FREED, William Moyer

In loving memory of William Moyer Freed

William “Bill” Freed, age 81, died Friday, November 13th, 2020 after a brief battle with cancer. He passed away peacefully in his home surrounded by his loving family.

Bill was born on August 28, 1939, in Souderton, Pennsylvania to Alma and Harvey Freed.

Bill attended Lehigh University where he studied Math and Physics. After graduating he started teaching mathematics at Goshen College. In 1959 he met Joann Zeiset to whom he was married from 1962-1976. During this time, they joined the Peace Corps where Bill taught at the Middle East Technical University in Turkey. Bill often spoke of Turkey and of the joy of living there.

In 1967 they moved to Edmonton, Alberta where Bill completed a Master’s degree in Math at the University of Alberta. His twin boys Adam and Aaron were born during this time. Bill taught math and physics at Concordia College for 50 years. He was beloved by his students for his patience and his quirky sense of humor.

It is at Concordia College that Bill met the love of his life. In May of 1980, Bill married Mary Mackay and welcomed her daughter Teilya as his own. Bill and Mary spent many happy years together, traveling through the US, Europe, and Mexico. Most cherished were their summers at the farm with their children and grandchildren.

Bill retired from Concordia University in the spring of 2020. He had many projects planned including spending time on the farm and researching his Mennonite family history.

Bill was preceded in death by his mother Alma, father Harvey, brother Robert, and sister Sara. He is survived by his wife Mary. He was much loved by his children Aaron and wife Inge, Adam, and wife Jennene and daughter Teilya. He will be missed by his grandchildren Aidon, Noah, Riana, Jack, Matthew, Thomas, Declan, and Elora. Also, his brothers John, David, and Sister Susan.

Bill was a Husband, father, teacher, and friend. He will be forever loved and remembered for his smile, intelligence, and kindness.

Due to the circumstances surrounding the Covid 19 pandemic and the regulations that have been passed, we apologize that we are unable to conduct a memorial service.

A celebration of life will be held at a later date.

Please feel free to leave any comments to the family below so they may read them often.

Serenity Funeral Service – North Central Chapel

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Wade D Kozak

My condolences to the family and my apologies for this late tribute. Bill’s mentorship is a large part of the reason I completed my math and physics degree at Concordia. I remember his math textbooks fondly and to this day I think of his lumbering gait whenever doing something mathy. He was a true teacher.

Joel DeBlock

My condolences to the Freed family. I am sorry for this late Tribute, I just found out about his passing yesterday. I got to know of Bill when I attended Concordia Highschool in the 70’s and got to know him much better when I worked at Concordia in the 90’s. I am so glad we reconnected in the Fall of 2019 when we had coffee together at Tim Hortons. It was a fun conversation, he had not changed a bit, he did not mince his words and had a sense of humor. A wonderful, good person.

John K Gotwals

Bill and I both grew up in Souderton, PA. Bill taught at Goshen College while I was a GC student. We were good friends, and I will miss him greatly.

Denise Lapierre

RIP Bill. Sorry for your loss Mary. Also for yours; Teilya. It is not ever a good time to loss someone you love but I hope your memories remain and you all know how much he loves you. All my relations. Denise Lapierre

Don Schweyer

Mary, Adam, Aaron, Teilya and families, I learned only very recently of Bill’s passing. My sympathies to all of you. He was a great, beautiful, and a truly one-of-a-kind gentleman.

Audrey Brooks

Dearest Mary,
While I knew Bill was not well, it still was a shock to know that he died. I am sending you hugs and love, its a hard thing to say good-bye to your husband and companion of so many years. Audrey

Sheila Parr

Bill was a great guy with a wry sense of humour. so sorry to hear of his passing.

Maxine Nelson

To Mary, Adam, Aaron, Teilya and the grandchildren. Ken and I are so sorry to hear of Bill’s passing. My favorite story about Bill is his interviewing skills when he hired me for the secretary position in the UCEP program. He looked at my resume and said:” I see you moved around a lot. Is there a reason for that or are you running from the law?” My years working with Bill, and being part of his family, were always fun. His sense of humor and telling it like it was saw me through trying times in my life. We all have great memories to help get us through now.

Derek Lauber

My earliest recollection of Bill was when i was a young child. I remember his booming voice that scared me and got my attention. His kids knew that it was just his way and never took him seriously, however it took me a little while to recognize that the voice was followed by a smirk. Bill was always generous with helping me. I remember spending time in solitude at his farmhouse when I needed time to get my shit together. When kim and I move back to the city, we built a cabin on our land adjacent to his and he was instrumental in lending us tools and wisdom in the process. He inspired me to be a better person and live in the moment with his Take it Easy attitude. We shared a love for the farm and i know i will feel his presence when i go up there in the future. Kim and I extend our deepest condolences to Mary, Teilya, Adam and Aaron and the rest of his family.

Neil Fenske

My condolences to the Freed family. My introduction to Bill occurred many years ago, when Aaron (and Adam) were still in High School. Bill was a great professor who believed in the primacy of teaching and learning within a University. He had a talent for making the complex understandable. Our conversations regarding the idiosyncrasies of University administration and the unfathomable nature of church politics are a personal highlight. Bill’s service to community, life, and teaching were a gift to all who knew him.

Ben and Pearl Lauber

We were so fortunate to know Bill and have many fond memories of times together with his family at the farm that he enjoyed so much. We will miss him very much and like a comment all ready said Our hearts are heavy for your loss Marry, Adam, Aaron, Teilya, and families. He loved you all very much. Ben and Pearl

Ben and PearlLauber

We were so fortunate to know Bill and have many fond memories of times together with his family at the farm that he enjoyed so much. We will miss him very much and like a comment all ready said Our hearts are heavy for your loss Marry, Adam, Aaron, Teilya, and families. He loved you all very much. Ben and Pearl

Shaun Aghili

Bill was a respected and inspiring colleague. He will be greatly missed at Concordia; and will always remain a role model for me.

Shaun Aghili

Bill was a colleague that I greatly respected. He will always remain a role model for me.

Pablo Valenzuela

I want to express my deepest condolences to The Freed Family.  I’m a former UCEP student, and I had the privilege of having Dr. Freed as my Professor. As a mature student, refreshing Math and Physics courses was terrifying. Professor Freed helped me, and his kind and genuine personality made the semester that much more enjoyable. I am forever grateful for having the opportunity to be one of his students. Thank you Professor, may you rest in peace.


I am deeply saddened to have heard of Dr Freed’s passing. Condolences to his wife and his family. He was a true tribute to the math department and an inspiration to his students. I hate math, but Bill Freed made me at least tolerate it. You will be missed <3

Juwayriya Abdullahi

My condolences to the Freed family, Dr.Freed was a beloved teacher, I would attend every math course with dread and leave it smiling because of his humour and infectious personality , he was tireless in his love for teaching, he made us all better students and I am fortunate to have crossed paths with him. The world lost a great one, I offer my deepest sympathies to the family and friends of our wonderful teacher and even better person.

Tori Mackniak

my condolences, so sorry to here this he was such a nice guy and a good teacher he will be missed

Claudette Machatis

My deepest condolences to the family of Bill Freed…I have always been grateful for his patience and ability to explain the complexity of mathematics with such practical ease. I was graduate of the Aboriginal UCEPP program, and soon to graduate with a BA. I owe my success to Bill Freed and will always remember him.

Alison G. Kulak

Bill’s mentorship extended beyond his students to many others of us at Concordia. When I joined the faculty Bill provided good counsel and shared many an amusing anecdote about the ‘old days’ at the university. He will be missed by many. My condolences to Mary and the family.

Irma Alali

Mr. Freed was a very personable and an amazing educator. I took two calculus classes with him and not only he was supportive but he did care about his student a lot. He’d put in his all to make the class fun and we the material was dry. He shared stories about his farm and his family all the time and he always spoke so fondly of his wife to us. I remember he cracked jokes in class and did absolutely his best to help each and everyone of us. He is one of the few memorable instructors that I had that I had the pleasure to sit in his class at the very front next to where he sat on the computer desk. He will forever be remembered throughout my academic journey and in my life because he did teach us many life lesson during those lectures. My heart goes to the family of Mr. Freed and everyone who felt the impact that Mr. Freed left on our lives. You will truly be missed.

Babak Farhangmehr

My condolences to Dr. Freed`s family. He was a beloved professor with a great deal of passions for teaching. Rest in Peace Dr. Freed

Mauricio Ulloa (Mo)

Bill inspired me to become a teacher. He was my favourite by far at Concordia. I remember he let us have cheat sheets for his physics exams We would still barely pass Indirectly he motivated us to study do well. An awesome professor but a better person. I admired how cool you were even you the twins. My condolences. Que en paz descanse.

Khadija Yusufi

Bill Freed was the reason why I decided to choose Mathematics as my minor. Dr. Freed was always cracking up jokes and making the class laugh constantly. He was an inspiration for me and my friends who looked up to him. May he Rest In Peace. Love to his family and friends.

James Irving

Bill taught me calculus 40-odd years ago and was one of those rare teachers one is so fortunate to encounter, and who alter the course of one’s life. Bill’s family can draw some comfort at a difficult time knowing how fondly he is remembered by all those he taught.

Sharon Freed

William and my father passed on the same day. This earth lost two great men. William will definitely be missed! Our love and condolences to Mary, Adam, Aaron, Teilya and their families. Hugs. Sharon and David Freed

Sylvia Krogh

We are so sorry to hear of Bill’s passing. He was such a nice person. Sincere condolences to Mary, Teilya, Adam and Aaron from Alan and Sylvia.

Sandi Lichuk

He was always so peaceful, nothing seemed to phase home. He was the epitome of being in the money and just riding the river of life. The last time I saw and spent time with him was when me and his daughter Teylia weed wacked the trail from the cabin to the river. He was our technical advisor changing many a string as we forged the over grown path . It was truly and adventure that afternoon and a memory I’ll cherish . My heart is heavy for his family’s loss. the universe now has a hole that will be impossible to fill. My deepest condolences to you all. And know that you are not alone in your grief.

Sarah Holsopple

So sorry for your loss. I remember Bill as a very patient and witty man who cared very much for his family. Praying for you during this difficult time.

Sarah (Freed), Joel, Luke, Matthew, and Kate Holsopple

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