BECKER, Sherman Norbert

Sherman Norbert Becker was born on May 1, 1967 in Breton, Alberta, to Ken Becker and Gail Waniandy. He grew up in Winfield, Alberta where he graduated from high school. As a child he Enjoyed sports such as hockey, fastball, and boxing. Sherman loved spending time in the outdoors which included hunting and trapping. As a teenager he enjoyed motor cycling and got into motocross racing. After graduating high school Sherman went to work in construction and became a crane operator. He worked on various jobs in Alberta and British Columbia with his dad, his sister Shelly, his uncle Doug and his aunt Sheila. Sherman also spent some time working in the Northwest Territories.

When he was a child in school, his teachers said Sherman was a polite, kind and gentle kid who got along well with his fellow students. These attributes of politeness, kindness and gentleness stayed with Sherman throughout his life. Sherman was always respectful of people and he was well liked by people he met including carious people who he worked with over several years. Sherman was close to his grandfather, Nubs Becker, with whom he spent a great deal of time. Nubs was like a father to Sherman and he looked after Sherman when Sherman’s dad Ken was away at work. He loved his grandfather and helped him with various chores around the house and yard in Winfield or he would just spend time visiting with him. Sherman was Loyal to the people he loved. He was a fan of the Edmonton Oilers and remained a fan even when the Oilers were not doing so well.

Sherman Maintained his love of dogs and wildlife throughout his life. He would often wear t-shirts and sweatshirts that featured animals like wolves and bears. Sherman seemed to have a great deal of respect for wild animals because they were free and like the wildlife he admired, he enjoyed his freedom to live as he chose.

Sadly, Sherman passed away at too young an age, but his soul and his spirit have been freed. He is survived by his parents and stepparents, Ken and Elaine Becker, Gail and Dan Daniels, his sister Shelly, his son Skyler, his nephew Brandon, and niece Shayla as well as aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends. Sherman will be missed by many who knew him. He will be loved forever and will always be in our minds and hearts.

Sherman’s immediate family was able to have a service for him in Leduc, Alberta. Due to Covid 19, a service for extended family and friends will take place at a date to be determined.

Hug your children, hold them close and tell them you love them.

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