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On March 28, 2020, John Loveridge, incredibly loved husband, father of two daughters and numerous of their friends who referred to him as “dad” or the dad they never had, beloved family member and friend – one of the best and most awesome men in our lives, left us suddenly and unexpectedly.  He always got what he wanted you see – John always said he didn’t want to suffer in old age, and so therefore, he didn’t! Just minutes prior to leaving us, he had completed a welding project for a friend in his shop (‘cuz Johnny always finishes what he starts). And then he was tired, and decided it was time to go.

On September 17, 1943, our star was born in the small town of Melville, Saskatchewan – he was the baby of the family in a lineup of 8 children, born to parents Cecil & Alma Loveridge, and grew up on a farm, well accustomed to what it meant to work hard for a living.  John met his wife, Judy, when he was a young man, and the two married on October 10, 1964 – celebrating over 55 years of marriage and modelling for us all the true meaning and value behind the wedding vows that he and Judy had taken.  In 1967, the first daughter, Lorelei, was born, and in 1970, the second, Tracy, joined the family.

John tirelessly worked for many years as a welder until his retirement, providing the very best life and home for his family.  He loved fiercely, laughed heartily and always had a silly joke or a crazy, funny story to tell. John made friends everywhere he went and was loved by pretty much everyone who met him.  He was a great dancer, proving his talents with Judy on many a dance floor over the years.  He loved to play guitar and sing, and did so pretty much all his life (and, man, was he good!).  During his last 5 retirement years, John enjoyed working in his shop, completing odds and ends welding projects for friends he had met along the way.  John must have been somewhat bored following retirement, for he loved to torture his wife and daughters with his crazy character and constant chatter.  We loved him so very much and he will be missed to no end, and never forgotten.

John , or Johnny, as some would call him, is survived by his loving wife, Judy, two daughters, Lorelei and Tracy, his pup, Bingo (who is a complete daddy’s boy!), as well as hundreds of family and friends who will keep his memory alive!  He was loved and will be missed by all who had the privilege and pleasure of knowing him!

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Brad Wilkinson

Brad Wilkinson
Rarely in life do we meet someone for the first time and know for sure what grit they are made of, The first time I met John I knew his humour his heart and his character, God bless him for leaving his mark on this earth. May he Rest In Peace.

Darlene Sarazin

Hey Judy…
Do you remember the day you were sitting behind the desk at the Car Wash, crocheting doilies, and I just announced that John was here? He came around the corner with enough energy to light my house and started his play by play of how his week had gone.

As a fairly new employee, I quickly discovered that I was invited to all things “Loveridge” and man did I LOVE IT!

My favorite all time memory was on that very day. Things had slowed down a bit (not really that much) when John pulled me aside and said…..”Here, Darlene take a look at this” He handed me a piece of paper. It was a pay cheque. I glanced at it and handed it back. “I think you should take another look, here, go on” John said.

So I took it and suddenly questioned my vision. I looked up at him. Looked back down, Looked up and just starred at him. He began laughing. Here’s me “deer in the headlights” sort of stance and there’s him, laughing hysterically. What’s funnier is that the cheque was not for me but for him. It was the biggest cheque I had ever seen.

“Darlene, that’s for a month of work”……..

Apparently my response to that comment was enough to give John the biggest laugh I had ever seen him have, with tears and all. I though for sure he was going to pee himself.

I miss you John,
Love Darlene


Although I never met John, I met Lorelie many years ago and feel blessed to be considered her friend. She often spoke of the kindness, love and support her father, and mother gave her. I know that she loves her father dearly and respects him highly. I am so very sorry for your family’s loss and my condolences also to those who knew and love John. May he be at peace.

robert wurts

Very Sad to hear the passing of cousin John. He would drop
in @my work place out of the blue every once in awhile
to say Hi and to find out if there was any news about others
in the extended family. God bless him. Our prayers go
out to Judy and daughters as well as his remaining brothers and sister.

Jean Sasson

Although I did not have the pleasure of personally knowing this fine man John Loveridge, I ‘met him’ through his daughter Lorelei whom I have followed and come to respect and admire over FB. I must say I felt a great pang of sorrow when I learned that John had decided to leave this earth. I can tell from the enormous pain suffered by his daughter Lorelei that this was a very special man in every way – a wonderful husband and father. I am sorry I never got to know him. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family.

Nancy Loveridge

Uncle John and Aunt Judy always have had a family pet. One day uncle John brought home a dog, that was too be put down the next day. Uncle John’s big heart could not leave that dog there, so he brought her home even though he knew, she was not the fit for the family. Eventually she became our family pet and the best dog we could have ever had. He knew she would fit somewhere. That big heart was inherited by his daughter, who can’t seem too pass up an animal in need, God bless. Lori, I remember when we were little, watching you struggling to hold that big guitar on your lap, wanting so badly too play. Uncle John’s ability to play shines through you always, God bless. I will never forget kareokeing with friends, my Dad and uncle John. Fun times. Also when I was living in Calgary, uncle John was working close by, and came to my aid when I was in need. What an Uncle, God bless.
Uncle John, your truly a blessing to us all. God bless your journey ❤

Wade Ashton

Such sad news. I met Mr Loveridge through Daughter Tracy. I can count the number of times our paths crossed but I know there was none like him. Hard working to care for the family he loved. My admiration and respect grew each time I would see him. He always had a smile and was good to his core. Quick to offer help and advice if you asked. I liked him the moment I met him and that doesnt ever happen. I wish I had spent more time in his company. My condolences to the Loveridges. With the wonderful memories he has given you, he is with you always. God bless you all

Val Kushniruk

Uncle John , you will truly be missed. I will miss your unique laugh and your adventures of making a million. I remember your trailer full of plant pots from Mexico? lined up along your driveway. I believe I still have a pot or two. You’ll be forever in my memories and bring a smile to my face when I think of you. My thoughts and prayers to Aunt Judy, Tracy & Lori that as time passes your sorrow will heal with your memories. Take care. Love you all. Val

Jeremy mckain

John always had a smile on his face and his laugh was unmistakable . I will miss his phone calls in the truck checking on his daughter. The world got a bit darker but heaven got a good one .

Kevin Pydde

As mentioned earlier – I had a tumultuous relationship with Tracy’s dad. To be honest, at first he hated me. (Because I was dating his daughter)
Over time, my good nature 😉 must have won him over, for he turned a corner and while maybe not liking me, he at least accepted me dating his daughter. I must say though – once me and Tracy broke up, we were still friends and whenever I came around, he was more than nice then. I guess he was always the protective father.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Tracy and Lorelei’s Dad. He will be missed by all I am sure.
(My uncle Allen Pydde also send his condolences, he worked beside John for many years and he spoke highly of him as well)

As always Tracy, you are in my prayers – you, and your Mom and Sister too. God Bless

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