seriously amazing. He definitely had a God given talent of music. It has been nearly ten months and I miss him so much. I grew up in church with Thomas and his family. Thomas was friends with my sister. His mom didn’t teach me, but taught my younger brother, and our families were somewhat close. I can relate so incredibly much to how he must’ve been feeling because I suffer with depression and suicidal tendencies. Thomas was so loving and is loved and very very missed. I pray for his family a lot, and I hope you are up there dancing with Jesus Thomas.❤️

Kelly Wig

I went to high school with Thomas, sometimes we would sit in the stairwells with his guitar and he would sing to me. He always had a way of making me smile and laugh everytime we talked and everyday he would go and visit my mom in her office and do the same for her. Thomas was an incredibly generous, kind, caring person, he has impacted my life so much more than he ever knew.

I suffer with deep depression and Thomas’s story has given me the courage to get the proper help I need. This tragedy has helped save another life and I need to say thank you Thomas. People should know, you are a lifesaver among so many other things and I will forever hold you a place in my heart. ❤️

Bill and Brenda

From one family who is surviving the loss of our own, to another, my deepest condolences for your families great loss. Although this changes everything with in us, it changes nothing around us. How does the rest of the world go on as normal, as though nothing has happened? We will stay steady and strong as we can for those we love and soon we will for ourselves as well. In short order we will get drawn back into the busy world around us, mainly out of necessity, in time because we will seek to contribute but for us our normal has changed. Priorities may come more into perspective. Music and memories will lead us through those times when we miss our loved ones the most.
I wish you the strength you will need each day to brave the new normal each day.

Marc Butler

My name is Marc Butler and I am the founder of Dog Patch Music Festival in Saskatchewan. I first met Tom at a winter festival in December 2014. He was such a positive fellow with an amazing gift. When I heard him sing for the first time I was blown away. I saw a future in music for him.. I booked him in 2015 and that was the start of a friendship that was life changing. I am 47 years old yet the words of this young man helped guide me as I was dealing with my own fathers cancer. I hadn’t talked to Tom for a while due to life issues. For that I have my regrets. I just want to let Tom’s family know that he made a difference to so many that listened to his words. He was a loveable character and many will miss him. My heart aches..
Much love to all of Tom’s family and friends.
Marc Butler and the Dog Patch Crew

Andrea A

I am so so sad to learn of Thomas’ passing. I only just met him a few months back and he so blessed me. I was visiting a loved one in hospital. I was very upset for what they were going through. All of a sudden, I heard someone playing guitar and singing. They sounded awesome. Sooo good. I just was so blessed that I went right out the hallway to the table where he was and stood there listening. My hubby was ready to go but I just couldn’t go. I stood for quite a while, blessed by this gifted guitar player and singer. He sang right from the core of his being. I just so connected with him. What a gift he had given me. After he was finished, we met, I told him how much he had blessed me, that he was so gifted, and bestowing his gifts upon all of us to enjoy. He was so cool! And loving. He gave me a big hug. I’m a hugger too. We just connected. It was so sweet and genuine. He told me his name was Thomas. I told him I had to give him something to bless him…..I just wanted to give to him as I was so blessed by him……I started going in my purse, pulling out nutritious snack bars, rolls of candies. He smiled and said “oh that’s okay” but I told him I just had to give to him. What a sweetheart of a person. And colorful! I loved his unique, individual style of clothing. Such a a beautiful soul, I thought. I felt so protective, like if anybody tries to hurt that tender soul, I will take them on!
Well I asked my loved one about him, the one I had come to visit in the hospital, and she said “he sings and plays all the time. He’s so good. We talk a lot. And he’s such a sweet guy.” I always thought about him after that time. And today, I am gutted to learn of his passing…..through a post I saw on facebook. My heart goes out to all of his family, friends, all who actually knew him and loved him. I share my story here to bring love, warmth, comfort. No one’s life is ever in vain. Thomas impacted my life, by just one meeting. I am grateful. <3 Andrea Thigpen, Edmonton

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