MAJEAU, Lloyd Luke


It is with great sadness that the family of Lloyd Majeau announce his passing on July 11th, at the age of 87. He passed peacefully while holding his wife’s hand.

Born Villeneuve, September 24, 1932 to Luke and Linnea Majeau. He is survived by wife Gill; sons: Jean-Luc, William, Kevin (Jess), and Lloyd Jr.; Grandchildren: Keaton, Christopher, Angelina, and Josephine. Brothers Harvey (Joan) and Brian. Sister Linda (Greg) as well as many cousins and nieces.

Predeceased by Sr. Shirley FCJ.

Funeral Mass to be held at St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Villeneuve on Saturday, July 18th at 1pm. Rev. Mahesh Rathinasamy SAC. Burial to follow in Church Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, please send donations to your charity of choice. Due to COVID-19 a private family funeral will take place the following is a link to view the Service:

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Boris and Susan Boyko

We are sorry for your loss. It is never easy to lose a loved one. We will always remember Lloyd being at the Scalzo’s family functions. His absence will surely be felt . We are here online to support you at your time of loss. Boris and Susan.

William Majeau

I would like to share a memory that never fails to crack up the family.
Roughly 40 years ago, after a particularly heavy thunder storm, the we were heading home from edmonton, westbound along 137th ave just before the turn off to the Leon’s/Drive In. The heavy rain had pooled in the intersection and had already claimed a stalled car partially blocking our right lane and half of the intersection. The car was sitting in what appeared to be at least one foot of water and had its hood raised as we approached it from behind. Now, I can’t say if Dad decided to speed up as he merged into the left lane because he was afraid of sharing the same fate as the water logged Lincoln or his inner child convinced him to splash in the inviting puddle but I do remember the roar of the engine and the 3/4 ton crew cab surging forward.
Now, I seem to remember Mom uttering an exasperated ” Lloyd…” before we hit the edge but this could just be a figment of my memory. Even if it was real, it mattered naught be cause we were committed at that moment.
As the truck tore into the water, creating beautiful arcing waves on both sides, towering over both vehicles. As we came abreast of the soggy sedan, we looked over and observed a very wet, very surprised car owner looking back at us from under the hood, just as the wall of water began to block out the light.
Now, my father was a very friendly, compassionate man, and I am certain the thought to turn around a help the stranded motorist had crossed his mind, as he had done many times before this unfortunate incident, but I can only assume the Lord himself must have whispered to him:
” OH… Oh my. Um … No. He is pissed! You better keep going.”
I can assure you that when ever this story is told around the table that we still feel sorry for that poor soul. I can only assume that at some point shortly before our arrival, he must have a,ngrily cried out to heaven :
“God, is there any way this day could get any worse?!?”

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