With great sadness, Karen Noreen Badger passed on August 10, 2021, at the age of 51 years old. She had a long battle with addiction that she ultimately lost to. Karen Badger was born to Lena Soto and Casey Joachim on March 29, 1969. Karen was raised by Seth and Holly Barnfield from 1977 to 1986. She is survived by her children: Danielle Phillips, Nicole Phillips, and Nathan Phillips. Karen was given the blessing of two grandchildren Damien Phillips and Danica Heinrichs. Karen had six brothers and two sisters.

Karen did many great things in her life, but her family was the greatest accomplishment that she could have been given. Karen was a family woman and she put family first then herself. Her compassion was unrivalled, and she took great care to give time and love to those she cared about. Karen had three children that she raised as a single parent; Mom never showed her frustration with raising her children – she loved being Mom and later on, a kokum.

Karen Badger worked hard and had a career in construction and loved being outdoors – she was more fond of nature and the beauty of Mother Earth than the big cities. Karen is a survivor of 60’s Scoop – she still kept in touch with her foster family until her death. Karen cared for and loved many, but it was clear she held the highest regard towards her chap, Eva Hamelin and her dad, Seth Barnfield.

Karen believed everything in life happened for a reason – we meet the people we need to learn from and teach – she believed that we can’t take anything with us to the grave and true wealth is in the relationships we build. Compassion and care were the treasure she shared with us and did her best to inspire others.

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Robert McLaughlin

I am very lucky, and very grateful for having Karen in my life. She will not be forgotten.

Mel clarke

We always think there is time. My life will never be the same ..miss you Karen

Laurelei Thomas

Met Karen when I was a little girl when her Mom came to visit my grandmother while I was visiting for the summer

Leonard Lakovich

Dear Family, I am so sad that Karen Journey on earth has been cut so short. I first met Her at the Salvation Army Crossroads Church in the summer of 2001. I know that Karen is with Jesus & all her pain & troubles are gone & I pray comfort for all of us that love & miss her in knowing that. I can hear her saying holy doodle at all the neat things going on in heaven. We need to hang on to the Blessings she has gifted us with A awesome woman & friend

Aimee Link (Barnfield)

I am very sorry to hear of Karen’s passing. I have not seen Karen in many years, but I have wonderful childhood memories of her. One memory is when she would baby sit. We would listen to the radio show request hour and try to call in. I do not recall if we ever got through to request a song, but I remember the music, the fun, and that Karen was the coolest person I knew. Memories of Karen will be in my heart forever.

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