With broken hearts, much love, and deep loss, we announce the passing of Hope. She passed
away tragically and suddenly on Sunday, February 9, 2020.
From the instant she was born Hope brought joy happiness and love to everyone who knew her, she was one of a kind. Happy, loved life, loved her family. The best daughter a parent could ask for, the best big sister in the world, a best friend to many.
She was her mommy’s soulmate, pride and joy.
She was so excited about her future, she had plans.
Hope gave everyone a chance and was always welcoming. She greeted everyone with her
signature big warm beautiful smile.
She cared deeply and unselfishly about her loved ones, she always wanted to help. She loved
treating, surprising, and gifting people. She had a strong moral compass and sense of justice.
She was a huge animal lover and doted on her baby dog Rusty endlessly.
She had a blast on the ski hills, Lifeguarding, being outdoors. Hope truly lived life to the fullest.
She was affectionate, a big hugger and gave love and affection so freely to those she loved.
She was the most thoughtful, kind, genuine girl in the world.
She will be missed beyond measure. By so many.
We are forever broken and lost at losing her so early and so unfairly.
She leaves behind her mother Amy, Dad (stepfather) Reg McKinney, younger sisters, Hayley,
Grace & Rose. Her father, Chad Lister, stepmother Tiffany, and younger siblings, Morgan,
Tacie, & Brody. Stepsister, Shelby McKinney, and stepbrother, Colton McKinney. Great
Grandpa, Doug Rahnell, Grandparents John & Sylvia Orr, and Suzanne Rahnell. Great
grandparents, Ted and Reva MacKenzie, Grandparents Ray & Carol Lister, Grandparents Gail & Garry McKinney, and Grandparents Peter & Bev Scott. Aunt & Uncle Kirby & Leah Dietze,
cousins Jack, Mary, & Emma. Aunt & Uncle Sara & Mike Arduini and cousins Hana, Eliana, and
Charley. Aunt & Uncle Katie & Lee Hirotsu. Aunt & Uncle Shannon & Terry Mayer and cousin
Tal. Aunt & Uncle Keri & Trevor Pratt, cousins Keagan and Lindley; Aunt & Uncle Karli & Jon
Coombs, and cousins Zander and Nixon. Special mention to her many Step Aunts, Uncles and
cousins who loved her and she them. Long time best friend, Casey Powlik and the Powlik
family. Loving boyfriend, Keiran Sloan. Numerous friends & co-workers (lifeguarding and
Rabbit Hill). And her dog, Rusty, who she adored.
A Funeral Service for HOPE will be held on Monday February 17th 2020 at 1pm at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 80 Michigan Street South. Devon, Alberta.

Sunny days seem to hurt the most
I wear the pain like a heavy coat
I feel you everywhere I go
I see your smile, I see your face
I hear you laughing in the rain
I still can’t believe you’re gone
It ain’t fair you died too young
Like a story that had just begun
But death tore the pages all away
God knows how I miss you
All the hell that I’ve been through
Just knowing no one could take your place
Sometimes I wonder who you’d be today
Would you see the world,
would you chase your dreams?
Settle down with a family
I wonder what would you name your babies
Some days the sky’s so blue
I feel like I can talk to you
I know it might sound crazy
It ain’t fair you died too young
Like a story that had just begun
But death tore the pages all away
God knows . . .


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Kathy and Alan Ord

My sincere sorrow and condolences to the families and loved ones of Hope. I never had a chance to know Hope, but I do know the Lister family and share my love to you all through them. May you have the courage and hope to feel sustained and feel the love of many in your behalf. Much love to you all.
Alan & Kathy Ord

Julie and Jim

Amy, Reg, Hailey, Grace, Rosie and family, we have been so saddened with Hope’s tragic accident. We all remembered how special Hope was. She was such a beautiful and kind person always ready to help. Our thoughts and heart are with you all. Love you all.
The Légaré-Stokes family

Bev Lyseng

On behalf of Black Gold Outreach School and Black Gold School Division, our heartfelt sympathy is with you at this time. Hope was a beautiful young lady, inside and out, and she will be missed dearly by all those whose lives she touched. Sincerely, Bev Lyseng

Irene & Glen Lutz

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to such a sweet and loving young lady. Your families hearts are broken , and time might lessen the pain . They will always carry your memories in their minds and hearts . Please watch over them Hope and give them the strength that they will need to carry on. I know that you loved them and want them to go on , as hard as it is going to be . May God comfort them with the love that is shared by all that loved you , and the love they have for each other to see them through this difficult time . Bless you for being good to everyone and may god treasure the angel he called home . Our love is with your family now and forever . All our love and strength to them all.

Chad Lister

Oh Hopey, I keep coming to this page over and over, reading all the amazing things people have said and cry every single time. I have a hard time putting my feelings into words, but I need to. I miss you so much!!! I missed 4 calls from your mom and a text that said, Emergency call me ASAP. Tiff and I were putting your brothers and sister to bed, I never imagined how badly my world would change when I called your mom back. Saying that was the worst night of my life is a massive understatement, Tiff held me as a cryed and screamed uncontrollably, you were my everything, daddy’s little girl forever. And you were ripped out of my life in an instant. Everyday has been worse and worse. The kids cry every night. Tiff and I cry constantly, you are so missed, and will always be missed. A giant piece of our little families heart will always be missing now. You were the best most perfect daughter, and sister. Tacie is a wreck with out you. We love you so much and don’t know how to go on with our you. This is not fair. You were too young and had so much more to do, you were just getting started, I will never be the same again. This has destroyed me and I miss you so much. I would give anything to see your perfect smile one more time, and to hug you again and never let go. I loved every second of our time together, you will always be my little girl, my first born perfect angel. We love you more the you will ever know.

Love Daddy

Kelli Sauvé

Dear Hope,
I am so blessed to have known you, even if just for a short time. You graced our home with your glowing smile and genuine spirit and made candy runs for our girls night movies. Watching Crazy Rich Asians will always be our tradition.
You added me as your Instagram friend and I got to know you better by seeing your stories and posts.
I learned that you adored your mom, made her proud, and loved being her daughter. I learned that you loved being the best big sister to Hayley, Grace and Rosie as you played with them and taught them so many things. That you loved your amazing boyfriend. That you had a special bond with your sweet cousins and good friends and also had so much fun with them going out on the town and just hanging out. And that you have a very loving extended family who attended your graduation last year. You were so pretty in pink.
Though you have stepped into another room, your love and your warm spirit will always linger here with us as each one who knew you recalls a special memory and pauses to reflect and reminisce on the beauty of you.

Lindy Hirotsu

To Amy and the family,
I’m deeply sorry for your loss. Hope was such a good, kind beautiful sweet girl. I’m thankful for getting to know and spend a bit of time with Hope and your family over these few years. When I saw Hope she was always happy and could tell that she loved being around her family. I remember watching Hope doting over Rosie and Katie telling me that Rosie had Hope wrapped around her little finger, it was just so sweet to see. Hope seemed to be the best big sister. When I got my cat Toni from you guys, Toni was Hopes favorite out of the litter and I felt a bit guilty for taking her but because Hope was so kind and loved animals she said it was ok and she was happy Toni was going to a good home. Hope had such a big heart and so much to give. I’m grateful that I got to spend time with your family and Hope over this past Christmas. I’ll always remember it fondly.
I’m just devastated for you and your family, Hope was taken way too soon. She will be greatly missed.

Christy Laycock

It is so heartbreaking to lose someone as special as Hope. I know your family is so proud of you, I could see it every time your Aunt Katie would update me on your life and the truely beautiful person you are. I see it now in the wonderful memories your Mom and your Aunt’s share. It feels unfair that you can not be here with your family. I do believe that there is more for us after this life and I know you will continue to be a powerful force for good, but will still be missed and always loved.

Peggy and Henry Kozak

As Tracy Davis, Gina Bennett and myself sat down to cut out pink paper flowers to symbolize Hope’s love for nature and the color pink, we thought of the beautiful sweet girl that her Grandma Rahnell was so proud of. The community in Spruce Grove will be there for you in whatever capacity you need us. Hug your girls with all the love you have inside and Hope will be right there with her arms wrapped around you all. Love and prayers are with you as you grieve.

Reg Mckinney

To dads angel Hope, 15 years ago this very month I fell in love with the love of my life my soulmate your precious mother Amy, and had the privilege for the first time of meeting this sweet little girl that also came into my life and captivated my heart. It was love at first sight. And how I became your “featheart” as mom would get pushed aside when I’d come visit, and you’d take me by the hand and we’d do have a tea party. I knew from those first moments that I would and always will love you as my own daughter. I was privileged as a dad over the years to watch you develop and grow into such a beautiful young lady. You truly were and always will be an angel to dad. Whenever you needed something I was there to do the best I could to help you. I’m so very sorry I wasn’t able to help you this time Hope. Dads heart is broken. It will forever feel the pain of not being able to help you. I am so truly sorry that your story had to end this way. It wasn’t your time but I know that you will forever live on in my treasured memories and the families. Forever and ever until we meet again.
You truly were and angel and an idol and mentor to your sisters to your mother and to everyone who knew you. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten you will always love on in our treasured memories of you. Loving you for ever and ever and always Dad

Jessica Baker

Reg, Amy and family

There are no words to express the shock and sadness we all feel. Know that you are not alone. We hope you can find moments of comfort in the wonderful memories you shared. Hope was an amazing young woman with an infectious smile that no one will ever forget. She will be with you in spirit always.

“I Never Left You”
By John F Connor

I never left you
I watch you everyday
I am always very near
I know deep in your heart
You realize I’m here
I watch you while you sleep
In your bed at home
I hear you when you speak to me
When you are on your own
You cannot understand
The reason why I have gone
But I will never leave you
I am there to keep you strong
Talk to me I hear you
Though you may not see
We share an unbroken bond
That will always be
Death won’t keep us apart
For our love is forever
Just remember me in your heart
And one day we will be together
Live your life and live it full
Don’t waste a single day
Remember I am always with you
Every step of the way

Joyce MacDonald

Our condolences to Hope’s entire family. Our thoughts are with you at this very sad time. Joyce MacDonald, Black Gold Home Based School.

Katie Orr

Hope, I am so honored to be your Aunt. When I think of our time together, I am flooded with happy memories – from the time you were a new baby onwards. You are such a special person – full of love and light. I am heartbroken beyond measure that your life was cut short so tragically. I know you had big plans for your bright future. I love you endlessly and always will.

Glenda Berry

Hope, you were such a beautiful, kind, thoughtful young woman. It was a joy to know you and watch you grow up. You were a shining star spreading light and love to everyone you met. I’m so sorry your life was cut short in such a tragic way. Your life was short, but I am comforted by how very blessed and happy it was, surrounded by your loving family and friends. You will always be in our hearts. And now we have our very own guardian angel.

Elizabeth Dietze

My tribute to Hope is more for her sweet Mom, Amy.
Let me share with you, a dream I had two nights ago about my son, Skyler.
“Skyler was just a little guy, not more than six years old. I stood on the doorstep of our home and watched as Skyler went off to school by himself in the dark of winter, dragging his backpack along the ground behind him. I couldn’t go with him as I had other children at home to care for. For some reason I wasn’t even sure where his school was but I was letting him go on his own in the dark.
I felt like such a bad mom. I felt like my heart was breaking because I couldn’t go with him. How could I let my little boy, my sweet little sunny boy, go off alone in the dark to some place I wasn’t even sure the location of?”
I then awoke from the dream, sobbing. My heart was so heavy with turmoil. (Even now as I write this to you, tears wet my page.) I immediately sent a message to Skyler, who is now almost 30 years old. I told him of my love for him and for the anguish of my heart. I told him that I always long to be with him so that he never feels alone.
His reply to my message taught me something profound!
He said: “Thanks Ma, I love you too. I guess we all have to walk to school by ourselves some day.”
This brought to my mind, our purpose in parenting. We love our children and raise them to be self-reliant and prepare to face life on their own. We want them to be confident and self-assured. We are proud of them when they move forward and make good choices for themselves. It brings us joy knowing that they are happy and full of vigor for life.
I understand why my heart ached as I watched my little sunny boy go off to school alone. However, I am comforted knowing that he was confident and I was fulfilling my role as his mom.
Dear Amy, I can only imagine the pain and anguish you are experiencing at the loss of your beautiful, angelic Hope. I understand why you would agonize about not being able to be with Hope as she left this life. I wonder, if Hope could say something more to you if it might be similar to Skyler’s response to me in my dream?
Might Hope say: “Thanks Mommy, I love you too. You have been such a good mom to me. You were my best, my closest friend. You filled my life with goodness and joy. You taught me so well. I know you love me; it is etched deep in the very fibres of my soul. Don’t burden yourself with guilt for not getting to me. That was just my body. My spirit was right beside you. Be at peace. You instilled in me, the confidence, to walk to school alone.”
May God bless you with peace in knowing that you were every bit the Mom, Hope needed you to be. She knew you were there for her.
From my mother heart to yours.
Always, Liz

Keri Pratt

Dear Hope,
We love you! We have been so blessed, to have loved you. We miss you terribly, and it hurts so much to know you are gone from us. I hope and pray that you know how much we love you, and how much you’ve meant to us. The role of oldest grand-daughter, and oldest cousin will always be yours, that void can’t be filled. Your birth was the beginning of my role as an aunt. How I loved that, and I love you! Our world stopped and time stood still, when your Dad called to tell us the awful news. The last time I saw your face, we were celebrating your graduation. That night I remember your smile, felt happiness and joy radiated from you. This is the memory that I will cling to forever, that happy moment. From this time on, there will always be a void, as you will not be there. It’s seems unimaginable, and heart breaking.
My wish right now Hope, is that you will stay close to your Mom and Dad right now, as they need to feel your arms around them, that they will feel of the love, you so freely gave, remember your smile, happiness and joy. We will always love you!
Aunt Keri, Uncle Trevor, Keagan and Lindley

Terry & Laurene Nason

Amy & Family, our hearts hurts so much for you and the loss of Hope. We met a beautiful young lady at your Mom’s July 2018, we had dinner together. Hope helped with her sisters and meal setting without a word. An amazing young lady we were so privileged to have shared some time with.

We will never understand in this life but we know God is holding you & your entire family as you go thru this mile of the journey.

Holding you in prayer & love.

Tears are a language, God understands!

Love Laurene & Terry

Terry & Laurene Nason

Amy & family, we were privileged to meet Hope at your Mom’s in July 2018. You & the girls came in for dinner. We met a beautiful young lady who took such great care of everyone. Our hearts hurt so much for you, we truly don’t understand at this time but God will stand true and hold you closely as you cry & grieve.

Holding you in prayer – Tears are a language, God understands!

Cousins from the east

Laurene & Terry

Gail Powlik

It’s been so hard to find the words… there are no words…

HOPIE, Our beautiful sweet angel. I have always loved you as my own. My heart is broken and my soul is aching. You were – are – and always will be part of the fabric that makes up our family.
When my kids tease me about who is my favourite I will still always say HOPE.
When Greg and I were in Mexico and got to name four baby turtles about to be released into the ocean, there was no hesitation: Curtis, Casey, Lindsey, and HOPE.
You must know how special it always was to get your little notes, drawings, gift, treats… even loving messages on Mother’s Day. You are more than just my Casey’s best friend – you are her soul-sister. You are intertwined, and that makes us intertwined forever too.

The Lord May have taken your laughter from my ears, your smile from my eyes, and your hugs from my arms as he took your body from this earth but he will never take your love, light, power, and joy from my heart ♥️. I will miss you every second until we meet again.

Amy, thank you for sharing your angel with the world, with my family, and with me. We have grown very close and I value our friendship a great deal, I love you and I wish there was something I could do to help you with your anguish. The love of a special girl brought us together and the unbearable loss now will bind us together… Helpless and Hopeless.
Gail Powlik


Hope was a wonder. Her warmth and kindness touched so many, myself included. Our FACES family is incomplete without her, Hope created so much joy and change for all of us. She made people feel safe, loved, and capable, bringing light with her wherever she went. It’s been nearly four years and she is still a bright spot in my memory, a friendly face in an unfamiliar situation. Hope was taken too soon, and I’m sorely pained by that fact. She was beautiful in every way. My thoughts are with you infinitely.

Greg and Gail Powlik and Family

No words can express the unbelievable pain we feel and no amount of time will ever be enough to allow us to truly heal. How can we? Hope was like our daughter, another member of our family.

Greg and Gail Powlik and Family

No words can express the unbelievable pain we feel and no amount of time will ever be enough to allow us to truly heal. How can we? Hope was like our daughter, another member of our family. She’s the type of person that comes along once in a lifetime and we are truly blessed to always have such wonderful memories of her. Every day now we talk about Hope and we look at pictures and videos of her and we try not to cry as much as the day before. We just have to accept that there won’t be a way to completely fill the holes in our hearts that we have, now that she’s gone It’s a hurt that we will have to try to live with for the rest of our lives. But it’s nothing compared to what Hope’s family is going through. We wish so hard that we could help them through this somehow. We wish they could box up their pain and give it to us so that we could ease their suffering. And many others think the same as well. Amy and family, you are not alone. Make sure you always remember that and please don’t ever forget it. We wish we could go find Hope and bring her back to you. We wish this so bad that it makes our souls ache. We want your beautiful daughter back and right now it’s just too hard to say goodbye.

Shyam Lynn

Justine, Brittany and I send your entire family and circle of friends our deepest sympathies. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. I was always so amazed and impressed with the bright shining light that Hope exuded, she is such a wonderful young person and left us far too soon. We were so glad to have known her, she is such a great example of how a human should be. You have such a loving and close family, it really shows in your children. We are so very sorry Hope has passed on.

Mona Banek

Dear Amy, Reg, Haley, Grace and Rosie My heart is breaking for you all. Your beautiful loving Hope, it is so hard to imagine your family circle without her. Hope was such a special person when she was a toddler and all through her life. She will be remembers and missed always.
Love and hugs from Mona


Hope spread light everywhere she went. Her happiness and warmth radiated to others and was enough to turn a hard day not so hard anymore. Every time she would walk into the guard office at the pool, I know all her coworkers including myself felt that. Hope was taken to soon and will forever be in everyone’s hearts.


Hope spread light everywhere she went. Her happiness and warmth radiated to others and was enough to turn a hard day not so hard anymore. Every time she would walk into the guard office at the pool, I know all her coworkers including myself. Hope was taken to soon and will forever be in everyone’s hearts.


My sweet, beautiful, amazing, loving sister. The love of my life you will always be, my heart absolutely aches. I promise I will be strong for you and I promise I will honour you. I cannot wait until I can see you again and we can be together forever. Thank you for loving me and accepting me. You will always be my sister no matter how far apart we are, no matter the distance, I am always with you and you are always with me. I know you will always watch over me and protect me. I love you so much, my sweet Hopey Bear, forever and always, your sister Casey.

Grace Mckinney

I once had the best big sister in the world but she was taken from this world and from her family. she had so many dreams she wanted to travel to Hawaii and have four beautiful daughters she was going to name her first daughter Christina. One day I will open my own bakery and Hope was the first person to say she would be the manager. Hope always enjoyed every little thing in life she loved her schooling and was so exited to take off in her life. I loved hope with all my heart if I ever was sad or disappointed in myself she was always the one to cheer me up. Worlds can not describe how sad I am and will be for the rest of my life without a big sister. I love you forever Hopey

Shelley and Kyd Connick

Our deepest condolences to Amy, Reg, Hayley, Grace and Rose and the entire family. No words can ease the pain but we will hold you in our thoughts and prayers.

Suzanne Rahnell

Dearest Hope, how you will be missed. What I would give to see you walk through my front door just once more. You were a gift to all of us. I feel so honored to be your Nana. In your short time you taught us all so many things, and we will continue to remember your example and life lessons, and hopefully we will be able to go forward doing better because we watched you and want to be like you. I love you. Until we meet again. xo

Shannon and Terry

Sweet Hope, you will be so, so missed! We cannot believe that you are gone, and though our paths have diverged, we will walk ours with you in our hearts always. Your example and love was a shining light to all around you, and that is what we hold to in these darkest moments of loss. Thank you for your love, for your bright smile, and for your laugh that I know we will hear whenever the sun shines bright ❤❤❤

Rebecka Blackburn

I’ve been really struggling with this horrible news. Although Hope and I were not overly close, every time we’d pass each other on the pool deck when setting up for lessons, she would always compliment my swim shorts and smile at me, and it always made my day a little bit brighter. I so vividly remember assisting in Hope’s wet interview at the pool, and her confidence and calmness amazed me. She was so persistent to improve and prove to everyone that she deserved to work at the pool. Hope was the hardest worker that I knew, as she would never hesitate to sub for lessons and she was always doing extra work in her breaks to ensure that her students were getting the absolute best lessons ever. I will never forget Hope’s beautiful and bright smile that lit up any room that she was in.

Veronica Chalifoux & Coral Koltusky

We send so much love for Hope and her family during this tragic time. Hope was a wonderful, smart, funny and kind person. She had a smile that always made everyone feel at ease and happy. She truly loved her family and her sisters dearly.
I know my daughter looked up to Hope and I believe she truly chose a wonderful person too look up to.
Hope will always be in our thoughts and the whole family in our prayers.

Brenda Harlos

Amy, Reg and all the family. My heart is heavy with shock and sadness. As a mother I am deeply touched by your loss. As I contemplate how I would feel I share in your sadness…mother to mother..,parent to parent. My heart aches for all of you. ❤️❤️


Beautiful, gracious, thoughtful, charitable, and loyal. I miss you Hope and I know that you are watching over each and every one of us. I know you are in a better place that is beautiful and happy just like you. You shine everywhere you go… thank you for your time and love while you were here.

Davin Drachenberg

Only met her once, but I could tell she was an incredibly sweet person. And she will be missed

Devon Montgomery

I feel so lucky to have met you Hope . I will always remember how sweet and caring you were. You loved your sisters deeply and held your self with such pride. I always loved getting to see how big and beautiful you were becoming over the years. Your mom always told me how proud of you she was.
Heaven must have needed an angel badly to have taken you so soon. My heart is in so much pain for your mom and your sisters, and everyone you touched with your beautiful soul and kind heart. From the way you are remembered by your mom and your loved ones, you were truly an angel walking this earth.

Hayley Mckinney

Hope was the best big sister and my very best friend. I feel so sad to have lost such an amazing angel. Hope and I always had lots of fun times together, and I wish we could’ve had more. I am so sad but I am staring to understand just how blessed I was to have someone like her in my life that makes saying goodbye so hard. I love Hope very much.

Pat & John Tesselaar

Our deepest condolences. If there is anything either of you need day or night please call.
All our love to you and the kids,
Pat & John

Shelby Mckinney

A sister is someone who loves you from the heart,
No matter how much you argue you cannot be drawn apart. She is a joy that cannot be taken away,
Once she enters your life, she is there to stay.

Oh Hope Mackenzie, you were such a blessing to anyone who met you. I’m so lucky and beyond blessed to call you my sister. My heart hurts so much I don’t have the words to even explain it. I wish I could grab you hug you, tell you how much I love you, I wish I could text you one last time to tell you how truly special you are. You wouldn’t believe the people who have reached out to me to tell me they had the pleasure of meeting you and just how amazing your smile was and how genuine you were. You were and are one of a kind. You leave a lasting forever long impression on everyone’s heart. Smart, kind, beautiful girl! I will forever cherish our memories and getting the pleasure of watching you grow up from that sweet little three year old to the amazing beautiful smart eighteen year old woman you were. My heart will never be the same I’ll always love you and I’ll never ever forget you. I know you are watching over us and you’ll hear me talking to you. Until we meet again my sweet sister. I miss you terribly.

Leah Dietze

Dear Hope,
Thank you for bringing your sweet and loving heart into our lives. I’ll never forget the day you were born… I drove straight up from Airdrie to Edmonton to hold you right away! As I snuggled little newborn you, tears of loving joy poured from my eyes onto your precious little face… And you, Hope- you are a rare one; you stayed just as sweet for the rest of your life. I’ll try to be a little more like you, and look forever forward to the day I can put my arms around you again.
Until then, I know you’ll just keep on being the angel you’ve always been. Love you, honey.


So so very heartbroken to hear about Hope.
Thinking of you all during this time .
Hope was a beautiful Angel who gained her wings too early …. much love to you all. ♥️♥️

Emma Dietze

Hopey is such a light in everyone’s lives. She is an angel. Loving and caring and kind every single day. So selfless and beautiful. She will be dearly missed by every single person who ever had the privilege of meeting her.

Amy Orr

My angel my sunshine my closest soul my best friend. My heart and soul are fractured beyond repair. Your sisters are completely heartbroken. We can’t imagine how we will go on without you. You are amazing you were not done this was not your time, this is so wrong so unfair. I am so terribly sorry baby girl that I didn’t prevent this from happening. I’d trade places with you in a second. I tried sweetheart so hard to get to you at the crash, I tried my best. I saw you there in the truck and I did everything I could to get to you, but they wouldn’t let me. Please forgive me for not being there. You shouldn’t have been all alone broken and in the cold, you should have had your mommy. I’ll never forgive myself knowing you were all alone. I’m so sorry. I miss you so badly it aches. I ache for you. I love you so incredibly much. You were more than any of us deserved. I love you I love you I love you my precious perfect Hope xo
Forever Mommy

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