The family of Lisa Arsenault sadly announce her tragic passing on May 24th, 2020 in Edmonton, AB. As we remember a mother, grandmother, sister, and dear friend, we are beside ourselves with grief, as we truly mourn the loss of her life.

Born October 28th 1972, in Ontario Lisa relocated to Alberta where she lived for most of her life. Lisa persevered through a great deal of struggles in her life. But despite her hardships, it never stopped her from having a smile on her face and in striving towards her pursuit of happiness, and “living each day like it’s your last” was indeed her mantra. Her exuberance for life was felt by everyone around her. She showed she cared for others every chance she had.

Lisa will be missed by many. Her life may not have been “successful” in a traditional sense, but it was absolutely significant in every sense. Lisa made a memorial impact on the lives of everyone that she encountered, from childhood to adulthood she touched the lives of many. Lisa was outgoing, beautiful, charismatic, kind, and generous. She was the type of woman who would give the shirt off of her back to anyone she knew. She lived her life to help others.

Lisa is survived by her three sons; Tyler Tonery, Vincent Tonery, and Nicholas Arsenault, her grandchildren; Darrell Tonery and Lilliana Parsons, all of Alberta, her sisters, Kandis Occhiuzzi (Kowalewski) of Ontario, and Ashley Kowalewski and niece of British Columbia. Lisa is predeceased by her mother, Marion Kowalewski (Arsenault) and the father of her sons, Don Tonery.



Take me to a Place– LMKozak
Take me to a place 
where my soul can now run free
A place that I feel forgiveness 
and love wash over me.
Take me to a place 
where I’m not struggling to stay alive
A place that rests my heartaches 
and helps my soul revive.
Life on earth has been a battle 
one I did not seem to win
Please take me to a place ….
where it doesn’t matter where I have been.
Heaven is the place 
Where I thought the gate was locked
But God was right beside me 
when through that gate I walked
He reached for me with loving arms
And said “my child welcome home”
You shall never be abandoned again,
You will never be alone.
Your life has now been purified 
From the evils that dragged you in
Spread your wings my child 
You are free from all your sin.
Rest in the peace you have never known
Feel lightness in your heart
Life in Heaven is not the end
It is a brand new start
In this place you are filled with light
Your soul has now been freed
You must be the angel now 
That your sons will one day need

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jennie Lynn

Hello. My name is Jennie. I met Lisa when living in Edmonton. . She was with Donny then. After they were together she was blessed eith Tyler. She was a really happy New Mom. When I was married she was my photographer at my wedding. We were close friends then. She then after leaving Donny came to live in Victoria and had Vince and Tyler to. After she left Victoria we drifted apart. I just found out today about her passing. My deepest condolenses go out to all her family and friends. Lisa my dear , may you have peace and love as Jesus walks with you.

Just a friend

There are no words. I remember when Lisa was sooo excited to work selling at a fruit stand or maybe corn, but she was happy! She was a beautiful woman, both inside and out! I will always remember your awesome smile. I know God is holding you in his arms! ❤


For ever be in my prayers mom you were a pretty alright mom, and a loveable person when you were on the straight and no narrow!

Corinne King

Lisa contacted me after my son Corey passed away and told me some of he memories from her friendship with Corey. I like to think she was greeted by family and finds and that it was a joyous reunion. My heart aches for her family. My sincere condolences.

Corinne King

Lisa contacted me after my son Corey passed away and told me some of he memories from her friendship with Corey. I like to think she was greeted by family and finds and that it was a joyous reunion. My heart aches for he family. My sincere condolences.

Michelle Arsenault

Lisa was my cousin, I have fond memories from when we were kids and teens. My favorite memory is me picking her up in my old beat up green car and we drove around listening to her favorite song (don’t you want me baby) over and over. We lost touch over our adult lives and just in the last 5 or more years re connected. We were just getting back to having a cousin relationship when her life was taken. Lisa was a caring and loving person and she deserved to have more from life! I hope you are at peace Lisa xo




I remember Lisa was in my brother’s grade in school and she was such a pretty girl. Later meeting more of the family I am so very sad for you all. So much loss. I hope her family heals and has fond memories.

Sandra and Rick Arsenault

Lisa was our niece and although we lost touch over the past 30 years we have special memories of lisa. We were her guardians from the time Lisa was 13 until she left us at 16. As a teen lisa put forward a happy , bubbly exterior that covered many wounds. She was smart and engaging and loved being loved. We are truly saddened that her life was cut short. She deserved so much more from life. Enjoy your wings lisa. Be at peace and forever wrapped in love. Auntie and Uncle Rick.

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