KARASIUK, Karlin Alicia

It is with great sadness and much love from the family to announce that Alicia Karasiuk passed away on February 11th, 2021. She loved her parents, brother, sister in-law, nephew and niece, her precious cats, close friends, music, work, collection of art and books, and so much more. She was known in the community as Soulus for her music and photography.

Forever departed but never forgotten.


Serenity Funeral Service – South Edmonton, (780)450-0101

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Fred Moody

I was going through some of my old high school yearbooks today (July 25, 2022) and in the 1993 yearbook found a letter to me from Alicia thanking me for being her teacher. I thought I’d try and track her down and see how she was doing. I was shocked to find her obituary. We had a great rapport. She loved learning photography and graphic design and was of the most talented students I have ever had. We always talked about MJ who she loved. What a loss for her family and friends. She will always stand out as one of the nicest and most creative students I have taught.


My deepest sympathies to Alicia’s family. Although we have lost touch over the years, I have always remembered her friendship and kind nature.

Robert O’Keefe

Words can’t express the sadness I feel hearing of Alicia’s passing. A very long time ago, we were roommates for two years, and those were two of the most fun years I can remember, living with such a good friend. My condolences to all who knew and loved her.

Ray & Aline Karasiuk

Our deepest sympathy to Alicia’s family. She was taken far too young. She will be missed.

John Stropel

I am so very sorry to hear of Alicia’s passing. Memories of fun times at some gatherings in her presence, her very good sense of humor, her laugh, her smile. I had the opportunity to work with Alicia, for a while, such a beautiful person. My condolences to her family.


although it was a long time ago, the time we spent together, however brief, and my memories of you, may it be few, meant a lot to me and always will.
my condolences to alicia’s family and friends.


my condolences to alicia’s family, though we met a long time ago, i remember how you guys treated me very well and you’re very good people.
i met alicia in 1998, a friendship that blossomed to a meaningful but short relationship, she introduced to drum n bass and her passion to dj, her love of cats, horses, crispy ginger beef, art, taoism and space. though our time was brief and i’ve only seen her a few times since. after all these years, she always has a place in my heart.
goodbye alicia, you will be missed.


I’m sorry for your loss. Alicia was someone I looked up to, the older sister to my friend Darren. She will be missed.

Jason OhAces

Alicia was a beautiful soul. I never heard her speak an ill word of anyone. She was truly a good person, some people pretend to be good, she was deep down good and anyone who knew her was blessed with her friendship. She used to grace the decks at our Crown Pub Thursdays with her entrancing liquid vibes, one of the last to still carry a bag of vinyl records to the club like a true Junglist. She will be missed dearly.

Crystal Fraser

Sincere condolences to Alicia’s family, loved ones, friends, acquaintances,, & her cats, Luca & Bella. I’m sending much love, comfort, peace, and strength during this sad challenging time. I’m heartbroken.

Alicia and I met in about 2008/09 through the electronic music scene. She and her boyfriend at the time were photographers. Alicia and I hit it off right away. She was a loving supportive friend from the very beginning. An example of this was that although she didn’t know me that well yet, and she was there for me when my dad was dying of cancer and came to my his memorial when he passed in September of 2009. She and I were kindred spirits. I had lived in Japan and she had travelled there, we both loved it in so many ways!!! We shared a love of nature, dancing, music, art, photography and talking about life. She was a true caring kind helpful friend; we could be ourselves with each other without judgment; we were there for each other through good times and bad. We had fun and camped together at Astral Harvest, went to many music events together, and often just hung out at her place, drank tea and talked for hours. I went to grad school in 2013 and unfortunately didn’t get to see her as often, because I was so engrossed in working and studies; but we managed to stay in touch, go out and visit now and then. We stayed in touch when I moved away for job opportunities these past few years. I’m in BC now, and the last time we texted was on Christmas Day. On my birthday in September, she texted me a sweet birthday wish and checked in on me to see how things were going, as I had just relocated. ✨

Alicia was a compassionate loving sensitive creative soul. An awesome DJ, photographer, and graphic artist. Very authentic and down to earth. She kept it real. We were quite alike in many ways. We both are introverted but also loved to go out, chat, and dance with friends and acquaintances. We didn’t go out so much in recent years, but visited and kept in touch via phone. I was so blessed to have her for a friend all of these years, through so many twists and turns, ups and downs.

She loved her family very much. She often spoke of going camping and fishing with fam, and of visits with her brother, sister in law, niece and nephew. She enjoyed being at home with her cats, tending to her garden, which she enjoyed sharing with me when I visited. She liked to read and was lent me books. I’m so saddened that she is no longer here with us. She will forever live on in my heart and memories. She is a part of me. My spiritual sister. Again, sending light and love to all. ✨ Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email.


Jamie Jams

Alicia and I met many moons ago through a community music night that I hosted at the Crown Pub. We would book her to come and play her beautiful liquid drum and bass vinyl collection for us often and it was always such a pleasure to have her grace the decks. She was a very beautiful, talented and special soul and her smile and calm energy would light up the room, may her light shine on in the hearts of the many that she has touched. My deepest condolences to all her friends and family through these difficult times.

Here is a link to a copy of one of the DJ mixes that she did for us a few years back and I hope that it may bring some peace to those that listen as her memory lives on through one of her most cherished art forms:


Rest in paradise Soulus <3

Martin Baron

Alicia and I became friends during the several years that we worked together. The friendship continued after that period of time.
We used to chat frequently about our families, pets, weekend trips out of town, and hockey. Alicia was an avid hockey fan. We shared photo’s from various trips and family events. Alicia was a bird watcher and took some great photo’s.
Above all Alicia was a kind person and a good friend. I will miss her friendship.
God bless,
Martin Baron

Martin Baron

I worked with Alicia for several years at ABC Press. We became friends during that time and the friendship continued afterwards. Alicia and I would chat about our families, pets, yards and of course Oilers Hockey.
We shared pictures with each other on a regular basis of various trips and family events. Alicia was a bird watcher and had took some fantastic photographs.
Above all Alicia was a dear friend and a good soul. I will miss our chats and her friendship.
God bless,
Martin Baron

Michael Hoffmann

Pains me very much to learn of this. I have very fond memories. She will always have a very special place in my heart.

Julianna Barabas

My deepest and most heartfelt condolences to Alicia’s family and friends. I will never forget her laugh, her compassion and that special glint she could get in her eye… we are all robbed by this loss.

Rania Anderson

My condolences to all of her family and friends. She talked about her family every time I spoke to her. She loved you all very much. She was a real gem and I will miss her very much


I’m so sorry for your loss.. I only met Alicia a few times through Darren but recall her warmth and quirky soul. My condolences to your family. Take care.

David Stone

I’m absolutely heartbroken about this news. Alicia was always the most gracious, warm and good natured person to be around. My deepest condolences to her family and friends.

James Coffin aka Jim Bones

Alicia was an angle while she was on earth, she was the glue of our music community. Always being positive, giving warm hugs to make anyone feel welcomed, or if someone was having an off day. Being around her would fill everyone with joy and bliss! She was loved by everyone that graced her presence…….. earth has lost an angel, but heaven will give her wings! Until we meet again! My love goes to her family

Jason Sather

This is truly sad news. Alicia DJed for me designed and took the photo on my business card and I had the honor of helping her find her home. Alicia was such a kind and caring soul. She was loved by so many and will be missed. She had such a great laugh. She was one of the first DJs I knew in Edmonton and an inspiration to so many. A creative soul with great photos and graphic artistry. And man did she love her cats. .Alicia it was truly an honor knowing and working with you over the years. My condolences to the family.

Jason Sather

This is truly sad news. Alicia was such a kind and caring soul. She was loved by so many, and will be missed. She had such a great laugh. She was one of the first djs I knew in Edmonton and an inspiration to so many . A creative soul great photos and and graphic artistry. And man did she love her cats. . My condolences to the family.

Spencer & Christine Blomquist

Our most heartfelt sympathy as you grieve the loss of a cherished child.

Jen Lee

Alicia has always been a strong and special source of inspiration to me, as a DJ, as a loving, close friend and such a bright soul, she will always be a part of me. Her presence was so gentle and caring, and everyone felt at ease when she was around. My heart breaks to hear of her passing. I know she will be missed very much in the community, her presence has brought a lot of light into our lives. All of my love to the family and friends of her sweet and generous soul. Eternal peace to you Soulus, thank you for sharing your time with me, I am forever grateful. ❤

Zac budzilka

Such a pure soul. May you and your family feel a sense of irrefutable peace through this time. I thank and appreciate you for the friendly and helpful roll you played in my life.
God bless your soul Alicia. Be free. You will be forever missed. ❤️

Winston Childs (Bud)

Alicia worked for me at Printworks and for my wife at Can Qual. I am sad to hear that she passed. She was a good soul. I wish I had more to say. She has been one of those people that I keep in touch with once or twice a year just to catch up. It was time for our call… I only wish that I had called last week when I was thinking about her .My heart goes out you her family and other friends.

Candice Kegler

I’m so sorry for your lose, my heart and thought are with you all.


Alicia will be missed. I’m saddened by her passing.
My heartfelt condolences to Uncle Fred, Aunty Carol, Darren and family.

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