GREEN, Danny Bruce

Danny is survived by his Children: Aaron, Danny Jr, Andretti, Lita, Eligah, Son-Buffalo-Morin Sister; Lavina Green, Brothers; Dennis, Eli (Carol). Brother in Laws; Gary Mcgilvery, Wayne Mcgilvery, Jimmy Pipe Aunties; Marlene Cabry, Mariah Rabbit Extended Families: Pipes, Cabry, Buffalo, Rabbits, Soosays, Saddlebacks, Thoms, Abrahams, Oldpans , Saskatchewans, Peigans, Littlechilds, Nepoose, Wakeenow, Cranes, Rain, Ward Bull.

He was predeceased by Sisters: Karen Greene, Vera Greene, Geraldine Greene, Josephine Raine, Gail Greene, Shirly Greene; Martha Pipe Brothers: Willy Greene, Lawrence Greene, Niece; Marlene Raine, Jolene Green, Cory Greene, Tashina Green Grand Niece; Tanya Pipe Carmen Rain Nephews; Johnathon Greene, Denny Greene, Wally Greene Parents; Charles and Kathrine (Cabry) Green, Grandparents; Eli and Peggy (Okeymow) Green; John and Nancy (Roughfoot) Cabry. Great Grandfather; Apsacikos, Great Great Grandfather; Pepamoteht; Great Great Grandparents; Maryann and Andrew Green; Aunties; Arlene Nepoose, Agnus Buffalo, Dorothy Sunchild, Alice Green, Isabelle (Green) (Saddleback), Julia (Green) Thom, Annie Saskatchewan. Uncle; Joe Saskatchewan, Joe Rabbit, Pete Thom, Sam Saddleback, Lloyd Buffalo.

Traditional Funeral Wake

Beginning on Thursday, January 21, 2021

Green Residence

Maskwacis, Alberta

Traditional Ceremonies

Friday, January 22, 2021 at 11:00 a.m.

Green Residence

Maskwacis, Alberta




Larron Northwest, Gerald Rain

Leonard Nepoose, Steven Lightning

Malcome Crane, Charles Green

Dennis Meneen, Kieth Baptiste

 Honorary Pallbearers

Leonard Nepoose, Pamela Meneen Green, Beverly Green, Verda Green, Karen Baptise, Adrian Green, Georgina Greene, Lorne Green, Karen Baptiste, Joey Saskatchewan, Malcom Cabry, Sherry Green, Ernestine Oldpan,            Elroy-Strawberry Rain, Harley Rain, Norman Green, Tula Raine, Velma Wakeenow, Elvis Wakeenow, Dion Okeymow, Kieth Baptiste, Crystal Raine, Norrine  Buffalo, Belinda Buffalo, Norman Green, Miranda Green, Adrian Green, Vera  Green, Tina Northwest, Chad Crane, Cameron Pipe, Lonny Oldpan, Gail Oldpan, Malcome  Cabry, Zander Green, Zaden Green, Charles Watchmaker, Shauna McGilvery, Jeremy Green, Johnathon Green Dragonfly, Johnathon Dragonfly, Brett Green, Terry Pipe, Gerald Rain, Tyrelle Green, Cashes Green, Kurt Buffalo, Una Buffalo, Gary Arcand, Wayne Soosay, Lawrence Crier, Cameron Pipe, Terry Pipe, Alvin Johnson

If anyone was missed we apologize, it was not intentional


Samson Central Cemetery

Serenity Funeral Service, Wetaskiwin Ph: 780.352.5300



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