Mary Kurian


With deep sense of loss, our family announces the passing of our mother, grandmother and great-grandmother Mary Kurian on January 17, 2015 at the age of 90. Mary is survived by her children: George (Leela), Nirmala (Rajiv) and Daince (Shyla), grandchildren: Lisa, Emma, Joseph, Daniel and George, and brother MD Mathew (Pennamma). She was predeceased by her husband PV Kurian, Pallipeedikayil, Kozhencheri.

A Viewing and Funeral Service will begin at 10:00 am on Saturday, January 24, 2015 at Zion Apostolic Ministries Intl (Calvary Community Church), 8704 Mill Woods Rd NW, Edmonton. Interment to follow at Rosehill Cemetery.

Memorial donations in Mary’s honour may be made to ZAMIE Church or Edmonton Food Bank.

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George Kurian

The day of the funeral was a special day for us, spent in the company of Mummy’s surviving brother M D Mathews in India.
Her steadfast love for the Lord Jesus Christ was evident in her life of unceasing prayer. This love has touched each one of of us who has come in contact with Mummy and this has been her legacy.

Georgey and Leela

Joseph Kurian

Words of Remembrance I

Our Grandmother said that I am the first and the best grandson. Indeed I was the first of us to be raised by her; and in terms of being the best, I know I was the greatest challenge. I am truly blessed to have my Grandmother as a parent, and I am who I am today because of my upbringing. I am glad to share her with my cousins Daniel and George.
As we remember her today, we know that she is free. She is no longer confined by the continuums of time or space. The memories we have are timeless, and everything she has shown us will continue to guide us.

My grandmother is a woman of faith. She is a woman of action and a representation of a prayer warrior over the course of 90 years. She would always tell us, “Read your Bible and pray every morning and every night”. She taught us that hard work would help us attain whatever we wanted in life-and also that all that hard work would amount to nothing without a foundation in Christ. For as long as I can remember she has been there for me, and even now, I know that when I see her again, she’ll give me a status update.

George and I call our Grandmother “Mummy”. For as long as I can remember, she has looked after us. She was with us as we grew up. While our parents were at work, she would take care of us. She taught us that our first priority should be God. It was grandma who first introduced me to the concept of accepting Christ as my Saviour. She taught me the importance of putting God first and defined for me what I need to accomplish in this life. Family came next, and then our grades in school. When we needed help with homework, she taught us. She wanted us to excel in our futures. She always prayed for us to succeed. In her life, she put God first. She put family next, and as far as success goes… Look at the family that she has raised. I know she is with God at this very moment, still looking after us.

Joseph Kurian

Words of Remembrance II

I remember Grandma would frequently visit after Daniel and George stole her from us. Together we would read the Bible and pray every day. One night, as we were sitting down to pray, our dog Claudius quietly came and sat next to us. My Mom went to shoo him away, but Grandma stopped her. She said that he is God’s creation too and we should not stop him if he wants to join. Claudius continued to join us during our family prayer until he passed away in 2010, and I know that he was the first to greet my Grandma at Heaven’s gate.

I remember the first time we visited grandma in the nursing home. She told me that she wanted to live for two more years. She was not a materialistic person. Although it seems normal to pray for long life, it was the last thing on Mummy’s agenda. Whenever we came to visit her after then, she would insist we take whatever belongings she had in her room because she would not be there the next time we came to visit – she would be in heaven. Although today we mourn the loss of a great woman, we are joyous to know that after almost a century of unwavering faith and devotion, she has joined her Father in heaven.

I learned investment from my Dad.
I learned argument from my Mom.
I learned the Power of Faith from my Grandma.
My Grandmother taught me how to pray by instruction and by example. She would pray for my success in school as well as for my future wife. As one of her visits drew to an end, we were on the way to the airport to drop her off. I prayed the whole way there that she would stay, and when we arrived the flight was cancelled. I got an extra day with my Grandma. Later as I visited her, she would ask if I remembered that day. I have prayed for more days with her, and have been fortunate to share my engagement with her and introduce her to my wife Cynthia.

There are many fond memories we share with my grandmother. I remember curling up in bed beside her and hiding behind her when my brother chased me around the house. I remember teaming up with Joseph and picking on Daniel and Grandma’s inevitable rage that followed. We all remember our personal tutoring lessons and her stories of how she had taught herself English at the back of her children’s classes. We remember her recounting personal experiences, ranging from killing snakes to encountering angels. Grandma has lived a long and blessed life with us. We hope to live up to her legacy, that her legacy may live on through us.

Tigi Thomas

I have met Mummy only once but have talked to her numerous times on the phone. Back in 1996, during some very troubling times, I called to talk to Shylamama or Daincechayan but got Mummy. In ver clear and few words , she told me ” Mole, you get on your knees and pray and God will give you the answers”. Well, that was what I needed to do but didn’t want to hear. The reminder has helped me during the years. During this time, our prayers are with all of you. Sincere condolences- Tigi


TSAbraham purchased the “Peaceful White Lilies Basket” for the family of Mary Kurian.


I remember seeing your mother when we visited you home. We will cherish your mother’s memory. Cherish her memory and hope for that day ” May God give you comfort and peace”. TS & Omana

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