Calvin Lawrence Howard


On Wednesday, February 18th, Cal Howard’s long struggle with Alzheimer’s ended and he passed away peacefully surrounded by family. Left to cherish his memory are: Lauretta, his childhood sweetheart and wife of 58 years; his five children who were the pride of his life: Trevor (Gwen), Mitchell (Jen), Dori (Peter), Owen (Kelly), Jodi (Rene),his eight wonderful “grandest”: children Dylan, Eliot, Brett, Cole, Kate, Carli, Cooper and Drew; his brother Les (Ella), and sister Irene (Ron) and extended family and many dear friends. Cal will be remembered for his incredible honesty, sense of integrity, great sense of humour, and no nonsense approach to life. He was well respected in the sports community as an avid curler (Granite) and keen golfer (Riverside) and passionate about nature and animals. The family would like to extend their gratitude to the staff of 10Y at the Edmonton General for their kind and compassionate care.

An evening service will be held in his honour on Saturday, March 7th at 7:00 pm at St Augustine’s Anglican Church, 6110 Fulton Road, followed with a sing-a-long reception to celebrate his life. Bring a fork, there’s pie! In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Stephen Lewis Foundation: (GANG Grandmothers Group). Expressions of sympathy may also be forwarded to the family via the website:

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Lauretta and family, You are in our thoughts and prayers. Heartfelt condolences from Lynda, Donna, David and Dennis Harker.

harv johnston

Very sorry about Cal. Curled against him a couple of times (didn’t do very well). Hope there is some relief with the family after all you have endured. Harv Johnston.

Irisann Turchanski

When I was jus6t a young teenager a “Just Married” couple moved into the home next door. A young gentleman & his bride whom my mother loved immediately. He was Soo handsome & soft spoken not like My brother & I were , when we were squabbling (Vic Wintoniak). As the many many years went by we were very much in touch through the partnership & friendship Vic & Cal built.. Loretta when Hank & I saw you at Knox Church & we spoke & I asked about Cal I could see the deep Love you were feeling. Please take care of yourself & know the wonderful Soul you had for all those wonderful years
Irisann & Hank Turchanski


In the mid 1950’s Cal came to Edmonton, temporarily leaving his childhood sweetheart behind, and lived with my parents, Jack and Elsie Keech, in their home on 109 St. and 65 Ave. Cal was a “boarder” in what would now be called a long term “bed and breakfast”, albeit with dinner included. I was about 12 at the time and Cal quickly became the “big brother” that I never had. One of the things that Cal and I did together was to make wooden model airplanes. After all this time I still have a jet fighter that Cal and I built and it shall always remain a memory of my big brother.

When Cal and Lauretta got married in 1957(?), my big brother moved out, but Cal and Lauretta became life long friends of my parents, and they remained in close contact over the years.

Our sincere condolences to Lauretta and family during this very difficult time. We know that Cal is resting in a peaceful place and his memory shall live on indefinitely.

Sincerely, Don and Ann Keech

Don Keech

In the mid 1950’s Cal came to Edmonton and stayed with my parents, Jack and Elsie Keech in their house on 109 St. and 65 Ave. Cal was a “boarder” in what now would be known as a long term stay in a “bed and breakfast”, albeit with dinner included. I was about 12 at the time and Cal became essentially a big brother to me. One of the things that we did together was building wooden model airplanes. After all this time I still have one jet fighter that we built and it will forever be a memory of Cal.

After Cal and Lauretta got married in 1957(?), my big brother moved out, but my parents gained life long friends, and kept in close contact over the years.

Our sincerely condolences to Lauretta and family in this difficult time. We know that Cal is now resting in a better, peaceful, place.

Sincerely, Don and Ann Keech

george spanach

My condolences to all in Cal’s family. I met Cal through the wonderful sport of curling. Cal was always very friendly, competitive, and a very nice Man who seemed to enjoy life to the fullest.
George Spanach


raw potatoes with salt, nature shows, hymn sing, tent trailer, Red Snowmobile, bits n bites, peanuts, bacardi and coke, sneazers (Caesars), Kelly’s Pool Hall, the snow suit, fixing dishwashers in his 3 piece suit, fixing anything, chasing rockets in the Red Snowmobile, shaving routine with the removal of shaving cream from his lips, slapping his face with aftershave, Tim Horton’s mug, stirring sugar in his coffee, farting, retrieving the ball from Mr Lepp, La Ronde, cooking the snot out of steaks, preparing potatoes for a golf BBQ, golfing with him, hanging out at the curling rink, delivering puppies…with all three litters, spare change and being annoyed that we would ask him if we could keep the spare change, getting him cigarettes when it was allowed, rules, declaring everything, rolling his pants when he drove, Snooky sitting under his legs on road trips, singing anything and not knowing how to read music, butter tarts, ice cream with maple syrup, not eating ‘that rabbit food’, Hesus Hismist Heist, taking a picture of every plant carving in Disneyland, refusing to wear short sleeves or shorts in Mexico, being proud of us, loving us, signing every note and card to mom in capital letters ‘YOUR BEST-EST’

Jodi Howard

Around the time when Dad was still well enough to be at home, but not well-trusted to be at home alone, Mom went away on a much-deserved 4-day spiritual retreat, and I stayed at home to care for Dad.

Everyday – well – every hour actually Dad would ask where Mom was. All weekend he sat on the swing in our backyard, looking so sad. A couple of times I had to console him as he wept because he missed her so much. But I kept reassuring him that she would be home soon; everyday we did the count down – Retta would be home in 3 days, 2 days, 1 day…

On the day Mom was to come home, I went out to the backyard to check on Dad, and he wasn’t there! I saw that his car was gone, so figured he went to the store to get cigarettes.

Then, as I walked past Mom and Dads bedroom, I saw that dad had laid out on his bed a suit, dress shirt and tie???

About an hour later, I saw him come up the back walk with a new haircut and fresh cut flowers in his hand.

When he walked in the door, I said to him “Don’t you look handsome!” And he said…”Well I have to look good – today is an important day. Someone very special arrives today!”

So he went into his bedroom, put on the suit, dress shirt and tie that he had laid out that morning, went and sat on the back porch swing, with flowers in his hand and waited for his “someone special” to arrive.

I Love You, Dad!

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