Karen Marie Finnigan


Karen Marie Finnigan

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Karen Marie Finnigan whose greatest love was that of her family. She will forever be in our hearts. Karen is predeceased by her parents Isabella & Sydney Finnigan, a brother Kenneth Ivan Finnigan, a son Lyle Wayne Miller, and a Grandaughter Jennifer Lynn Ginter. She is survived and loved by her siblings : David Leslie Finnigan, Margaret Elaine Neilson, Sylvia Ruth Hannaford, Brian George Finnigan. She is also survived and treasured by her children: Katherine Gail Miller, Wesley Alan, Christine Lee. Her grandchildren: Shannon Marie Miller, Lisa Dawn Miller, Darryl Richard Ginter, Amanda Lee Ginter. Her great grandchildren : Kayla Dawn Fedun, Haleigh Marie Victoria Harper-Miller, Austin Wesley Borschowa, Devin Lloyd Borschowa, Noah Gordon Owen, Eva Christine Ginter, Elizabeth Jessica Lee Courtoreille. Karen also has numerous nieces, nephews, cousins who miss her deeply and friends who will cherish her always, infact anyone who knew her knew just how wonderfully special she truly was.

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Brent Nielsen

My cherished memory of my Aunt Karen is her sense of humour. No matter what was going on in her life either good or bad, her dry wit and sense of humour was always there. Even sick in the hospital there she was trying to make people smile and laugh. You are an inspiration to me, facing life’s challenges with a don’t mess with me attitude and a wit and candor. Your strength will never be forgotten. I already miss that unmistaken laugh. I love you Auntie Karen


My sister loved babies babies and she loved to laugh and tease especially me. When we were young she used to make me walk on the other side of the street so she could keep her street cred.just this Sept 26 her birthday we were sitting in a nice restaurant with Ken,Brian,Wes she was joking and laughing and eating and teasing me.She loved Xmas and family gatherings.
I’m missing her now.

Love big sis Margaret

Denise Anderson

Auntie Karen was a big part of my childhood. Every Christmas the Finnigan clan would get together, and I always cherished the time spent with my cousins Kathy, Wes, Lyle, and Chrissy. I remember how Karen loved to eat the skin off the turkey and the crispy rind of a ham. She loved raw onion sandwiches, which still repulses me. Her signature look was a dark pair of slacks and a crisp white blouse. She could laugh at anything and her sparkling blue eyes lit up the entire room. Despite her short statue, she could hold her ground against even the rudest 7 Eleven derelicts.
Over the past several years it has saddened me that I didn’t stay in touch as much as I should have. I was so grateful however to able to have visited her while she was in hospital. Even then despite her immense pain, she still managed a smile and a laugh. Her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were truly the love of her life. You guys did such a great job caring for her and being there during her courageous battle. Auntie Karen you will be forever missed and have left yet another hole in our family, but I am so grateful you are no longer suffering and in pain but with Grandma, Grandpa, Ken, Lyle and Jennifer in heaven.

Candice Seeger

In all of my memories of my Auntie Karen, her laughter figures most prominently. You never had to ask if Karen had arrived…you just listened for her laugh. She seemed to be able to laugh through anything. She was as tough as nails and I never heard her complain about anything that life tossed her way. An inspiration to us all. My heart breaks for those who have lost a wonderful mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, great-grandmother and best friend.

Lisa Miller

When the pastor at my grandmothers service asked me to choose 2 words that best described my gramms.. I was speechless at first. How can one choose just 2 words to describe the love and adoration I feel for her, the gratitude I feel for the countless sacrifices she made to ensure I would be okay, the wisdom and knowledge that guided me to try and be the best mom that I can be, the humility to accept my faults and weaknesses and learn from my mistakes. Her “no bullshit required” attitude towards life that seemed harsh but wasn’t at all how it sounds. Anyone who knew my Gramms knew her voracious spirit, her quick wit, her innate ability to tell it like it was no matter the situation.. She loved unconditionally with her whole heart and I never doubted it for a moment, and we all knew that once Gramms opened her heart to you, she would hold you there forever. I love you Gramms… I will miss you every single day.. I would not be the person I am today if not for you..Thank-you Gramms and I promise I’ll do good!!

Katherine Gail Miller

Apart from the many many things that mom did for me over the years, including helping me to raise my children alone, there is one memory that will forever stand out in my heart. A few years ago when I became ill, and spent a year and a half in and out of the hospital, mom would spend 2 to 3 hours every day on the transit to come and visit me. When often times I was so sick I didn’t want to go on, she would tell me that no matter how hard it is I needed to go on for my kids and especially my grandkids. Mom, I hope you knew beyond the thank you’s, how deeply moved and loved I felt because of your selfless sacrifice when I needed you near me. I love you so much Mom and I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you proud of me. Your daughter Kathy

Betty Bourne

Karen had a wonderful, sometimes wicked, sense of humor. No one enjoyed a good laugh more than Karen. Proud of her family, memories will live forever.

ken schroeder

When you think of Karen you can only think of her strength and resilience and her great laughter that got her through her many hard times, Her family was her greatest treasure she would of been so proud of how they took care of her in the last month, Her pain is over Rest in Peace Karen
Brian and Ken

Darryl Ginter

Every time I think of grandma I think of her no bs personality and her one of a kind laugh. Every time she was with family and friends she seemed truly happy and that laugh would always shine through. Truly a blessing to have had her in my life.

Wes Alan

My fondest memory of my mother is from September 1990 when I was faced with having cancer. mom put her life on hold and moved to Edmonton to take care of me.
that level of unconditional love, compassion & support was a gift I could never totally repay. I will always remember & value the life we built together over the last 24 years
Today I bid farewell to my best friend & mother and know in my heart we will be together again one day.

Love Alway’s Wesley Alan

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