Ashley Marie Bourgeault


It is with the greatest heartache that we announce the tragic passing of Ashley while travelling with her partner Dominic Neron on November 25, 2017, and was finally located on Monday, September 10, 2018. Ashley will forever be lovingly remembered by her three beautiful children, Hailey McCutcheon, Kimberley England and John England; loving parents, Richard and Brenda Bourgeault of Edmonton; sister Samantha McClellan (Frankie Sampson) of Edmonton, brother Richard Bourgeault (Nicole Fraser) of Edmonton; niece, Keanna Moncion, nephews, Bryce Weisgerber, Mathew Moncion, Fynnley Sampson and Karter Bourgeault; grandfather, Ed Propp of Penticton; uncles and aunts, Ron (Maureen) Donald of Medicine Hat, Jean Donald of Brooks, Larry (Tina) Donald of Medicine Hat, Keith (Kim) Donald of Medicine Hat, Dwayne (Denise) Gazloff of Sherwood Park, Brenda Salik of Strathmore, Perry Chelsberg of Edmonton, Cheryl Cymbalisty (Bob) of Penticton and Brian Bourgeault (Shelly) of Edmonton; cousins, Megan (Dana) Praught, Shawn Donald, Jeffery Donald, Ailine Donald, Jason (Tammy) Donald, Darcy Belitz, Tammy (Wilf) Karasek, Tim (Angela) Karasek, Candace (Billy) Veasnanetra, Stephanie (Shawn) Dressel, Mike (Andrea) Donald, David Donald, Robert(Sherry) Donald, Raymond (Mandy) Donald, Kayla(Chad) Gazloff, Kyle Chelsberg, Shane (Tara) Gazloff and Corey (Jennifer) Gazloff, as well as by her children’s dads, Derek McCutcheon and Kyle England. Many beautiful memories of Ashley will also be remembered by her many friends, co-workers and other extended family. Ashley was predeceased by her paternal grandparents, Lucille Propp and Leo Bourgeault; maternal grandparents, Margaret and John Gazloff, Michele Chelsberg, Richard James Donald, Robert Bourgeault, Leroy Lukenbill, Penny Clarkson; Gordon Lukenbill, her Meme and Pepe, Florence and Norman Mailloux and uncles Denny Mailloux and Norman Mailloux. A Funeral Mass will be held at St. Theresa Catholic Church (Millwoods), 7508 29 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. Immediately following the Funeral Mass, relatives and friends are invited to join Ashley’s family as they celebrate her life at Blue Quill Community League, 11304 25 Avenue, Edmonton.

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Funeral Mass
St. Theresa’s Catholic Parish - Edmonton

7508 29 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6K 3Y8

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Celebration of Ashley's Life
Blue Quill Community League

11304 25 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

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Bev Smith

Ashley was a really loving mother and a very good friend she is going to be missed a lot

Jennifer Godin

To My Ashley,
I want you to know that I think of you every day. I want you to know that I miss you more than anything, and I would give anything to talk to you one last time. I still remember the last time that I saw you. We cuddled on the couch and laughed. As you went to leave, we both yelled out LOVE YOU……
You were the happiest person I knew. You had the brightest smile I’ve ever seen. I look at old pictures and videos I have saved of our memories and feel so lucky to have had the most amazing friendship with you.
This year has been so hard for me, and so much has happened, but I know you have guided me in the right direction. Somehow, you still influence my life, even if you aren’t here. I can’t even count the amount of times I needed to talk to you, to call you, because you were the only person I knew would understand my problems or situations I was going through.
I was lucky enough to not experience the death of a loved one until you left my life, but losing someone as precious and perfect as you was the hardest thing I ever had to deal with. All of my accomplishments and achievements since that day have been because of you because I constantly ask myself what you would do whenever I am faced with a tough situation. I know if you were here you would say I am being ridiculous for being so sad, you would laugh at me and tell me to be positive, and you would drive me around in your car, blasting music.
There is a song that came out a few months after you left, and I know you would have loved it so much. I wish I would have been able to show it to you. I painted a Canvas last month, as hard as it was to go without you, I did, because I know you would’ve wanted me to. I wish I had all the pictures of us that you hoarded on your phone, and I wish I could remember that one thing I said that made you spit out your water across the room. Missing our couch time and mom talks.
I want you to know that I remember your laugh, your stories, and your smile. I remember the way we felt when we realized we were the same person. Destined to be forever friends. No matter what life threw at us, we always had each others backs.
So, I just miss you. Thank you for being the most influential person I’ve ever met, for accepting and loving everyone, and for being someone that impacted the lives of so many. You will never be forgotten. 420 BFF J&A


Hi I wanted to share something’s I’ve learnt and had the blessing of experiencing w Ashley and I’d like to make some things known ( although as her family I am sure it is common knowledge for all of you )

Ashley came into my life in the strangest way, I avoided contact w her because I could only imagine what she was thinking. She asked how I knew her bf at the time. (Really we didn’t know eachother, we had just met at a friends house and ended up friends on social media)

Low and behold my astonishment when hanging out with kayla one day, and she says to me let’s go say hi to my cousin!
So we go… and who opens the door. This woman that I have ignored her messages on social media because I thought “geez you’re crazy I don’t know your bf don’t message me”

She smiled and said hey Tab, like she had known me all this time.. I said hi and scrambled to clear the air immediately, because how frikken awkward.

We all laughed about it and put it behind us.

Ashley quickly became a frequent face in my home.. her kids and mine began to bond, as did we.
Soon enough it was like we had a little lifetime of memories coming together.
She became one of my greatest confidants and anchors. There wasn’t a day that she didn’t check in or a time that I struggled and she didn’t jump to help. Very much so the mama in our trio, and even though I was constantly challenging her she was strong enough to stand there anyway.

About 2 weeks before Ashley and Dom left us, My shepherd got sick. Overnight he went from not feeling well to the worst. I was absolutely beside myself.
While we were all trying to process what had happened, we had a knock at the door.

There it was; knocking, followed by the sound of someone trying to open my locked front door.
-This was not something that was uncommon for us I knew who it was. Either Kayla or Ash.
I opened the door and Ash said “sorry I didn’t call, I just needed to come see you. Are you guys ok?”

This is who she was, she was the person that would come over and fold your laundry with you, or assemble, diss-assemble and re assemble your
daughters loft bed 6 times so you could adjust it
in the room to see if you liked it better that way, or the way you had it before, or maybe against that wall instead.
She was so much stronger and bigger than this place. She loved fiercely, and is loved fiercely. I miss her everyday. I miss her for Kayla and I miss her for her babies, and her family as a whole. She truly is irreplaceable.

Lets build another one

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