It is with hearts full of sadness we announce the passing of Eric Dion Lowe on March 2, 2019.  A free spirit, constrained by the limits set by this world, he is now free to be joyful and dance, sing and play bass to his heart’s content for his Saviour Jesus.  A proud Alberta boy, Dion was born in Peace River where he became a musician and spent his earlier years travelling the country with his bands Strutt and Hangdogs.  He formed a trail of friends across Canada and into the States because music, like Dion, knows no boundaries.  As a young adult, he settled into Edmonton and area eventually choosing Leduc as a home.  He spent many years working as a dispatcher for several long-haul trucking companies and made an impact on many of the lives he touched during that time.  Dion lived life to the fullest and had the gift of always being “in the moment”.  He was giving of his time, his words, his gifts, and his friends knew that whatever he had was freely theirs as well.  If he had taken a life motto, it would have been “How much is enough?…Just a little bit more.”  He loved his family above all else and the world is a dimmer place with the loss of Dion’s light.

He is survived by his wife of 21 years, Lorna Lowe; his sons Lindsay (wife Kristian) and Eric, brother Darren, mother Beverly, and his beloved cats.  Also continuing on after his loss are Al and Sarah, Brock, Darryl and Michelle, who are friends that became family.

Dion’s Funeral Service will be held on Saturday, March 9, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. with public viewing from 1:00 – 2:30 at the Leduc Alliance Church, 5503 Black Gold Drive, Leduc, AB.  His wish was to be buried at Little Prairie Cemetery, Nampa, AB alongside his grandparents.  This will take place on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 2:30 p.m. with a short graveside service.


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5503 Black Gold Drive Leduc AB T9E 8C CA

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Tricia LaLonde

Lorna just called and shared the news. Please accept our condolences. We have alot of clients. Dion always stood out with his good sense of humour and easy going style. Lorna, so sorry for your loss and wish we could do more.

Darryl Machan

This news was met with sadness. Its been so many years, but Dion and I were school mates that had some “mischievous” times. Sending my condolences to his family and our fellow PR High school mates who will remember Dion.

Donna Tona

I knew Lorna way before I knew Dion. We live quite close to Lorna and Dion and walking to the firepit nights was quick…walking home took a bit longer.

Dion couldn’t just make a nice fire or a city fire…nope! He would use pallets but drag them onto the fire as they burned down…logs? Yup but not chopped or split. Just put one end on the fire and keep adjusting the entire tree as it burnt!

One night around the fire Dion and I were talking about music. I told him I was a certified piano teacher and he indicated he played bass and was in many bands etc. I shared my concert band…as I played sax too…my dance band experience and teaching piano. He was quiet for a bit and he asked me, “do you know which song has one of the most difficult bass lines?” Without hesitation I said yup easy! Earth Wind Fire..September…it has a syncopated beat that is tough. Dion looked at me and said exactly! I still am working on it. I said well to master it you have to get into the head of the bassist who plays it because he broke all the rules of music theory. We chatted on facebook for a bit after that and it was fun talking music.

I was so thrilled when Dion and the guys played at the 2016 Summer Games opening ceremonies debuting their song for the kids. They were rocking…the kids were rocking and my favourite picture of Dion was him playing stage front…eyes closed…engulfed in the contentment of the music.

When I learned Dion had died my first thought was now he will master that bass line……what a character!!!!!

Sally Towers-Sybblis

Dion made me a better person even at 10 years of age. We were both in the same grade 5 class at Centre Street Elementary School in Peace River. We had Mrs. Palmer as our teacher. We were both good students and Dion constantly raised the bar for me to get even better grades! He gave me drive because we were always in competition against each other. Thank you Dion. See you on the other side.❤️

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