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My grandma was an amazing person and inspired so many people in her life including me we had great memories and she was so fun I remember this one time we went to the park and there’s an amazing picture of her today’s her birthday so I’m really thinking of her

Kathryn Carriere

My deepest sympathy for your loss. DiAnn was a wonderful person & a great teacher. My daughter’s education began with DiAnn & because of her the rest was a positive experience. I will remember her as kind, caring & loving.

snookie catholique

Glenna, we are planning a memorial service for our sister DiAnne in Yellowknife September 26th. I know she was good friends with you. It would be great if you could be here for it. If not, any wonderful stories about this beautiful and wonderful lady would be welcomed warmly. I will call you shortly

Betty Wilcox

We are sending you our deepest condolences for the loss of DiAnn. We loved her bright, determined, intellectual and humane being.

John and Betty Wilcox

Betty Wilcox

Feeding Time at the Zoo:

My favourite memory of DiAnn took place at the Ruth Inch Swimming Pool in Yellowknife, where we participated in an Aqua Fit Class in the Spring and Summer of 2010. We acted like children. We giggled and cajoled each while trying to master the moves of the various exercises. It was always fun. My memory focuses more on the moment when our instructor was ready to pass out a piece of equipment and all of us students would swim frantically to get the best piece possible. DiAnn would look over at this mass movement of swimmers and with a smile would flippantly say “It’s feeding time at the zoo.” I am chuckling just thinking about it. After I left Yellowknife, I enrolled in some Aqua Fit Classes. They were never much fun without DiAnn’s company. However, whenever the moment came for the instructors to hand-out some equipment, I could hear in my mind DiAnn’s glib “It is feeding time at the zoo.” It made me smile each time, and it always will.

Betty Wilcox


To family:
If this is the real Dianne blesse family. Sorry for the loss. This is my number. Please call me @ 780_614_4441 so I can personally tell you about memories and a picture

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