COMEAU, Daniel Peter

COMEAU, Daniel Peter

1967 – 2021

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Daniel Comeau of Leduc County at the age of fifty-four.   

 Dan will be lovingly remembered by his wife, Carol; daughter, Danica; stepdaughters, Leah (Marc) and Emma (Cameron) in New Zealand; his parents, Peter and Elizabeth; sister, Valmarie (Jeff); brothers, Tim and Brian (Courtney); as well as numerous nieces, nephews, relatives, friends and co-workers. 

 Dan was predeceased by his first wife,Sally and his eldest brother Grant. 

 Dan was born in 1967 in Trail, BC and came into the Comeau family as the fourth child.  In 1968 the family moved to White Rock where Dan grew up as one of the “Coldicutt Gang”.  He was always trying to figure out how things worked and was at a ripe age when the technology boom began and he grew in his knowledge of it as it developed.  He moved with his parents to St. Albert in 1984 and got involved in electronics and website development as a career.   

 In 2001 he went to New Zealand and married Sally and became stepdad to Emma and Leah.  He was a favourite with the local scout group and enjoyed living in a different part of the world. After Sally’s passing in 2005, he stayed for another year with the girls before moving to the Philippines.   

 Dan and Carol married in 2007 in the Philippines and came back to Canada where Danica joined the family in 2009.  He loved being a family man and Danica was the recipient of much of his knowledge. He loved the out of doors, camping, fishing and teaching Danica survival skills.  He was a talented musician and taught himself the art of knife making among many other talents.  Dan loved to fix things and if he didn’t know how he would research until he figured it out.  His friends and family benefited from his many talents and love of research and problem fixing.   

 Dan loved his job and his co-workers at Subcoe.  They were his second family.  Many were the challenges but he thrived in figuring out how to do things from technical/mechanical issues to social events to the hurdles presented by Covid.  He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.         

In Lieu of flowers donations in Dan’s memory may be made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation (110-1525 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 8R9).



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Chris Lunstrum

My condolences to Dan’s family and friends in his passing. I didn’t know Dan personally, but interacted with him on a FB page called Home built belt grinders. He went out of his way to help me with questions about my first grinder build and from what I saw in that group many others as well. From there I found out about his web page DCknives and I saw that he was a true Renaissance man. I was saddened to learn of his passing and the world is a lesser place in his absence.

Scott kozub

News of Dan’s passing has just started to sweep through the bladesmith community. My deepest condolences. Dan’s was an inspiration to our community. His site was the reason I first started making knives. His website is known world wide and is the go to spot for all new makers. His designs and creativity will live on through countless makers as just about everyone has at some time browsed though his site and looked his blade designs. It says so much for his personality that he was so giving and willing to share his hard work to help others.

The loss of Dan will be felt across the world.

Dale Henderson

I am very sorry to learn of Dan’s passing. To his family and close friends, I send my deepest condolences. I am just one of many who “met” Dan via email conversing about his knifemaking. I relied on his blog for direction and sent him examples of my work resulting from his advice. My fears were confirmed after his responses and blog posts ceased in late 2021.

I was a great admirer of Dan’s and held him almost in awe as he assisted those of us less skilled, and offered his wholehearted encouragement and support. He was totally unselfish in sharing his expertise.

I wish I had known him better. There are legions of us who he helped. We all miss him. He was a special, sharing spirit.

Dale Henderson
Tucson, AZ, USA
Lectoure, France

antonio tan

Dan is super nice, cool person and thoughtful.
Rest In Peace! Boss Dan

Donna Grace Thompson

For those of you whom I’ve never met, my name is Donna Grace Thompson. Danny is my cousin. Auntie Betty is my Dad Don Thompson’s little sister.

My heart goes out to each of you who knew and loved my Cousin Danny. Thank you so much for writing such beautiful tributes telling what an extraordinary person he was, it means a lot to me. I wish so much that he had been a part of my life too but our families always lived hundreds of miles apart so I never got the chance to get to know him.

Danny and I were the exact same age, born only a couple months apart. My Auntie Betty says we could have passed as twins because we looked so much alike. I will never forget the last time I saw Danny, he had a profound affect on my life to this very day. He introduced me to Rock-n-Roll.

Being a Pastor’s kid, I was pretty sheltered from “the ways of the world”. The love for music has always been in my blood. My Dad played the steel guitar, Mom played the piano and sang and so did I. Most of the summer was spent providing music at several Christian family camps throughout Saskatchewan. So let’s just say if it wasn’t Elvis, rock music wasn’t allowed in our house.

After third grade we moved from Ministikwan Saskatchewan to Seattle Washington so my Dad could attend Bible school and earn his Master’s degree in Theology. We lived in Ballard from 4th thru 7th grade. It was in 6th grade that Uncle Pete & Auntie Betty drove down from White Rock BC in their little pickup truck with my Cousins Danny and Brian riding in the camper in back.

After they arrived, we decided to go down to Market Street to buy some ice cream so Danny, Brian and I jumped into the camper shell and waited for my Dad and Uncle Pete. I think they probably started talking away and may have forgotten we were out in the truck waiting for them. While we waited, Danny decided to take this opportunity to introduce me to Hard Rock. Oh Boy, did he ever!! I had never heard anything like it before in my life. He started singing “American Woman” and then moved on to AC/DC. Btw, Danny didn’t just sing, he performed all the instrumental parts, with the all keyboard, drum solos and guitar licks included. He was rockin’ out! It was an experience I’ll never forget as long as I live. By the time we came home I knew those songs almost as well as Danny did. I felt like I had just reached a whole new level of being cool. Danny influenced me big time. I fell in love with Rock that day and I still love it today more than ever.

Unfortunately, I never learned how to play an instrument like Danny did but oh but I do know how to dance (hip hop) for hours on end. I do it all the time for exercise. I push back our dining room table to make enough room for a dance floor, then I go-to-town-getting-down…lol.

Apparently music wasn’t the only thing we had in common. The older I get I’ve realized being out in nature is essential for me to feel alive. Everything I read about Danny told me he was a very passionate person that loved with all his heart and had an all or nothing way about him. Sounds so much like who I am too. Danny made a huge impact on my life in just one afternoon in 6th grade, I can’t help but wonder how much different my life would have been if my twin, Cousin Danny, had been in it.

Jay Gonda

Dan was a very inspiring person who would drop what he was doing and made sure to help you out with anything that was troubling you about work or home or anything else. He was a mighty person who had some of the best if not the best advice about anything you would talk about. My heart goes out to his family in this tough times. Rest in peace brother you will not be forgotten.

Todor Todorov

You were such an incredible person, Dan. I will never forget you. May your soul rest in peace.

Nickolas Comeau

Living in the US certainly put some distance between uncle Danny and his family down in Wisconsin, but having a chance to see him in person in 2019 for Betty and Pete’s 60th anniversary was a real treat. I resonated particularly with his love for science and engineering, general curiosity, and musicianship. I never had the guts to do karaoke before, but when he set up the machine as we were hanging out by the fire and handed me the microphone, any sense of self consciousness and judgement melted away. I proceeded to merrily sing songs with my brothers, and watch my dad laugh and sing with his. It was surreal just how similar we all we’re despite living different lives in different places. Perhaps we’ll all be reunited for it once more some day, in a different kind of way.

I wish I could have known you better, and I hope that you’re resting easy and in peace. My thoughts and sympathies from afar to the family in Canada. Love and miss you all!

Timothy M Comeau

Sending this with tears .

Reading these messages is heartfelt and lets you know what he did and was all about

When you see the impact Dan has made on the people he made contact with shows you his magnetic character and personality

This early passing make makes you reflect and realize how fragile life is.

Oh very young what will you leave us this time
Your only dancing on this earth for a short while.

He left all of us a lot to think about in the short time he was here.

Miss you brother

Rest In Peace

I hope your still working out some electrical problems and orchestrating the band as other come through the gates.

Brother Tim and Family
All missing you

Noel Alden

I’m sitting at the workbench in my garage, an old breadboarded circuit on the tabletop, tools and measuring instruments of all kinds around me, music low in the background. I’m thinking of Dan.

News of his passing was like a thunderclap from a clear sky :
rude and difficult to grasp.

Privileged to have worked with him for six years at Subcoe, to have shared many social events outside work, and lucky enough to have witnessed his marvellous and unrelenting curiosity of all things, my memories of Dan will remain of the Poet/Scientist with a hint of friendly sorcerer, all in one body and with room left over for a kind and caring soul.

My deepest sympathies to Carol and Danica, to family near and far, and to those, like myself, fortunate just to have known him.

Noel Alden.

Elizabeth (Betty) Comeau

The hardest thing a Mother should have to do is say ‘Goodbye’ to a child ! Dan was always a son I could be proud of. He was always supportive of his Mom thru computer problems, advise on making major purchases and on and on. Besides the wonderful memories he has left us with ,the ‘bestest’ gift is the sweet daughter he and Carol gave us. BUT he has also left us with a big hole in our hearts that can’t be filled. Thanks to all who expressed their sympathy and love. Dad and I are being surrounded and supported by our family. Death has not been kind to us this year loosing 2 brothers and 2 sons but life has to go on. Miss you Dan and Thanks for the good times and memories we’ve had in your shortened life !!

Nicole Ducherer

Danica had told me alot about you, it sounded like you were a great Dad. I really wish I could of met you.
Rest In Peace Mr. Comeau.

Danica Comeau

Thank you all for your condolences. My family really aprpricates it! My father was very talented with the guitar and music. He loved technology and bushcraft. We would always go to the river for a day each weekend. He loved his job and the people who worked with him. He was very thoughtful for my family, friends and many more. I did not know much of his life before he came back to Canada but he told me many funny stories and learned many things from him.
Rest In Peace Dad You have always been an important person in my 11 years.

Amy Herzberg

I’m not sure if there is a way to acknowledge or “love” all these memories shared so far on this site. But I would like you all to know that I will read every post as they come in and just want to thank you all for sharing your thoughts and memories. They are beautiful ❤️

Randy Lemke

So very sorry and shocked to hear of Dan’s passing. My deepest condolences to both his home family and work family. I’m sure that Dan will be deeply missed by all. What can one say that has not already been said? Such a gifted individual. I hold some fond memories of Dan especially from our days at A. Comeau & Associates Ltd. Great times indeed! Besides work activities, Dan would be tinkering with his old Ford Bronco, and deeply focused on his musical expertise. I remember going to watch Dan compete at Guitar Wars in the old Rex Hotel. Awesome! So talented. Going to miss you Dan, Rest in Peace.

Robyn Day

So sorry, Danica and Carol, and all the Comeau’s for the loss of Dan. He was such a neat guy, taken too soon. I remember the Christmas we all spent together when he bought the karaoke machine. We all had such a fun time and laughed all night. I know he will be missed beyond belief by his family. My deepest condolences.

Amy Herzberg

I was Danny’s sister-in-law for 23 years. The first time I met him was in 1986 in his mom and dad’s basement. In St. Albert Alberta. He and his little brother Brian were doing their very best to tick me off and their brother Tim, my boyfriend at the time was laughing his head off. But as the week long visit continued Dannys true personality came shining out. He was kind, thoughtful, intelligent and interesting. He would play his guitar for us at night and was a joy to be around. I remember thinking this guy is going to do great things in life he really needs to move out of his mom’s basement. Tim and I went on to marry and have 4 kids. All of whom take after their uncle Danny in the smarts department. And one who got his musical gene. Its a comfort to know that when my youngest son is in trouble and I refer to him by his full name Joseph Daniel Comeau I will be reminded of his uncle Danny, the smart mouth guy sitting down in his parents basement making his brothers laugh. There is a piece of my heart missing. Dan’s passing was far to soon. His loss will always be felt.♥️

Eliseo ampo

My deepest condolence to the family of kuya Dan. I never had a chance meet you in person but I know that you are a good person I’m so thankful because you and ate Carol are both very good parents to Danica.

Thank you kuya Dan for all the memories.

Ryan Minor

Dan “the Man” was a great guy and a pleasure to work with. He will be greatly missed. Condolences to his family.

Darrell Dolan

Dan is very cool person he help me with my needs
I miss him lot. He is awesome make variety knife he show me lot. The is very helpful with me he is awesome family and here in subcoe he is very nice person
I feel very sorry with your family let spirit lift your family and relatives

Leaha van Kerckhof

On behalf of my sister Emma and I we are both very sad and shocked to hear of Dan’s sudden passing. He had a profound impact on our lives and significantly helped shape us into the young women that we are today. We
thought we would share with you our thoughts and memories of Dan that we have during the time
he lived in New Zealand with us.
Dan was never afraid to share his hobbies and interests with us and loved pottering around in the shed. We helped him build things, make beer, chop firewood and we made basic electrical circuits.
He was also an extremely talented guitar player. When he lived with us in New Zealand, he used to refurbish old electric guitars and we remember them fondly pride in place, lining the hallway in our house.
He was also a brilliant man who loved science, math and figuring out how things worked, he passed these passions onto us and lead us towards university education in the sciences. For Emma, this was towards engineering and making things and ultimately helped her choose to get her engineering degree. For Leaha, her science degree in geography. We are not sure that we would have gone down these paths without him and his influence.
Dan also ignited our passions for the outdoors. He was the person that took us camping for the first ever time and introduced us to Smores. He was also our Scout leader and lead us on many adventures. After moving to Auckland, Emma ventured into another outdoor extra-curricular group called Cadet Forces, to which she is still a part of today. With this she now lead groups of teenagers
through the bush and teach them basic survival skills, again this is not something she is sure she would have pursued without Dan’s influence.
There are many things about our time with Dan that we still look back on fondly today. He had the best pizza base and sauce recipe, when we had friends over our pizza nights were legendary. We still use that pizza dough recipe now and still get compliments on it. He would also get obsessed with recipes and trying to perfect them even though 99% of the time it was food that he wouldn’t eat! He had the biggest range of Simpsons shirts that we have ever seen one person have and while he was with us in NZ we could count on one hand the number of times he wore long pants. We used to go exploring a lot down the river with our dog Winston and would sometimes fish or try and skip stones together.
Dan used to have a little badge that he used to wear on his sunhat which said “why be normal?” At the time we both thought that was such a random and weird thing and when we used to ask about it he would say to us “normal is boring!” But now we realise looking back that he was ahead of his time, that it is ok to be yourself and express your individuality and that no one should make you feel
bad for that. This is one of the qualities that made him such a wonderful friend to many. If you could accept him as he was, then he would accept you as you were and you would be lifelong friends.
Dan was also a wonderful and loving husband. He made our mother the happiest she ever was during their time together. As adults, we are now both married to wonderful men. His example taught us what we should look for in a life partner and not settle for anything less.
Dan was always there for us. He helped us through many house moves, making new friends, school work, sports, arguments etc. He always made time to hang out with us and do activities. He supported us and our family through many difficult times and for that we are forever grateful to him and the sacrifices that he had to make for us. As we begin to grow our own families, we hope to instill some of his wonderful virtues we have mentioned into our own children.
We could go on and on with tons of other memories we have of Dan as we have so many. We are so heartbroken that he has gone and the world now seems a dimmer place now he has left it. We pass on all our love and condolences onto you, his friends and family during this difficult time.
We will miss you Dan and will love you always. Rest in peace. Lots of love from Leaha and Emma.

Svetlozar Stoychev

My deepest and most heartfelt condolences to Dan’s family. I’m so sorry for his loss.

Brian Burton

The world needs more Dans, he was a one of a kind, and earned the respect of everyones life he touched. For us at SUBCOE he kept everyone forging ahead and he will be truly missed by us all.
He will remain in our hearts forever, he truly was an exceptional human being!
Rest in peace knowing you are loved by many!!!

Brian Comeau

Memories of our childhood come back to me as I miss you and grieve at your home .
When we were in White Rock BC in the late 70s early 80s I remember the things like …
The Shacks, Ocean park, Crescent Beach , Crescent park parties, the band shell there , ( the first time I read a honest brew makes its own friends) haha! Pot point 1000 steps , Hermits trail, beach parties , throwing rocks at trains … and each other crab feasts at low tide and huge fires on the beach that would burn for a week !
There was Uptown 156 and 16 Ave were the Jocks and Skids would scrap on occasion and he seemed to have no problem stepping up ( enough on that )
We moved to Alberta ( St Albert) in mid 80s Dan was into guitar and electronics I was introduced to the music ofJack green Randy Rhoads, Judas Priest , Malmstien Wierd Al , Eddy VH Steve Via,and later Joe Satriani ( (blue dream & surfing with the alien) classic tunes that Dan would appreciate ( you tube it and he was all about it )
Which give him a minute and a beer could play it for you ( self taught pretty much )
He got a job soldering circuit boards for Intrex around 86 ( traffic lights and sensor company ) he enjoyed that kinda work with circuit boards and trouble shooting
The name Nyart comes to mind recruiting him around 88 and around 1990 he was working for A Comeau and associates which paid him well … a new 90 GT Mustang and his prize Jackson Charvell guitar which i am sitting next to as I type this . Marshall stacks and more added every paycheque to make his music unbelievable to the few that came into the studio at Liquid Rock Productions a experience
He had many, many friends in the music industry as well as friends that just enjoyed a song around the camp fire ! He had 2 CDs pieces of the broken rhyme around 91 and worth the wait around 2001
In the early 90s Dan and a friend started doing web pages and design Fyprom inc And boom !! Busier than can be and could work from anywhere in the world . A bit into that he was headed to New Zealand , first wife Sally and 2 stepdaughters
Unfortunately 3 yrs into bliss Sally passed
RIP Sally !!!
A year later he met his current wife Carol in the Philippines married and really enjoyed showing her THe Canadian things that make Canada great !!
Dan started at Subcoe around 2007-8 and was committed to it and at his passing in 2021 was Deputy GM
And was scheduled for a promotion in Jan 22 as manager ( thank you Subcoe)
Carol and Dan have a daughter Danica 11 yrs 11 months …. Going on 27
Dan was a very organized , very intelligent self taught at many things … f”;n Genius !
Well just F¥#N brilliant as put by the person cracking his passwords to figure out his passwords after his passing !!
Dan was also a electronics engineering master as well as a self taught knife smith
That would share information with anyone that inquired about a interest they shared . And like his guitar friends realize he tried to be a perfectionist.
DComeau knives .. check it out
Dan you have left me with another wife (Carol )and a new to me daughter ( Danica) that I w raise and care for as if they are my own !!
As I sit here missing and grieving you in your Nucleus ( Bernie gets it ) listening to Joe Satriani on the you tube reminiscing,,I will miss you !!
Little grub cheese !!

Lorraine Carter

Im So sorry to hear about Don’s passing. He was much too young. My condolences to his family and to his parents Pete and Betty. My prayers are with you

Lorraine Carter

Im so sorry to hear of Dan’s passing. He was much to young. Condolences to his family and to Pete and Betty

Emily Toews

My deepest condolences to your family. As I read the obituary, many memories came over me – from the first time I met him when he visited you in SVHB to the last time we visited Dan, Sally and they girls in Dunedin, NZ in January 2002.
Yes, he was gifted and so clever with technology and he was always willing and able to make my computer behave in a way that I could not. As I write, my heart breaks for you all – he left us too soon. His life was brief but he left a legacy for Danica and all who knew him. He was a special man who gave much to many.
He will be missed!

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