BENJAMIN, Peachy Catherine Jual

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our younger sister, Peachy Catherine Jual Benjamin. After a brave and strong three-year battle with cancer, she succumbed on December 30, 2021. Peachy opted to remain in her home until the end of her life where she was surrounded by photos of our mother who had been so close, having shared many loving experiences.

Peachy was born in Edmonton and grew up in the beautiful Strathearn Drive community where she couldn’t imagine a need to live anywhere else. Our sister worked a short drive from her home, at Bonnie Doon Mall, for years and frequented several southside venues, always enjoying time with friends. When she was a wee tyke, Peachy ‘go-go’ danced on famous stages in Edmonton with her older sister’s dance troupe. At four years of age, Peachy, in her little white boots, enchanted audiences as she smoothly moved along with the much older girls. By her early teens Peachy was involved in horseback riding at nearby stables and maintained life-long friendships with the owners. She often visited these rural friends and made a road trip to the Vermillion area only four months before her passing. She had a knack with animals, big and small, and deeply loved all her pets from dogs and rabbits in her childhood days to her cherished Bandit, a one-eyed cat, that lived for 18 years. She also loved music by Elton John and Michael Jackson whose quote that Peachy kept in her living room is below. All in all, her greatest joy was entertaining and cooking for her mom, close friends, and guests, and for years took pride in original cake designs for family birthdays. She had a generous and thoughtful nature. Gentle, but with a fighter’s spirit, she endured a serious ordeal in her final months – showing sheer resilience, when just days before her end, Peachy painted her lovely fingernails in green and red to honour Christmas and cooked a turkey dinner with all the trimmings for her closest friend in Edmonton! After which Peachy phoned family and friends in different parts of Canada wishing ‘Season’s Greetings.’ She always stated, on many special occasions, “Festive!’ Her home was evidence to her talent in decorating according to the time of year.

Peachy was predeceased by her father Benny (1973), brother Easton (1975), and Mother June (2020). She is survived by her older sister Glaide of Calgary and older brother Weston and his family of Edmonton. She will be fondly remembered by her many relatives and close friends.

“If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with”-Michael Jackson

Family members and friends are deeply grateful to the staff of the Cross Cancer Institute.

Serenity Funeral Service – South
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