Lewis, Samuel Allen

Samuel Allen Lewis July 6, 1980 – April 23,2021

This is not a standard obituary because Samuel was not a standard kind of guy.
He grew out an award-winning mullet in 2021. From feeding the crows to bribing the kids with grapes, Samuel always had his own way of doing things. Although he was not religious, he was a confirmed contrarian. Of his decade-long surveying career, his coworkers noted that “He surveyed as a gazelle, gracefully charged through the thickets and bush determined to get the precise shot. No bush too thick, no stream too wide or deep to intimidate.” Samuel loved his job and deeply respected his coworkers.
Music has been a huge part of Samuel’s life. Whether showing off for friends during Rock Band, playing in a garage metal band, wooing his wife-to-be, being proposed to, entertaining his children, Samuel and music always had a close relationship.
He loved sports and many fun nights were had watching hockey on the tv or out at football games with friends. Samuel was an animal lover, and you could always find his (famously stand-offish) cat Sanura by his side. Samuel was very outdoorsy, and he instilled that same spirit in his children. The boys would frequently work with him on projects in the yard, creating and building.
Samuel grew up in the beautiful rainforest of Prince Rupert BC with his devoted mother Linda and his older brother Dane. He left prince Rupert at the tender age of 18yrs. Although Samuel left the forest, the forest never left him. Camping was always great fun – feeding wildlife, playing at the beach with the boys, teaching Rowan to set up the tent.
Samuel was never a conformist, and his friends could relate to his dark humor. Conversations with him never went as expected. Samuel was the life of the party and influenced everyone he met.
Samuel leaves behind his wife Andrea and his two beautiful boys Rowan and Elwood whom he loved very much.

“Dad is the name of God on the lips and hearts of little boys.”

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Carrie & Bill Simard

Samuel….the little toe-headed boy who captured our hearts. His presence in our family for much of his childhood was joyous and filled with surprises. What a joy he was….
With such sorrow, we send our sympathy to you Linda & Dane. So, so sorry….
Carrie & Bill

Don Lewycky

My deepest condolences to all the family and friends of Sam. I’ll always remember him for his good humor and easy laugh. It was a pleasure to have worked with him over the years and he will be missed.

Penny Krause

My son and I met Samuel before he was even able to walk. He was super gorgeous and had a temperment like nobody I’ve met since. He was gorgeous and he knew it. No matter where he was, people would try their hardest to get a smile from the good looking little boy, nursing lovingly on his “suckie”, and grimacing at all those who just wanted to see this little boy smile. Samuel will be in our hearts forever. All our thoughts are with his family.

Rhonda Moisan

I have wonderful memories of Sam over the years. Bike rides, Frisbee golf, rock band, football parties…. I loved how Sam would roll all over the floor while playing guitar at rock band! He always made me laugh. Thank you for the memories friend.

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