Glen Robert Meier


Glen Robert Meier Jr.

Mr. Glen Meier Jr. passed away suddenly April 2, 2015 at the age of 36 years. Glen will be dearly missed by his children: Colbran, Alyssa and Dallas; his parents; sisters, as well as numerous other relatives and friends.

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Bettina Foster-Hurst

Glen Jr.’s life –by Tara Fortney

Glen loved small things like spending time in nature and loving all the creatures and beauty that it has to offer. He would show unconditional love to those who could never return the gift. He loved his family and did all that he could for us, even when he couldn’t help himself. He cherished his kids regardless of the walls that he faced and always tried his best to be that good dad in their life. When given the opportunity he would shine through the dark skies and be a beacon to those who needed light. He had saved many souls and lives with his understandings of the shadow life and used it to help the find light and peace within their own struggles. He truly was a angel for many. Some would say he was fallen, but I knew he dwelled in the shadow for their can be no real knowledge of light without knowing the dark. But he always held the light even in the darkest of nights, with strength, fearlessness, and faith he overcame so many trials.He was a humorous man with a spark that attracted many to him. He was fun and always willing to help and show others a good time. He was perfect in his own ways, and even with the struggles he faced he kept striving towards his goals no matter what setback he faced he always moved forward. His goals was to have the family life he had not known and was open to learning the dos and don’ts of having that perfect family. He had learned many things and his hope grew that he would find all that he had struggled with within a healthy family life. And he achieved it even if it looked like he had failed. He succeeded. He is loved and remembered by many and will not be forgotten.

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