ALBRECHT, Lillian Eva

It is with deep sorrow and much love that we mourn the passing of Lillian Eva Albrecht of Stony Plain on September 4, 2019 at the age of 93. She went peacefully to be with her Lord and Savior after a very full and inspirational life.
She is survived by her 6 daughters: Elizabeth Dorcas; Caroline Barton (Neil); Joan Goebel (Gary); Karen Gerhardt; Lois Hennig (Randy); Annette Albrecht (David Stainthorp). 15 Grandchildren, 31 Great Grandchildren and Liz’s Great Grandchild Lilah: Kathy (Jordan, Jaxsen, Vaelan); Krystal (River, Ryder); Lorri (Keegan, Keira); Kevin (Faith, Hope); Craig (Chase); Kristina (Bentleigh); Michael’s/Janine’s girls (Adaleigh, Ava, Riley, Reece); Angela (Allisyn, Jessica); Lisa (Jayden, Raquel, Jagger, Lochlan); Richard (Halle, Kylie); Pamela (Adalyn); Karl (Ava); Kayla (Penny-Lynn, Jack, Brooke-Lynn); Kachine, Jared and Margaret’s son Dennis (Corbin, Tyler, Eilene). Her brother Eddie Miller as well as numerous nieces, nephews and extended family and friends.
Predeceased by three husbands: Carl Gerhardt (April 23/58), Werner Albrecht (Feb 18/80) and his two daughters (Gertrude and Margaret) and George Baron (Sept 27/05); Son in law Ken Kozak (Aug 9/97); Grandson’s Fisher Schell Oct 11/08 and Michael Goebel (Aug 26/12); Seven brothers and sisters Clara Ducholke (Ed), Edna Treit (Lorne), Evelyn Ulmer (Oswald), Walter Miller (Esther), Albert Miller (Dorothy), Norman Miller (Betty) and Shirley Wikstrom (Milton).

At Moms request she will be cremated with no celebration of life. Her life was a celebration as she was always so positive and thankful for each and every day. She will always be remembered for her kind, gentle, giving and loving ways. She lived her life for her family and had a special love for the children.
Donations may be made in Lillian’s memory to The Hope Mission Centre, Phone 780 422-2018, 9908 – 106 Avenue, Edmonton, AB

We would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to Corrie and Sam of Serenity Funeral Services Spruce Grove AB. Your kindness, guidance, and compassion was greatly appreciated. Sincerely from the Lillian Albrecht family.

Lillian Eva Albrecht was born on Christmas Eve, December 24th, 1925. She was a precious Christmas baby and truly a gift from God. Lillian was the sixth of ten children born to Elizabeth Miller (nee Knebel) and Philip Miller. Elizabeth and Philip Miller started their homestead and farmed two quarters of land that they owned just south of Highway16A between Spruce Grove and Stony Plain. It was here that Lillian spent the early years of her live.
Her Grandfather, Philip Miller and Grandmother Susanna Miller (nee Schram) were owners of the Royal Hotel in Stony Plain. When Susanna died in 1933, Grandfather needed help in the daily upkeep and maintenance of the Hotel. He asked Lillian’s parents to move into the Hotel so they could help him. They moved off the farm in December of 1933 and lived in the Hotel until July 1938.
The Hotel was four stories high. Three stories were utilized the fourth being the attic. Lillian’s family lived in the back of the first floor and her room was number nine (9). The second-floor rooms were all rented out and the third floor was used for storage. Everyone worked hard to help out and one year later in 1934 the Hotel received a Government award for the best-kept rural Hotel in Alberta. The award was a silver tray, teapot, cream and sugar bowl.
Lillian loved living in the Hotel. It was an exciting time for her from the age of eight to thirteen. She enjoyed living in Stony Plain and had the opportunity to do different things and to play with other children. In the winter they could ski and sled on the hill behind the Hotel or skate on the slough. She bought her first pair of roller skates for $1.00 at a garage sale. She learned to roller skate on the sidewalks and would roller skate to school in spring. She enjoyed ice-skating on the outdoor rink as well which was located in the same area as the Glenn Hall Centennial Arena is today.
In 1938, Lillian and her family moved back to the farm. It was here that she became intrigued with building and helped herself to some of her Dad’s lumber, pulled it behind some trees where it wouldn’t be so obvious and started to lay the floor for a playhouse. She wanted to build it for her youngest sister Shirley. Well her parents were quite impressed with what she started and allowed her to continue. Everything was done with hand tools. And she enjoyed it immensely. After one month she had completed her first playhouse. It was 8 feet by 8 feet with a door and windows. She was only 14 years old at the time and felt very proud of this project. This passion to build with wood would continue on throughout her life and there was even an article published about her building many playhouses.
In 1945, Lillian married Carl Gerhardt and moved to his farm north of Stony Plain. It was a real challenge to farm in the hills but they somehow managed to do it. They continued to live and work on the farm and began to raise a family. Daughters Elizabeth, Caroline, Joan and Karen were all born while on the farm. Husband Carl would also work in the lumber camps during the winter to help supplement the family income. Karen encountered some medical problems and became mentally handicapped. This presented an ongoing challenge to Lillian and required her patience and dedication for the rest of her life. In 1957, the family moved off the farm into a small house in Stony Plain. Only one day after moving off the farm their fifth daughter, Lois was born. Unfortunately, Carl became terminally ill with cancer and passed away in April of 1958.

It was a real challenge to raise the large young family on her own and two years later Lillian married Werner Albrecht (December 19, 1959). Her and her family moved to his farm just northeast of Stony Plain. Several years later Lillian and Werner were blessed with another child, Annette. It was here that Lillian once again renewed her passion for Building and began to build playhouses for each of her daughters. Lillian and Werner were happily married and lived together on the farm for 19 years until Werner passed away. Once again Lillian was on her own with Karen and Annette still living at home. In 1985 she decided to sell the farm and move into Spruce Grove.
Lillian and her daughter Karen moved to Sunrise Village in Stony Plain on July 1, 1991. Four years later she helped design and had her very first new home built in St. Andrews Crescent. Feeling the need for some companionship she was married once again to George L. Baron on October 8, 1996. In 2005, Lillian was left on her own again as her third husband, George, passed away.
On September 4, 2019 Lillian was peacefully taken up to her final resting place. She passed away at home on her own terms. Living her authentic life to her very last day. Lillian showed tremendous dedication and support for her handicapped daughter, Karen, throughout her life here on earth. She was a devote Christian and had a close relationship with her Lord and Savior. She was a very kind and loving person that always had time to help others however she could. She will be forever missed and deeply loved by her family.

When I asked my Mother [Lillian] what her faith means to her, she handed me the Poem she wrote “ Alone” and the anonymous poem “To My Dear Children.” She said, “This is my faith.”

To My Dear Children (anonymous poem)
Prayer is something that has always been a part of me. I prayed when I needed to hear my Father’s heart when I was baptized by John, when I chose the twelve, when I did mighty works, when I broke bread, and when I blessed the children. I prayed when facing my darkest hour, and I prayed as I gave
my life upon the cross. I prayed in public before others, and I prayed alone. I prayed in the daytime, and I prayed at night. When I prayed with my disciples just before I was arrested In the garden, you were included in that prayer. When I taught my disciples how to pray, it was for your understanding as well. I know that I am not physically present with you today as I was with my disciples so many years ago, but my heart of prayer has not changed. I am praying for you now because you are mine. My love for you today is great, and my heart for you is full. I pray peace over you and blessings upon you. I pray rivers of joy to be within you and to flow out through you. I pray good things over you. I pray that your life will bear much fruit, that you grow in grace, that your faith will Increase, and that you will stand strong until the day that I see you face to face.
Love Jesus

Rocking alone in this old rocking chair.
While memories keep coming so sweet and so fair!
Are times gone by it seems not long ago
Of children so beautiful as the pure driven snow.
How wonderously created by God’s own hand.
Oh thank you Dear Lord I used to pray.
That I may not harm them in any way!
But guide and direct them along life’s path.
Not by shouting and screaming as it’s easier that way
To wake up one morning to see they are all gone
To realize this short life is but one moment in time!
The job is not quite over as there is but one more
That is unable to go it’s own separate way. So I come daily for strength to
guide this poor soul, so it also can live with some love and respect.
As she has suffered enough for the lot of us;
Now Dear Lord as the door bell rings once again.
I hear little voices saying “Hi Grandma, are you home today?”
Again I see my own little ones and realizing your plan in all your creation. I
see the pride in their parent’s eyes, as the little ones tell of their joys and accomplishments.
Once more I’m reaping of seeds that were sown, as I’m praying and
thanking you for your kindness Dear Lord.
Father for your Son that you sent long ago
Who died on the cross that we all may have salvation.
Mistakes I’ve made plenty and sinned I have too, But Lord I’m
So grateful for a friend like you.
I start a clean slate only to slip and fall.
Then I come in all humbleness. Lord you know that I do!
I feel so refreshed after talking to you!
Lord you forgive me; so I’m encouraged once more to try harder not to slip
and fall. Realizing full well that it’s only by your grace and forgiveness that
I can carry on and come back at all.

Lillian E. Albrecht

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Ron Ulmer

I enjoyed visiting you whenever the oppourtunity presented itself. I remember the root cellar on the sand hills farm. I really enjoyed your root beer, so impressed with the bottling tool. Skating on the lake. The farm was my most vivid remembrance. You were very Kool. I was glad to have known you. Mom enjoyed telling the “I can see you story”. ronnie

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