Kurt Remus


October 20, 1949 – November 5, 2015

Peacefully, on November 5, 2015 Kurt went to his eternal home.

Kurt was predeceased by his father, Paul in 1954 and mother, Ruth (Wojda) in 2010.
He will be sadly missed by extended family and a host of friends.

A Visitation will be held on Sunday November 15, 2015 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Serenity Funeral Service, 5311 – 91 Street NW, Edmonton, AB. The Interment will be at 10:00 am on Monday, November 16, 2015 at South Haven, 5004 Meridian Street NW, Edmonton, AB. Memorial Service to follow at 1:00 pm at Central Baptist Church, 9419-95 Street NW, Edmonton, AB.

As an expression of sympathy, memorial donations may be made in Kurt’s name to the Palliative Care Unit, St Joseph’s Auxiliary Hospital, where the staff provided a compassionate and caring environment during his stay there.

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Ken Hawrylak

I met Kurt around 25 years ago when I started to attend Central Baptist Church (the church Kurt went to since he was a child). Within a few years, I became one of the people that he’d regularly go out for supper with. I was also introduced to coffee shops (Second Cup, Starbucks) by Kurt as having coffee and reading the newspaper at coffee shops was an almost daily routine for him since the latter half of the 1990s.

In addition to meeting some of the people that Kurt befriended at coffee shops, I also got to know a number of people who were in Kurt’s circle of friends that he primarily met via church activities over the course of his life. The latter group of friends were part of various social functions (Christmas meals, summer barbeques, etc.) that he would organize and after I’d known Kurt for a few years I became one of the people he’d regularly invite to those functions.

Kurt, thanks for the many good conversations over coffee and memories made over the years. Your close friendship and hospitality will be deeply missed.

Ken Hawrylak

Wayne Faszer

Kurt was a very good friend whom I have know for over 40 years from Central Baptist Church. He introduced me to his favorite hobby, going out for coffee. Over these coffee sessions we had many interesting visits and discussions. After I moved to Vancouver we still kept in touch. I will miss him.

Wayne Faszer

Linda Der

Kurt and I were part of the after Sunday service singles lunch crowd for the last few years. He always had a Biblical and lively perspective on our many conversations. I will miss seeing him at church. Till we meet again in heaven at our Savior’s side.

wayne penner

Kurt and I have enjoyed our friendship for many years. We met through a mutual friend in the 80’s and our friendship has endured for over 30 years.
Kurt had the gift of hospitality and had hosted many social events. Through Kurt I made many other friends.
Kurt and I would get together on a weekly basis over the years. Fridays were an evening of having supper and enjoying copious cups of coffee while catching up on our week, talking about the latest news and, of course, how we could beat the stock market.
As the years passed, coffee shop chains appeared on the scene. So, our Friday evening evolved to supper, then off to The Second Cup or Starbuck’s for a couple of hours of socializing, reading, and enjoying each others company.
And, I am sure Kurt had many special times with his many other friends.
He will be dearly missed by all of us.
Wayne and Sheila Penner


Kurt was our friend and next door neighbour for 16 years. When we first arrived in Edmonton, a little bewildered and culture shocked, it was him who welcomed us to the neighbourhood and put us at ease. He was a bottomless source of local history, gossip and strongly held opinions, which he was always willing to share and which enlivened many a meal on a dark winter’s night. We disagreed on many things, especially politics, but our debates were always conducted with intelligence, good humour and civility. Never once did we end an evening feeling as if our views had not been well considered, even if they were not accepted.
Kurt was not a man to wear his emotions on his sleeve, but he had other ways of showing how much he cared and he did so regularly. We never once doubted that if we needed help or advice that he was the man to turn to. He was a kind, but always firm ‘uncle’ to our daughter, Aysha, who looked up to him and still does to this day.
Kurt loved his gardening and was good humoured about our own pathetic horticultural efforts. One could always count on walking out of the front door to be greeted by Kurt pottering in his garden and drawing maps of his flower bed, a practice completely mystifying to us. A good long conversation would inevitably follow in which we would put the world to rights. We will miss those moments above all else.
Kurt was an uncomplicated and direct man of strongly held beliefs and principles. One always knew where one stood with him. It was a trait we both admired and strove to emulate. In sixteen years, we had many a disagreement, but never an unkind word between us. If that is not friendship, we don’t know what is.
His house will always be referred to by us as ‘Kurt’s House’, no matter how many future occupants it may hold and we’re afraid those newcomers will just have to tolerate it. He will always have a place in our hearts and our memories and we will always find ourselves peering out of our front window from time to time and expecting to see him mapping out his tulips and cursing the bare patch in which nothing ever grew. In those moments, as now, we will miss him terribly.
Rest in peace, dear friend and may we meet again some day in some better place, wherever that may be.


My deepest sympathies to the family of Kurt. I have not seen Kurt for many years since I moved to the Vancouver area in 1984, but my greatest memories of Kurt were the intelligent and thought provoking discussions we had after Bible studies we attended in Leduc at Pauls house. He loved the Bible. I’m sorry to hear of his passing.


Uncle Kurt, there are only a handful of people in my life who I’ve known for what I consider to be my whole life. You definitely were one of that handful. I’ll always remember you for what you were: more than a wonderful neighbour, a great friend, and a person with a huge heart- you were practically family to me.

As a little girl I didn’t have too many little friends in Rossdale, so often I would be spending time with you, or to Auntie Janice and Uncle Stewart across the street. I remember a few summer days where I would volunteer to come weed your garden and you would come out smiling with a treat for me as a reward. I remember the first time you came out with a bowl of Napolitan ice cream and invited me into your house. It was the first time I’d ever been inside and I felt so proud that I’d finally been invited in. I’ll always remember that memory.

The last time I was in Edmonton, I was so happy to see everyone again at the BBQ at our place. It was the first time I could be one of the “adults” (even though of course nobody would let me forget I was still the kiddo in the situation) and it was so nice to be able to talk to you about my studies and adventures in Europe and of course to be updated on Rossdale gossip. Laurent also really enjoyed meeting you and I’m so happy he got the chance to. That same trip you brought us to Fort Edmonton Park and even paid our way in and gave us spending money even though you didn’t come in with us (I can understand a history teacher not wanting to go to FEP for the thousandth time). You were so selfless and caring, and the more I think about it, the more little memories I stumble upon that reflect that.

When a card arrived with my parents for my bachelor graduation this past June, I read it and thought to myself how nice it would be to see you again next summer and to thank you for the well wishes and to update each other again on how things had been in our respective homes. I’m so sad that will never be. You didn’t want to tell me until late stage that you were ill so it all came quite suddenly. Of course I understand that you didn’t want me to worry about you during my preparation and as I celebrated with my family, and that is again typical of your selfless ways. A part of me wishes I had more time to prepare, but I thank you for your selflessness.

Towards the very end I had the chance to skype with you a few times and talk like we used to about the weather and school and Edmonton. It was horrible to see you stuck inside. I like to think of you in the sun, working in the garden. That’s the Uncle Kurt that will be in my heart and my head forever.

RIP to my wonderful neighbour, friend, family, and to a piece of my childhood.

Janice Brewer

Uncle Kurt, I will miss you, our garden chats and our friendship. RIP my friend and neighbour – Auntie Janice

Ralph McGaughey

“Never met Kurt in person. We met in a chat room and later would often speak on the phone. He taught me a lot about Canadian politics and I reciprocated to a lesser degree on American politics. He was perceptive and intelligent. I shall miss his insights and pleasant persona.” Ralph

Eleanor Kagan

My deepest sympathy to the family. I knew Kurt as a neighbour when I lived in Rossdale for eight years. He was a kind and gracious neighbour to many of us – proud of his flowers and garden and a great cook and host. He was a wonderful son and took care of his Mother when she needed him the most. I continued to see him from time to time at his favourite coffee shop which is close by to where I now live. He loved to spend a daily couple of hours there, sipping coffe, reading his newspaper in his cherised leather arm chair and happily chatting with all the folks who stopped by to say hello. We often enjoyed a talk and I will miss him. You were a good man, Kurt Remus, and I will remember you and your intelligence, your wry sense of humour and your many kindnesses. May you rest in peace. Eleanor Kagan


Kurt was mostly always willing to go out for coffee and a meal after church. He was a good conversationalist that was willing to tell a story or two on the topic at hand. Very friendly and warm to talk and discuss issues with. I and Starbucks will miss him.
Doug H

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