Dana Elizabeth Dupre


Donations in lieu of flowers may be made to STARS Foundation, 1441 Aviation Park NE Box 570, Calgary, AB T2E 9Z9

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sharon wager

I remember when Dana was little she was terrified of bugs. Often we would be playing and all of a sudden she would scream because she thought she saw a bug. I remember eating supper in the back yard at grandpa and grandma Wlasitz .All of a sudden she’s got her legs up on the chair and kicking at the same time screaming. Auntie Elanore came running out of the house to see what was wrong Dana said there was an ant on my foot. She didn’t drop any of her food. She scared me with her sudden outbursts of fear.

She was 3 years younger than me and she was full of questions. I was 8 and she was about 5 , When auntie Elanor and Uncle Joey would come to Calgary for a visit they would always take us places.I remember Auntie Elanore driving, Dana and I would be in the back seat and she would ask me questions over and over like little kids do at that age. Why is the light green? Why is it turning red ? Why is that kid riding the bike ? I remember thinking to my self, I don’t know why! She is getting annoying.I can still see that little face looking up to me in the back seat of the car. She was so cute. Auntie Elanor would buy us necklaces . and we would pretend to be grown up.I looked forward to those visits.

I loved all the times we spent together, It will be difficult to move forward. My deepest sympathies to all of you.

Sharon Wager

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