Alison Watson Watt


Alison was born in Glasgow, Scotland as the only child, beloved of Annie and Patrick Watt.

Alison’s father (an engineer by profession) was closely associated with Alison’s great uncle (her father’s uncle), Sir Robert Watson Watt, who is generally considered to be the ‘father of radar’, and, as such, regarded as one of the most significant contributors to the Allied victory of WW II (check Google if interested).

So it was that Alison’s family travelled to Canada in 1953, pursuing business interests with Sir Robert.

Over time, this partnership dissolved amicably and her father became employed by a major oil company tasked primarily with designing and installing pipelines in Western Canada. Alison and her parents resided in Bonnyville, Calgary and finally, Edmonton.

Tragically, Alison’s mother passed away while Alison was in Junior High School. She attended McNally High School where many lifelong friendships were formed.

Alison completed a bachelor’s degree (in psychology) at the U of A in the mid 1970’s. It was while seeking part time employment while going to university, that Alison first met Marvin, who was a teacher / librarian at Mill Creek Elementary School.

Alison went on to engage in a variety of employment, including that of Legal Secretary, and later, counter clerk and commissioner of oaths at Accu-Search Inc., Edmonton City Centre. Aside from her vocational responsibilities, Alison devoted time to her cherished pair of American Cockers, became one of the early volunteers of Aids Network Edmonton, travelled extensively, read prolifically and explored alternate expressions of spirituality.

Thirty years after working with Alison at Mill Creek, Marvin unexpectedly met her again in the Fall of 2005 and they soon became devoted friends.   They were married on July 1, 2007.

A decade quickly slipped away in quiet contentment. Journeys in a smaller, older (’89) motor home took Alison and Marvin (and their sagacious Maine Coon cat, Max) to the various corners of North America on roadtrips measured in months rather than weeks.

Alison fought bravely against the onslaught of disintegration engendered by dementia; in June 2017, Alison enjoyed one last camping trip to Waterton and central British Columbia – less than two months before her necessitated hospitalization on the 7th of August of the same year.

Although dealing with overwhelming confusion, anger and frustration as the immutable forces of dementia relentlessly destroyed her personhood, she retained a remarkable ability to recognize and relate to Marvin till the end.

Much gratitude to the many personnel of AHS who have helpfully dealt with Alison over the last two years, especially those who took an extra moment to be kind, patient and cheerful.

Alison’s friends are gathering on Thursday, June 13th at 2 pm for a time of reminiscence, of sharing joys and sorows, in the Social Room of Jasper Properties, 2nd floor (to the elevators, up one floor, turn left to the end of the hall) at 9020 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton. Look for a 22 storey tower constructed of red brick with light stucco accents and a peaked black roof.   Parking is available along the northern edge of the complex. Entrance into the courtyard (main door is on the west side of the building) is through a ‘garden gate’ at the western end of the parking row, or, if no one is available to buzz people through, use the car entrance gate by entering the code ‘4808’ at the keypad and someone will open the gate for you.

If parking is no longer available in the designated visitor parking area, try the area following the back alley to the west (going south) of the building or on the street just north of the building, across from the school. Please do not park in the strip mall parking areas either north or south of the building.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to, or (click on the ‘More’ button). Please make all donations directly.

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My deepest and most sincere condolences to Alison’s family. I lost contact with Alison, my best friend in Edmonton, and became so sad by reading the news. I will never forget your kindness, beautiful smile, and good memories. R.I.P. my dear Alison.


Kasara Jaxen

Kasara Jaxen
Jun 12, 2019
My Mother Eileen and Alison were residents at the General Hospital 10Y unit.
My Sister Pam and I became aquatinted with Alison during our visits with our Mom.
We only knew Alison for 6 weeks.
There was something about her that touched our hearts deeply and captured our imaginations .
We always sought to interact with her during our visits.
Over the weeks, She became somewhat familiar with us and we enjoyed every exchange we had.
Sometimes just a gentle touch on the arm or something said in her soft quiet voice.
She was still captivating and beautiful in our eyes.
We wished that we could have gotten to know her better and had the opportunity to learn more about her life and who she was.

After a few visits to our Mom without seeing Alison around, we inquired of her whereabouts and wellbeing.
When we learned of her passing, we were deeply deeply shocked and saddened.
As was our Mom who became accustomed to Alison wondering around the unit and in and out of her room.

We all shed our tears of loss that day and for a few days after.

However, we are comforted to know that she is in a better more beautiful place worthy of her gentleness and grace.

We send our heartfelt condolences to Alison’s family.
We are grateful for having our hearts touched by her presence.

Blessings to all who feel her loss.


Kasara Jaxen
Pamela Gray

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