Matthew David Leroux


It is with sadness that I announce the death of my younger brother, Matthew David Leroux. Matthew had recently celebrated his 39th birthday, surrounded by our loving mother Arlene Leroux and his true love Sandy Rawlinson. Matty had no biological children but loved Sandy’s son Ethan as much as anyone ever could.

Matthew was predeceased by his grandparents Ken and Joyce Hewitt and his father Claude Leroux.

Our oldest brother Craig Leroux (Tammy) and I Melanie Aube (Patrick) will always remember how our dad nicknamed Matthew “Lou Lou”. This was a true term of endearment. Matthew was born on July 25, 1979 in Edmonton, growing up in the amazing community of Keegano Co-op. Those of us who lived in Keegano when Matthew was a young boy will never forget his huge smile and mischievous nature.

Agonizingly, Matthew suffered many years of substance abuse; this eventually transformed into a serious mental health issue. Matthew took his own life in August, 2018.

We ask you to join us to Celebrate his Life on Sunday, September 23, 2018 in the Keegano Community Hall, # 19 Keegano NW, Edmonton from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.

In lieu of flowers, please donate generously to CASA services,

406, 10011 – 109 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 3S8

They help support Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health.











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Keegano Community Hall Edmonton

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You will NEVER be forgotten.
Your life missed by me
I still cant believe you are gone
it doesnt seem real

arlene mom

I loved that boy even when he tested my limits , He brought Sandy and Ethan into my world and I think he knew we would always be a family.He is with his dad in heaven as he really missed his dad latelyI will forever remember the blue eyes and charming smile and he gave the best hugs, Matthew I hope you are dancing and being free of difficulties and having fun you deserve it. LOVE MOM

Kristin Sommers

In life, sometimes it’s easier to remember the bad over the good.
But in death, it shows real forgiveness to remember the good.
I remember the night I met Matt like it was yesterday.
I was working at Gateway lanes and he came in with friends to have a good time.
We really hit it off.
I gave him a ride home to his moms that night.
And he never left me alone until I agreed to go out with him.

I did, and we fell in love instantly.
Years later we made a plan to pack up the car with as much as we could and drive till we found the most beautiful place to live.
We drove for over 2 weeks.
We stopped everywhere to explore every nook and cranny looking for our little piece of paradise.
We would just turn down any road and see where it took us.
Thousands of kilometres later we settled in Kelowna.
We lived in a tent for almost 6 months.
People thought we were crazy.
We thought we were living the life.
We would go get random jobs and as long as we had enough money for camping fees a six pack and food, we were happy.
We weren’t exactly roughing it lol.
We bought the biggest tent we could find and made a little apartment out of it.
I swear it was bigger than the bachelor suite we lived in one time.
In it there was a full sized bed, a TV and VCR, yes that’s how long ago this was.

There was a fridge and even a clothing rack for all our clothes.
We were the only people ever to be allowed to have a spot on the beach in a tent during the summer months cause we even planted a garden and even laid sod.
The people who owned the place loved us.
That dream may have ended, but we always talked about moving back to Kelowna one day.
I moved there years later and it changed my life once again.
Matt would call me and tell me how happy he was that at least one of us got to go back.
I thanked him for the finding the most beautiful place in the world with me.
Matt was really one of a kind.
Matt loved to make people laugh.

Made me laugh so hard all the time my cheeks and gut would hurt so bad I would cry.
We would come up with the most random nicknames for each other.

Most of the time he would call me Borax. Yes after the cleaning agent. He found it hilarious that I used it. So that was my nickname forever.
I called him BSL. For big salami lips. Man did he love stinky meat!
Matt loved to dance.

He didn’t care where he was, if a song he liked came on, the moves came out.

We would go dancing for hours upon hours and I hated to admit it, but he was a much better dancer than I.
Even to this day I will listen to a new song and think I bet a 100 bucks Matt loves this song and is dancing to it.
Matt loved to work hard.

He didn’t care if he even made a dime, he worked his ass off at everything he did.
He would work until his arms were numb and would call me crying.

But he would always get his ass to work the very next day till they were numb again.
And what I remember the most about Matt is that he loved to eat.

I have still to this day never heard anyone say they were hungry as much as that man!

He would eat the biggest meal ever, enough for 2 or 3 people sometimes and 10 minutes later say he was hungry.

It amazed me where he put all that food.
When Cassidy came out with the song back in the day called “I’m hungry”, that was his theme song.

He would say that song was written for him and would stomp around saying I’m hungry! I’m hungry!
I would just roll my eyes, knowing he probably actually was hungry.
It’s been years since I talked to Matt but we would talk on Facebook even up till late last year.
One of the last times he messaged me was to tell me he never thought he would find someone he loved as much as me. But he met a woman and her name was Sandy and that he was so very happy like we were a long time ago.
I was happy for him too.
All I ever wanted was for him was to be truly happy and free.
But sometimes in this life you have to love someone so much that you have to let them go.
And that’s what this world did to Matthew Leroux.
It let him go of all the pain, but most of all, it let him go of all the people that loved him so much.
May he now finally be in peace.
I hope I see you again one day BSL.

When we are both cats.

My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

We really lost someone special when we lost Matthew.

Karoline Freund

Our family would like to send our condolences Big hugs and love. Karoline, Darcy and Katrina ❤️❤️

Roy & Wilma McKay

We are sending you loving thoughts and prayers. May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Bethanne O’Neil

Matthew was a remarkable individual. He was smarter than I suspect he ever gave himself credit for and, even while troubled by depression later in life, he had the capacity to love his mom, and his girlfriend with a rare kind of depth, not to mention his family in general. There was so much potential in this young man that emerged only briefly, and only occasionally, before the mental illness that went largely untreated, took over and shut it down. I will always remember Matthew for what could have been and for the man he was, beyond the addiction and mental illnesses. He was truly someone who was very special, very loved and will be very missed.

Lorrie Jegen

Just thinking of Mathew as a little boy puts a smile on my face. He was child who tested the limits. Andrew, Chris, Geoff and Mathew all tested the limits! He kept his mom on her toes. I’m 100% sure he is on a wonderful journey where he is now.

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