HILL, Robert Alexander


Robert Alexander Hill passed away peacefully on 6 January, 2019 at the age of 77 years in the Sturgeon Hospital in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. He was born in Galt, Ontario on 13 September 1941, to Donald Alvin Hill and Margaret Jessie (Milne). He enjoyed Mathematics, reading, history, church activities, music, lawn bowling, baseball, and hockey. Honours were earned in high school, an honours degree in Mathematics at the University of Waterloo,  three teaching certificates from Ontario College of Education, and one from Alberta, as well as post degree courses at Ontario Theological Seminary. He came to a point in his spiritual life, where he realised that he needed to depend on and have God as the central focus of his life. He married Kathleen June (Hemsworth) on 14 July 1973 in Woodstock, Ontario. As a couple, he and his wife joined Africa Evangelical Fellowship in 1975 and Mr. Hill taught in Africa during wartime in Rhodesia, and in peacetime in Swaziland, Zimbabwe, and also back in Canada.

Mr. Hill had found his niche. He was always challenging students to strive for excellence both in education and in their spiritual life, and moral character.   Many students have kept in touch with Mr. Hill and have expressed their appreciation for him, in spite of his being blunt at times. He always had an open door for extra help after school, 6 days a week (but don’t skip when you signed up, and don’t be late!). He enjoyed watching the school sports teams, and received recognition at one school as the best fan… he often said about it… that he wasn’t quite sure that they really knew what he was yelling at the team …(Come on! What did you do that for?! Shape up! You can do better than that! etc.)… and if they knew, they might not have honoured him like that.

As a father, Mr. Hill took special time out of his busy schedule to instruct and spend time with his children. He led family devotions, and expected extra schoolwork done (even during the holidays!) to make sure they really knew what they should!  He was very patient and went the extra mile for his students and family, always looking to guide and protect and instruct in life as well as in formal schooling and knowledge of God. He showed by example what he expected (even when it came to apologising!). He always appreciated the staff, students, church leaders and fellow missionaries that God placed in his life.

Mr. Hill preached when asked, played the piano and sang in church, as well as in senior care facilities. His message was always that God is Supreme, and that we can do nothing without God, we need God’s help in everything. After retirement, Mr. Hill continued to tutor, as well as be actively involved in his local church, etcetera. He helped his wife, Kathleen, take care of her aging father, and then was diagnosed with leukemia, which he fought for 8 years.

He will be greatly missed! He was predeceased by his parents, and survived by his wife, Kathleen, his daughter Brenda Joy and her husband C. Bronson, his son Kenneth Andrew,  his sister Margaret and her husband John (Ian) McColl, several nieces and nephews and their children, his unofficially adopted African, Asian, and other nations family members, as well as several other related family members.

The family wants to recognise ultimately God, and thank Him for creating and putting Robert Hill in their lives. They also want to express their sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr. Cyrus Hsia, a dear friend and cancer doctor. Dr. Chowdhury, Dr. Winterbach, his family physicians, the excellent homecare staff headed by Christie Johnson and Kim Dean, the ambulance crew headed by Jason that were so helpful

and kind, the caring staff at Sturgeon Hospital, Serenity Funeral Service Staff, and to all the churches and congregations and people that provided assistance during his long illness.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Gideons for Bible distribution. Memorial services will be held in Ontario and in Alberta. Contact for the family: [email protected]

Click below to see the video of Mr. Hill’s service:

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