Dr. Jean MacIntyre


We announce with great sorrow that Dr. Jean MacIntyre (1934-2020)  passed away,  from cancer, on Saturday,  February 15.   Her Celebration of Life will take place at 2:00 p.m. on Monday, February 24, at Serenity Funeral Service North, 10129 Princess Elizabeth Avenue.  A reception will follow at the Faculty (University) Club of the University of Alberta (1435 Saskatchewan Dr.).

Jean MacIntyre was a scholar of Renaissance English Literature, with a special interest in Shakespeare and the theatre of the period.   Her contribution to scholarship in the field, with numerous articles and conference papers, culminated in her book, Costumes and Scripts in the Elizabethan theatre.

Jean MacIntyre received her B.A in English at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania and her doctorate from Yale University.  Then Jean moved to the mid-west US, teaching at Kent State, Ohio.  When on a family road trip to the real West, she discovered the U of A campus, south of the High Level Bridge.  In 1962, she joined the Department of English, where she taught for nearly four decades, retiring as an Emerita Professor in 2000.

Jean MacIntyre was a a generous person, donating extensively to the Endowment Fund at Bryn Mawr.  Additionally, she was a vigorous supporter of the Canadian Federation of University Women, serving on the Academic Awards Fund of CFUW, Edmonton, by reading scholarship applications for twenty years and serving as AAF chair most recently.  Jean also supported several Kenyan women students for both their secondary school and university studies.  She contributed substantially and regularly to Edmonton charities.

Throughout her teaching career,  Jean took many road, rail and plane trips to Academic Conferences,  including  The Learned Societies, the Shakespeare Society and the Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society, serving on many boards, delivering papers and convening conference.  More recently,  her travel highlights were Bryn Mawr Alumnae and Friends guided tours to Iceland, France and Britain, and personal trips to find MacIntyre kin in Scotland.   But the summer months were devoted to gardening and supervising select renovation projects at her Riverbend home.   The Edmonton Food Bank, neighbours and friends relished the fruits of her garden work.  For many years, Jean hosted a lively New Year’s Day party,  attended by a wide circle of friends.  She cherished her friends–old and young–who, in turn admired and loved her dearly.

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