Mary Theresa Grywacheski



On April 10, 2016, we said the hardest of goodbyes to Mary Grywacheski. She spent her final hours wrapped in the love of her family. Mary was a practical, hard-working woman who still found time to enjoy life. She loved music and dancing (passions shared with her late husband, Ron). Children, and then grandchildren, were scooped into her strong arms for a twirl around the kitchen when a good song came on the radio – which was always tuned to CFCW. Mary had a talent for making folks feel welcome; she was “second Mom” to a surprising number of people. She enjoyed several deep, enduring friendships but easily made new ones: from the people she encountered on her daily power-walks to the nurses who cared for her in the hospital. Mary loved her family with a quiet ferocity that could be clearly seen, for example, when she spoke of her grandsons. That love lives always in our hearts. Mary is survived by her children, Rhonda (Mike), Spencer (Denise) and Joanne (Ray); her cherished grandsons, Jeremy, Curtis, Clayton and Matthew; and a large extended family.
Funeral Service will be held on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 11:00 am at St. Dominic Savio, 14406 – 62 Street, Edmonton, Alberta.

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