Cody “Toaster” Derek William Osterland

“We are heartbroken for the loss of our son, Cody “Toaster” Derek William Osterland, on September  21st, 2016.
Cody is survived by his Mother (MaryAnn Markkula)  and Father (Derek Osterland); Step Mom (Katie Osterland) as well by his siblings, Jessica, Danielle, Jami , William & Jolene. He will also be deeply missed by Nephews Christopher and Connor, Grandmother Hazel Zacharko, and Uncles Tony and Jim Zarcharko. 
A private family service was held on Monday, September  26, and a Celebration of Life was held at the Fort Saskatchewan Legion on September 27th,  2016.

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Lisa Avery

I found a star that was bright and thought of you, I have my moments but I never stopped wondering how you were. I look at older and newer pictures and I smile, watch over your parents, and your siblings..
you taught me a lot in the past and It’s hard to say a lot of words of just Thank you ..I’m sorry I could not been there.. but I never stopped thinking of you.. and I always missed you too. It took me awhile to write cause I would just break down crying .. been years but felt like yesterday as a parent I understand between a child and a parent feels.. I love you like my own . Love lee..


4 months and 5 days today Code.. my heart still hurts that you are not with us. I love you… so much and I miss you. I have so much I want to tell you. No one will ever take your place Code ever. Rest easy kid….


Well Cody, It’s been 4 months now, When my Phone rings, i Still hope it’s you calling to check up on me, and see how things are going. I see life as being even shorter than i did before, and how empty it feels with out you in it. You know im not a religious person at all, but I really hope your in a better place. I fell down the other day, I slipped on some ice, and I swear I could hear you laughing, but looked around and saw no one. The hardest part is knowing that you were soon to be surrounded by family and friends, and that you were taken from us to abruptly. I cant help but think what my life was like when i was only 23. and How i wish you got to experience it more of it. You will always be on my mind, and in my heart Cody. Please write back if you can , Love always – Dad


Hey cousin, I wish so badly I could have been there to say goodbye one last time. I don’t have a lot of memories of us but I remember our last conversation. You told me you were happy I finally got my transplant and that I was a very strong person. All I can think of now is how strong of a person you were and all you had been through. We all miss you very much. May you be at peace now.


Well I guess I took awhile to type that out while crying it’s not the 21 anymore . <3


Today marks the one month we lost you and Cody o miss the heck out of you. This is the absolute hardest thing I could ever deal with an I’m struggling. But I got this lil big brother of mine. I will find a way as you always did. Lola has got my back thank you for the best dog I could have every asked for it was the best birthday gift anyone could have gotten. She won’t leave me she won’t make me cry and she definitely won’t hurt me. She’s like my guardian. As you always have been. But now I see you in everything and omg does my boy look like his uncle. <3 you will always be with me cody. Forever watching over me.

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