HAWKHURST, John-Christopher Robin

John Christopher Robin Hawkhurst died unexpectedly April 11, 2022 at the age of 39.

John leaves behind his children Shayden and Thalia who he proudly co-parented with Lindsey Patterson, his daughter Meaghan Vezina and his grandchildren Abygaëlle & Enzo, his siblings Kim, Brian and Christine, parents Carole and Brian, and partner Katherine Schemenauer.

John valued his relationships with those in his community including those he worked with at SA energy. He lived his life in service and always made the time to spend with those he cherished. He had a charismatic way of being present for so many people through their celebrations and challenges. His loss is greatly felt by many.

The service is on Tuesday, April 19, 2022, 1:00 pm.

For those wanting to view the service on line, please refer to the following link:

In lieu of a gift of flowers please consider a donation to a trust for Thalia and Shayden at: [email protected] or a donation to Recovery Acres at: https://www.revoceryacres.org/ways-to=give

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In tribute to John I will share some of my best memories as his ex fiancé. Some of you may know me, some of you may not.

John and me had a running joke that he/I , 13 stepped each other as we got together when I was earlier in recovery. (56 days). Anyways our relationship thrived for 2+ years. We moved in quickly. We both had flaws. I’m dominant. He’s dominant. We clashed. So in turn the relationship ended.

Although our relationship ended John and I still remained in contact. I am going to believe this was for the reach out/check in as I haven’t been back into recovery since our split. “I always had a seat, as he would tell me he would leave the meeting” – this is his true character. “OUR kids” deserve you to be clean. Regardless of us being together in a loving relationship. He was a step father to my children for 2+ years.

-We played “Dodge ball” in Walmart on Facebook live. FOR FUN…….. John grabbed two balls and would walk up to people and ask them if they wanted to play in the middle of the store.

-We would go as a family as see who could come out of the store with the highest “high five” count. – he was fun! He was love.

-“Bubble” his work name. Omg the stories!! And the shit he would order off AMAZON to feed his co workers. YES some of you got something in your coffee if you pissed him off LOL…. , and amounts of mud he would trick in the doors! But he was so keen on a fresh clean vehicle!

-Have you ever eaten out with John? Nightmare! Almost Everytime it gets sent back. Because if he’s paying it must be perfect. Or we would just eat good food at home.

-Tip about storage lockers! Lol. Sucker couldn’t have them in his own name lol. He needed to have someone do it for him! God I love him. We learned ALOT doing that gig! And our yard sale had the radio station hit us up…

-Our 4 kids loved each other.
-Our 3 dogs loved each other. – we once had 11 dogs under our roof!

-The kids and me one day hopefully will be able to laugh in reminder about all the times we shared together.

Many of you from NA have been to our shared homes throughout the years for fires and Sunday dinners or coffees or just a call in the middle of the night..
He was a man of integrity, he always stepped to another room when he could or would call you back.

John and I taught each other how important it is to have a relationship with parents. I was their the day he decided to rekindle things with his mom. It was the most joy I’ve seen on his face besides his kids and NA in a long time.

How to pick up the phone and call someone on Mother’s Day and wish them well. Or their birthday and sing to them. Me and John used to wake up and see who we were singing to that day!

I’m going to miss that about him.
I’m going to miss you John
I’m so happy your their with Lindsey’s Dad! Behave now! See you soon handsome.

Love forever ❤️

Carrie MacLeod

John and I were good friends. We spent a great deal of time in service to the community together. He had such a positive outlook on life and shared it with everyone he came into contact with. He carried a deep love and sincere passion for helping others. He would always video call me on my birthday just to check in on me, and remind me that even though I had moved away I was dearly missed. I will miss his laugh, and his overall zest for life.

I hope you feel surrounded by much love, and I send my deepest sympathies to the family and friends who are feeling John’s loss. Although I may not be able to be there in person, I share in your sadness as you remember John.

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